This is Fate Saturday Update 7 November 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 7 November 2020

Karan says that he thinks that she is defending the person who is behind the mask because he knows that it is Prithvi, Karan says that he knows it is him, Preeta demands that he not make it personal, Karan says that he would find Prithvi and Rishab before them, he also calls Sameer to come and stand

with them as he is his brother, Maira is worried about her marriage so explains that they should hurry but Shrishti mentions that her entire marriage would not happen, then they separate, Preeta along with Shrishti leave them all.
Prithvi is with Rishab and covers their face with a newspaper, when Karina and Rakhi come to them asking if he has seen their son Karan, prithvi mentions that he has not seen him and has not even heard his name,

They both mention that he is a really famous cricketer, they try to show him the photo of him but he wonders how he will see the photo, he takes the phone then responds that he ahs not seen him, they both leave.
Prithvi is relieved that they have left as if they both had seen his face then he would be in a lot of trouble, he looks towards Rishab mentioning that if was awake he would have been really proud of his acting and how he made his brother Karan seem like a no body and even told his mother Rakhi that karan is not famous at all.
He gets a call from Rana, prithvi wonders if something bad has happened but rana informs him that the car is ready and he should come as soon as possible, Prithvi immediately runs towards the entrance.

Karina and Rakhi wonder how they will be able to find karan and Rishab in such a big hotel, they see Maira who explains that she ahs found karan and they all are searching for Rishab, Shrishti and Preeta also arrive, Rakhi thanks them both for helping them especially Preeta who followed the kidnappers, Karina asks her if she has seen the kidnapper and how he looks, Preeta responds that she was not able to see his face and has also called the police who have surrounded the hotel, they are waiting for some additional force after which they will enter the hotel, Karina wonders why the police is still waiting, Preeta explains that they are worried if they come in now the kidnappers might harm both karan and Rishab, they might even have the chance to escape.
Rana comes and calls Prithvi, but the police is right behind him, Prithvi sees them and turns back, rana wonders why he is turning, he is shocked to see the police, he wonders if he remains standing in the same place they would suspect him so he runs to hide,
The inspector informs his entire team that they have to search the entire hotel and must find Rishab, he thinks that they have not mentioned the hotel room so he must go back to his room, he sees that the entire aurora and Luthra family are together so they will find him, he immediately runs away.
Prithvi reaches his room, he is relaxed and wonders that he came back to the same room and is now trapped because of Preeta, he wonders why she did this to him even when he loved her so much, he then realizes that she does not know it is him so he has forgiven her.
He remembers to wear the mask then plans to escape but he thinks that they will capture him if he leaves the room, so he is now left with no choice but to pray.
Preeta requests the police to search and find Rishab, Karan also comes, he asks Karina and Rakhi why did they come to the hotel, she mentions that she was restless when her sons are in trouble.
The insopector mentions that Preeta is right and they will search the entire hotel, they all plan to spread in the hotel, Preeta along with Rakhi and karina run for room 1110, Sherlin wonders what she can do to help prithvi, she calls him informing that the Auroras are coming for him so he must run, Prithvi ends the call, she thinks that he will also take her name so she runs to him.
Prithvi plans to run away as if he is alive only then will he be able to take his revenge he plans to wear the mask and run away. He thinks that he has done a lot to ruin Rishabh’s life for which he has struggled a lot so he will now take him no matter what. Prithvi comes into the hallway with Rishab but Preeta comes and they are about to catch him, he runs as fast as he can.
Sherlin seeing that they are running after Prithvi acts as if she is hurt giving prithvi a chance to run away, she signals him to run, Preeta runs after Prithvi, Sherlin wonders that Preeta will do whatever she can to catch Prithvi now.
Rakhi helps Sherlin stand, she also runs go after the kidnapper.
Preeta and Shrishti separate and then Preeta finds the kidnapper, karan hears her scream wondering if she has found him and he also runs to her, Preeta throws a vase and hits the kidnapper who kneels, he then pulls the rug so Preeta falls after which he runs away.

Preeta tries to catch the kidnapper however he pulls the rug and she falls after which he runs away, Shrishti comes saying that there is no one there, she is shocked to see that Preeta is on the ground.

Prithvi runs to the hall thinking where he can hide as everyone is searching for him and if they find him than it will create a lot of problem for him, he hides in the storeroom as no one would look in there.

Shrishti gets really mad thinking that she would surely harm the kidnapper as he was the one who hurt her sister, Preeta mentions that he was right in front of him and she even threw the vase at him so he is injured which is why they will find him really soon.

Prithvi hides in the store room, he lifts the sarree and explains to Rishab that he would take on all that comes his way and take the property of Rishab because he has really harmed her and now he will hurt even Preeta.

Preeta and Shrishti are about to go when they find a ring, Preeta takes it hink8ing and remembers that it is the same ring which she gave to Prithvi, then they run for him and Preeta calls out Prithvi’s name who stops, they all then catch him and also make sure that Rishab is okay, Sherlin goes to help Shrishti in keeping prithvi at bay, but she advises that he push her away and run, he also tries to get away, but they again catch him.

Preeta shows him the ring mentioning that he should remember, Preeta mentions that she now knows he is the person behind each and everything then they should come to know who the real person behind the mask is, Preeta turns towards karan exclaiming that she promised him that she would help him find the person who is behind each and everything, she is able to take out the mask but it is not Prithvi instead it is Rana.

Karan starts slapping him, in an attempt to find out who the person is and what he was trying to do to Rishab, they all question him, Rana also demands that Preeta return the ring as it belongs to him, Preeta thinks that the ring could belong to him which is why they got confused.

Sameer does not find the inspector so calls him, when they come the inspector bumps into prithvi who leaves the hotel but is barely able to walk after being hit with the Vase.

Prithvi thinks that when he was hiding he called Rana who came, so he asked him to give the clothes which confuses Rana, Prithvi mentions that he cannot go out as of he does then Preeta would not marry him also he should do all that he can to save himself, Prithvi mentions that he knows Rishab would not sign the papers so they will do it in the future,
Prithvi mentions that if he goes in front of the Luthra’s with the clothes of Prithvi and his mask than everyone would get what they desire, so he had to send Rana after promising to give him three times the money which they agreed upon, he remembers how he promised each and everything to Rana before sending him, that he will make sure that Rana gets out of jail and also that they can a lot of fun after getting the money, he then leaves the hotel.

Karan and Rishab are both questioning Rana asking him who send him to kidnap Rishab, as then they would know who the real mastermind is, Rana exclaims that he did this all for the sake money as this is his profession and he was offered three times the money to complete this task, he points a finger at Sherlin exclaiming that she was the one who hired him, Sherlin is perplexed.

Karina asks if he is mad but Rana is adamant that he is telling the truth because this is what they all wanted to hear so he took the money for this job from Preeta Arora, everyone is shocked to hear the news, Preeta doesnot believe what Rana is hearing.

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