This is Fate Saturday Update 8 August 2020 Prithvi and Karan fight


This is Fate Saturday Update 8 August 2020 Prithvi and Karan fight

Bi jee wishes Preeta that she never have any problems in her life and those that even come should come on their doorstep. Shrishti also praises her for her beauty, Sarla comes mentioning that she has talked with Prithvi’s mother and they are on their way, asking if everyone is ready, she is left shocked after seeing Preeta.

Shrishti wonders that Preeta is looking very gorgeous and if she sends her photo to Karan then he will know what he has lost, Sarla asks Bi jee to come with her as they have to look after the arrangements. Shrishti is looking for the network, Preeta ask what the matter is and why does she need it, Preeta asks for her phone but she is hesitant to give it to her.

This is Fate Friday Update 7 August 2020

Rakhi is with the doctor in Mahesh room, she asks if everything is alright, he explains that Mahesh is in a serious condition, there are very little chances of his survival. Karan gets angry with him shouting that he leave the room, Rishab comes shouting at him to shut up, he explains that the doctor has saved their father and he is renowned, he was the one who brought him back, Rishab asks him to remain strong, making him realize that when Mahesh will wake what will he think that he gave up, Rishab asks him to stay strong.

Rishab apologizes to the doctor explaining that his brother gets emotional, the doctor also apologizes for his rude words, he instructs them to bring some medicines, Karan leaves the room, he reaches the door where he receives the wedding card, Karan gets angry and burns it before anyone else comes and he kicks the invitation box.

Preeta forces Shrishti to show her the phone she gets worried when she sees that she is sending the photo to Karan, however she doesn’t do it and the photo goes to Karan, she asks her why did she do it, Shrishti explains that she send it because she wants him to realize what he has lost and feel worried, she leaves without listening to anything.

Karan gets Preeta’s photo he is not able to look away and gets into an accident, when he gets out it is Prithvi who comes out of the other car, he asks why did he do this because he was going to get married, he taunts her by saying that he thought why Karan has not met him, he asks why Karan is not saying anything, has he gotten deaf, Karan thinks of what Preeta said to him that she will not end the marriage also preferring him over Karan, Prithvi doesn’t let him leave, threatening that it is his last day and he must not threaten Preeta anymore otherwise he will have to bear the consequence as he is marrying her, he warns him to stay away from Preeta as he has lost all the rights over her, he explains that it is his right to be with her and even sleep with her, Karan gets angry also hitting him, he says that he can do it because he is very happy, Prithvi also offers to pay for his damages.
Karan gets angry saying that he is very rich and has no need for his money, also explaining that he likes he can buy a thousand people like him, Prithvi goes to his car and takes out the turban he says to the driver to go away also mentioning that he will meet Karan after marrying Preeta.
Karan is left standing alone in the rain, he thinks o how used to fight with Preeta but also cherished each and every moment.
Sarla asks the workers to hurry as the barrat will come and everything is out of order, she asks Shrishti to see if the dry fruits have come, she orders her to go to the kitchen and she will bring them, She however calls Samer asking if he has bought the baskets, he says that he has sent them but will not come to the wedding as everyone is not coming due to the situation that is prevailing between them, he tries to explain but she doesn’t listen warning that if he doesn’t come than she will not talk to him, Dadi is standing in the corner thinking that she would go to the wedding and not deprive her of the rights.
Dadi asks Kartika to prepare her dress as she wants to go to the wedding, everyone is shocked, Sherlin thinks that they do not that there is no wedding and the Aroras will be in trouble, Rishab explains that they have discussed it that they will not go, Sherlin also comes taking side of Preeta. Karan however comes mentioning that she doesn’t need their l blessings, she has decided to marry Prithvi and he is going to marry her, he is no0t a nice person and even in the bridal dress is not looking nice, he leaves even when Rishab asks him to remain calm.
The girl are waiting, Prithvi comes with his family members, they greet him then run to Preeta asking if she also wants to look at her groom, she declines after which they leave the room to again go and meet Prithvi.

Preeta is waiting she gets a message from Karan who asks if she is happy, she starts to cry seeing it, he again sends another message which says that she is marrying someone who is not a good person and even if she is not happy she has decided her fate, he explains that he is very happy. Preeta starts to cry, Janki comes seeing whom she wipes her tears, Janki ask if that ends her pains he can do it but then she must tell her if she does not want to marry Prithvi then she will do anything to stop the marriage even if it means that she get paralyzed.
Preeta request her to stop because they are happy and this has happened after a long time, Janki pleads her to not end her dreams, Preeta explains that they do not have a lot of money so should not think over their heads, also if they have a dream it is not necessary that it gets fulfilled which results in pain if the dream does not work out the way they want, she asks that they cannot get the moon even if they desire so it ends that they just have to make peace with seeing the light, that is all that they can do.
Preeta asks her what is wrong with Prithvi as everyone likes him, she says that he is not worthy of her, she explains that she has made peace and will live with the things that Prithvi is lacking, her cousin comes informing that he has come to the marriage hall, Preeta informs Janki that Pari and these sort of stories are not real so they must not think of it, she will get married with him.

The girls go to see the groom, Shrishti says that the goon has come, her uncle asks to whom she is saying this bad name, she refuse to say anything, Sarla asks them to hurry as she is going to receive them.
Sarla goes to receive them, she starts to take his aarti and when he tries to bow to take her blessings she does not allow him, his mother starts to joke with her saying that he might not recognize her after taking her daughter, he however explains that he has a lot of respect for her as she loves Preeta, he says that he is lucky as now he has two mothers, they all starts to talk, he ask Shrishti if she said something, she ask him to get out but then asks him to meet her cousins, when he is about to enter she stoops him mentioning that he will be only allowed to enter with music.
They all enter, a man enters with a gift followed by some goons, then Abhay Singh (Sidarth Malhotra) he ask where the man went, when they say that he went in the hall, he asks to find him before they take him back. He bumps into Sarla who asks who he is, he explains that he was sent by the decorator so he will correct the flowers.

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