This is Fate Saturday Update May 4th 2019

Rakhi now leaves the room.
Manisha calls Prithvi and tells him to reach the guest room as soon as possible. Prithvi passes by Shrishti and pass a smile. Shrishti questions why is he smiling, Sarla isn’t around. Prithvi says Shrishti is there as his sister in law and deserves his smile as well. He heads on. Shrishti curtly throw a flower towards him. Rishab watch this and smiles thinking that Shrishti is a child. Sameer and Mahesh walk there. Sameer was curt watching Shrishti and Rishab smile at each other.
Karan sat in the room with his injured hand. Rakhi couldn’t find the first aid box. Preeta comes in. Rakhi tells her to get the first aid box from her room, but Preeta knew where the box was in Karan’s room.

Rakhi warns Karan that it will hurt a little, he says that she can apply it, she tries to but is hesitant, Preeta says that it is the same with every mother who feels pain when their children get hurt, Karan makes fun of her, Rakhi’s says that she is very intelligent, he says that Preeta can apply it as his mother will take forever, Rakhi also agrees and giving it to Preeta she goes back also advising them to come at the earliest. Preeta applies it and when she is finished Karan asks Preeta what her eyes are saying about him, does she have feelings for him, Preeta does not answer, he says that nothing can hide what she feels and she has to answer, that when Pandit placed Manisha’s hand on his then she got irriteated,he asks her.

Manisha is very worried thinking of what she will do after

she gets married and that she will have to work like a housemaid, she also gets worried thinking of what she will do after everything that Rakhi said becomes true. Prithvi comes to the room, she says that Karan really wants to marry her, his mother also said that he must only marry the girl whom he loves as otherwise he will kill her, she starts to cry, Prithvi hugs her in a plan to calm her, Sherlin sees this from the door.
Karan asks Preeta, she says that she was worried when the Pandit placed her hand on Karan, he thinks that she felt something for him, Preeta says that she is tensed because what if Manisha really marries him then what will happen because he will have to live with Manisha, she will never be able o forgive herself, he ask if this is the only case, Preeta gets shocked saying that it is a very big reason and she knows that he takes it very lightly but this is a big case for his family, she says that they have to go the function, she is about to leave when he says that when she is around his heart becomes lively, she says then they will take him to the hospital trying her to best to joke, he says that he meant it.
Rakhi comes and asks what they both are doing, she asks them to come but Karan says that they both can go and he himself bring Manisha.
Sherlin comes and pulls them away, Prithvi tries to says that she has seen something that is wrong but, Sherlin is very angry and says that she has seen everything, she goes to Manisha saying that Prithvi only belongs to her, Manisha yells at her saying that she has no interest In Prithvi because he has nothing not even respect, Prithvi gets angry, he says that she came to him asking for seventy percent and that is his worth, he is the only mastermind. Sherlin pulls him saying that Manisha is right and now she will break her relation and go to marry Rishab, he gets confused and makes Manisha sit down, going after Sherlin.
Sherlin is walking, Prithvi is following her, he says that she must take what he says seriously and that he is tensed, he says that he only loves her, she hugs him,, Rishab is taking a call, she says that he must do this kind of thing again as she has given a lot of sacrifices for him, they again hug and Rishab walks towards them, they start to talk, Rishab hears them and ask as to who is there, he comes to check but they hide and says that it must be his feeling, Prithvi come out and is spotted but Rishab, he asks Prithvi what was he doing near the flowers, Sherlin comes from behind, she ask Rishab what the matter is , he says that he caught Prithvi doing something fishy, Sherlin helps him by making an excuse, Rishab starts to fight but Sherlin takes him away, Prithvi gets relieved and now moves towards Manisha.
Prithvi goes to Manisha who is very worried, he sy that she has to go for the Rokha, Manisha sys that she will not get ready and he must let him speak to her boyfriend as otherwise she will not get ready because she is not stupid like Preeta and knows how things work. Prithvi says that she may be intelligent but cannot outsmart Prithvi and she must get ready.

Karan steps in and Prithvi hides, she thinks that she will have to go forward with the plan, Karan comes and ask what the matter is and he will help her in every way, she thinks of how good Karan is, that he is still trying to help her and what she did to hi was very wrong, she thinks of what Prithvi said and that she must move forward with this, Manisha sys that she is ready to marry him.

Manisha says to Karan that she has started t love him and has agreed to perform the Roka, Karan also admits that he loves her, he asks about the ring, she says that it is her lucky ring and she must wear it all the time.
Prithvi comes out and says that Manisha doesn’t understand that Prithvi is the great mastermind and he will sacrifice every girl like Manisha for his plan because he doesn’t care.
Shrishti is following Sameer and throwing followers at him, he gets angry and asks why is she irritating him, she throws flowers at him and then they both start to fight, she gives up and when she asks he says that she is not so handsome like Rishab, she asks if he is jealous but then she says that she is interested in him after that what has he got, which is nothing compared to Karan

and Rishab, Shrishti hearing this gets angry and says that she really likes him and has only cared for him more than any other, they are talking when Rakhi calls Sameer and Shrishti asks if he got jealous, when he is about to leave he says that he got little jealous.
Karan and Manisha are both sitting and ready for the event, the Pandit begins and so they all starts the rituals, Karan thinks that Manisha should have given up and left, Preeta is looking and thinking that things are not going according to their plan but he must give up and stay focused because this is the only way that their plan will succeed, Karan thinks that he will not be able to do this even this is what everyone wants, The Pandit concludes the event, they all get the blessing, Karan tries to impress everyone and tries to flirt with Manisha, he asks for a song and they all start to dance,Rishab is looking at Preeta and not concentrating at his dance, Preeta gets jealous seeing Karan with Manisha he wonders what is going in her mind,
Dadi greets Rakhi and Manisha asks everyone for their leave, they all greet her and she is about to leave, Karan says that he will drop her but she insists that she can manage, she doesn’t listen to what he says but leaves.