This is Fate Season 1, 2, Zee World, Full Story, Cast,Teasers


This is Fate Season 1, 2, Zee World, Full Story, Cast,Teasers

Another new season of This Is Fate is coming this July 2022. Enjoy! Read summary of what to expect below:

This is Fate Synopsis

This is Fate which also goes by the Indian name Kundali Bhagya is a steaming drama narrating how fate plays its role in the lives of two optimists sisters, Preeta(Shraddha Arya) and Shristi(Anjum Fakih). The serial can also be classified as a romantic tale with whole lots of ups and downs including love triangles, determination and betrayal. This is fate(kundali bhagya) was extracted from the Twist of fate (kumkum bhagya).

New on This Is Fate premiering JULY 2022

The family rejoices upon learning that Preeta is expecting twins. Then Karan’s college friend Sonakshi arrives to invite Luthra’s for her wedding in Lonavala. Preeta visits the hospital but ends up finding out that she is not pregnant and is infertile. Preeta confesses to Karan that she isn’t pregnant and can never conceive, which leaves Karan shocked and traumatized but he still supports and consoles Preeta. As Sonakshi’s wedding rituals commence, Rajat, Sonakshi’s fiancé, breaks the wedding after Rajat’s uncle shows proof of Sonakshi having a daughter. Later Sonakshi confesses that Karan is the father of her child and reveals even more. Years earlier, while they were intoxicated after a party, Karan impregnated Sonakshi. While Karan forgot this, Sonakshi remembered. After the family reaches Mumbai, Karan and Preeta resolve the situation and reconcile.

After knowing the truth that Preeta isn’t pregnant, Kareena asks Preeta and Karan to adopt a child, to which they agree. They adopt a girl named Pihu. The next day, Sonakshi returns to the Luthra house and says she wants to meet her child i.e. Pihu, who is Karan and Sonakshi’s daughter. She was alive and was brought to an orphanage by Sonakshi’s father, who had been lying to Sonakshi. Later Sonakshi and Sherlyn collaborate to spoil Preeta’s life.

Rishabh is told by Preeta that Sherlyn and Prithvi are having an extramarital affair. He confronts them and asks them to reveal the truth where they both deny the allegations on them. The next morning, Rishabh confronts Sherlyn and decides to end his marriage with her. Sandeep collaborates with Prithvi to destroy Rishabh and charges allegations on Rishabh for attempt of murder. Soon Preeta learns the truth and exposes Prithvi to the entire Luthra family. Prithvi is arrested for cheating and attempt to murder. Prithvi now hates Preeta and wants to take a revenge from her in near future. Rishabh is proven innocent and is back home.

Sonakshi reveals to Sherlyn that she made Preeta realise that it is not possible for her to conceive but the reality is that she has been giving Preeta pills which will unknowingly stop Preeta from conceiving. Rishabh ends his relation with Sherlyn and leaves the house without his family knowing the truth. Sonakshi kidnaps Pihu through her personal hired goons and instigates all the family members against Preeta. Preeta somehow manages to save Pihu and takes her to a hospital where she gets to know from a doctor that Pihu is an orphan child whose mother died while giving birth to her. Preeta is shocked to know that Sonakshi was lying all along, and that Pihu is not Karan and Sonakshi’s real daughter. Sonakshi hires a goon who creates an accident, in which Pihu dies, and the entire Luthra family members blame Preeta for it and she is thrown out of the house. Later, Sonakshi is too kicked out of the house by Karan for forcing him to marry her. Preeta leaves for Bangalore with her grandmother.

2 years later

Preeta comes back home and starts working as a physiotherapist at a clinic and soon learns about what happened in the past two years in Mumbai. Prithvi, who was released from the jail has captured the Luthras’ property and business, and Mahesh is suffering from mental illness. Now, Preeta is all set to oust Prithvi from the house and business, and decides to play a negative character in front of the Luthras. Soon she starts resolving all the problems that Prithvi has been creating for the family, and soon she manages to bring Rishabh back, who was stuck in Dubai due to a case planned and plotted on him by Prithvi and Sherlyn. After getting back, Rishabh reveals the truth to everybody and kicks Prithvi and Sherlyn out of the house. Natasha and Sherlyn poison Karan’s mind and makes him believe that Preeta and Rishabh are having an affair. And in a certain turn of events, Natasha and Roxy push a drunk Karan off the dam and he is presumed to be dead. Preeta finds out that she is pregnant with Karan’s child.

5 years later

Preeta has given birth to her and Karan’s baby, a daughter named Kavya. Also a mysterious man named Arjun makes his entry into her life.

This is Fate Full Story  Season 1

1. After Raghuveer Arora’s death, the other sisters of Pragya, Preeta and Shristi are brought into the picture with their story placed as the main focus. The hardworking sisters settle in Mumbai with destiny leading them to the well known Luthra family. The Luthras main members are Rishabh, the oldest son, Karen, the youngest, and Kareena, their aunt. Rishabh runs a media agency which manages Abhi the rockstar public affairs while Karan loves cricketing a lot. When Preeta makes her entry to the Luthra household, the first warm welcome she receives comes from Rishabh. On the other hand, Karan dislikes her but as time goes on, they grow fond of each other and become tight friends. Preeta gradually wins the heart of the other family members except Rishabh and Kareena.

2. A marriage proposal comes for Risabh from a lady known as Sherlyn. Sherlyn is the daughter of Kareena’s friend. Rishabh finally agrees to marry Sherlyn and they get engaged. A guy named Prithvi also engages himself with Preeta. Later, it is seen that Sherlyn only wants Rishabh’s wealth and she is working along with Prithvi to deceive everyone. Karan and Preeta realizes Sherlyn’s intentions so they join forces to reveal her true nature in front of the family. Shristi also join hands with them to expose the truth.
3. Things get heated when Sherlyn conceives with Prithvi’s child but they manage to keep it a secret from the Aroras and Luthras. From the beginning, Kareena doesn’t like Preeta so there is always some sort of disagreements between them. Due to this, Preeta is told to stay away until Rishabh’s marriage has taken place. Sooner on, Karan and Preeta start to realize they have fallen in love. Not forgetting Shristi, She always have numerous fights with their mother, Sarla. Shristi thinks her Sarla loves her other sisters than her. However, she meets Sameer, a cousin to Karan and Rishabh.
The story then takes an interesting turn when Sameer and Shristi also develop feelings for each other. Stay tuned on Zee World!

This is Fate Season 2 Zee World

In the upcoming episode of This is Fate Season 2, Police take Rishab to jail. Karan is shattered and Preeta comes to his rescue and consoles him. She even promises him that they will get Rishab out soon. Sherlyn to ask Prithvi how he changed the goon’s mind.

Prithvi feels on the top of the world and thinks of himself to be the God of the world as Rishab went to jail instead of him. Sherlyn comes in and they hug each other and she asks him how he manipulated the goon’s statement. Prithvi asks her if her if she had a heartbreak after seeing Rishab going to jail. Sherlyn gives a witty answer too but goes back to the question about how he manipulated the goon’s statement last minute. She even says that Monisha suddenly changed her mind and started blaming Rishab instead of him. Prithvi asks her to keep quiet as anyone would hear them talking and get to know who the mastermind is. He even tells her that Janki heard him talking to Sherlyn over the phone. Sherlyn gets shocked and Prithvi adds that Janki was looking at her with suspicion loaded eyes. He then tells Sherlyn that Janki knows everything and that she will put him into trouble. Sherlyn tries to stop him and say that they can handle Janki later and asks him how he manipulated the goon’s statement.

Prithvi asks her to shut up and goes towards the door of the terrace and looks if someone is watching them. Sherlyn tells him that no one will come here as everyone is super upset after Rishab has gone to jail. She then asks him why he was sounding so scared and upset when she was talking to him over the phone earlier in the day. Prithvi says that he had almost thought that his game is over and when Janki saw him talking over the phone. But then he says that he never loses hope and then Sherlyn asks him not to throw dialogues and just tell her how he manipulated the goon. Prithvi then says that as soon as he was leaving with Sarla and Janki, he spoke to the goon and got him to change his statement.

This Is Fate Season 3

Despite all the efforts by Preeta to stop Rishabh and Sherlyn’s wedding, they marry and a fuming Karan vows to take revenge on Preeta for ruining his brother’s life. A few weeks later at Preeta’s wedding with Prithvi, Karan orchestrates a groom swap and marries her without her knowledge. After their wedding, a hurt and angry Karan confronts Preeta confessing how much he hates her and leaves her on the road in the middle of the night. Later, the Luthra family convince Karan to get engaged to his childhood friend Mahira. On Karan’s wedding day, Preeta takes the same step as Karan and orchestrates a bride swap and marries Karan for a second time. Karan finally accepts Preeta as his wife. Gradually, they again develop feelings and trust for each other.

In turn of events, Akshay cancels his marriage with Kritika. Later, Prithvi reaches the Luthra house with Kritika expressing her as his bride. Sherlyn breaks down learning the fact that Prithvi married Kritika, but he consoles Sherlyn by telling her that he just came to the Luthra house to destroy them. Sherlyn and Mahira decide to kill Preeta via a road accident, however, Mahira mistakenly pushes a pregnant Sherlyn instead of Preeta and Sherlyn becomes the victim of that road accident. Doctors are able to save Sherlyn but the baby is aborted. Luthras, on learning the truth, expel Mahira from the house. A few days later, Kritika and Prithvi get married.

Brief Information and Details on This is Fate Zee World Series

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode:  December
  • Total number of episodes: Till Airing
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  •  Channel: Zee World Tv Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv Watch
  • Original name: Kundali Bhagya
  • Tele Country: Indian Bollywood Soap Opera
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Lead Actors: Preeta, Karan, Rishabh, Daljeet

Main Cast/Characters/RealName/Pictures On This is Fate Zee World

  • Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta Arora, a professional physiotherapist, second-born daughter of Raghuveer and Sarla Arora, Pragya’s younger sister and Srishti’s and Bulbul’s older sister.

    Shraddha Arya as Preeta Arora Cast on This is Fate

    Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta Arora

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Luthra, a charming and suave professional cricketer, the youngest son of Mahesh and Rakhi Luthra, Rishabh’s younger brother, Ruchika’s older brother.

    Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Luthra cast on this is fate

    Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Luthra

  • Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra, owner of a celebrity management firm, the eldest son of Mahesh and Rakhi Luthra, Karan and Ruchika’s elder brother, Sameer and Kritika’s cousin.

    Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra on this is fate

    Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra

  • Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora, a professional interior designer, the fourth-born daughter of Raghuveer and Sarla Arora; Pragya, Bulbul & Preeta’s youngest sister.

    Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora cast on This is fate

    Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora

  • Abhishek Kapur as Sameer Luthra, Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika, and Kritika’s cousin.
    Abhishek Kapur as Sameer Luthra cast on This is fate

    Abhishek Kapur as Sameer Luthra


Recurring Cast:

  • Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora, Raghuveer’s widow and mother of the four Arora girls. (2017–present)
  • Ruhi Chaturvedi as Sherlyn Khurana
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Prithvi Malhotra (Sherlin’s Boyfriend)
  • Madhu Raja as Daljeet Arora, matriarch of Arora family, grandmother of the four Arora girls, and Raghuveer’s mother.
  • Unknown as Janki, Arora family’s housekeeper.
  • Neelam Mehra as Baani Luthra, matriarch of the Luthra family, Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika, Sameer, and Kritika’s grandmother. Mahesh and Kareena’s mother and Rakhi’s mother-in-law.
  • Naveen Saini as Mahesh Luthra, Rakhi’s husband, Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika’s father, and Kareena’s older brother.
  • Anisha Hinduja as Rakhi Luthra, Mahesh’s wife and Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika’s mother. Kareena’s sister-in-law, and Sameer and Kritika’s aunt.
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh/Usha Bachani as Kareena Luthra, Kritika’s mother, Mahesh’s younger sister, and Rishabh, Karan, Sameer, and Ruchika’s aunt
  • Twinkle R Vashist as Kritika Luthra, daughter of Kareena Luthra, and Rishabh, Karan, Sameer, and Ruchika’s cousin. Mahesh’s niece and Akshay’s fiance.
  • Mrinal K Singh as Ruchika “Roo” Luthra, youngest daughter of Mahesh and Rakhi Luthra, Rishabh and Karan’s younger sister, Sameer and Kritika’s cousin, and Kareena’s niece.
  • Aman Gandhi as Ritvik, Monisha’s boyfriend
  • Rohit Choudhary as Sanjay “Sanju” Thakur, Neil’s younger brother.
  • Ashish Malhotra/Mukul Harish as Akshay, Kritika’s fiancé.
  • Neel Motwani as Neil Thakur, corrupt corporator.
  • Mahira Sharma as Monisha