This is Fate Saturday Update 29 August 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 29 August 2020

The interviewer comes saying that her son will not allow her to do any work so is it possible that they complete it in her room, she agrees.
Karan reaches his room but is upset thinking that he never even collected his keys, a maintaince boy comes mentioning that he is a big fan of Karan and is hopeful that they take a selfie, Karan mentions that he will comply but first needs to get into his room, the employee provides him with a master key using which Karan enters his room,.

Preeta also sits with the interviewer, where she asks the reason for leaving her previous job, Preeta responds that she left it because of some misunderstandings.
Her son asks for the mobile, she searches for it but is not able to find it, Preeta then gives him her phone, she asks Preeta the date for her marriage, she gets focused, she responds that if she got married recently then she will not be able to focus at her work, seeing how Preeta is she responds that she would have been married some time ago as otherwise she would have bangles, the son apologizes saying that he has dropped her phone.
Preeta along with everyone are shocked to hear the gunshots being fired, the robbers ask everyone to place their phones with them, Preeta wonders what will be happening as they heard gunshots, they ask everyone to keep their hands back, they ask everyone to sit down, Preeta requests them to remain in the room as she will look for what has happened. Preeta runs to see what has happened, the son ask if wrong people have come to the hotel, Preeta explains that she does not know but then he says that he will also go with her as he is really strong and will beat any bad person who tries to harm, her, she says that he must stay and protract her mother as if she feels any trouble she will come back.
Preeta rushes outside and immediately bumps into Karan, they both are shocked to see each other, and he runs away and continues after stopping for a minute, she also follows him.

The robbers are pointing guns at the crowd, yelling that they all should remain calm otherwise he will kill them all, the robbers also take the manager as the hostage, they are continuously asking him about harshwadan, he replies that he does not know, the manager thinks that they all will think that he is a hostage just like them all. The robbers kill the guard to teach them a lesson.
Karan is looking at the robbers, Preeta comes running, he stops her built she says that she does not want him to stop her as he has no right, he explains that she will cause trouble as the robbers are terrorist and she will get herself killed, he takes her onto a storage room, for protection, he tries to explain tjay she will be in danger, she refuse to accept his help, Preeta mentions that he has no right to stop her, she says that he has no meaning in her life, she also says that she scolds the day when she met him, he also mentions that he wishes he never should have met her. They both get into an argument and he asks her to leave if she wants to.
The child says that he wishes Karan Luthra comes to save them, his mother asks him to stop talking the robbers see the photo of Karan as they want to catch him.
The robbers are looking for anyone who is hiding as they can cause a lot of problems, they take a waiter and guest into their custody, then one of them sees room 101 and remember what the manager said that he is staying the same room number, he goes inside pointing a gun at his face before taking him with him.
Karan is yelling at Preeta saying that she should leave if she wants to, then he sees that the robbers are coming so he immediately takes her hand hiding behind the shelves, the robber comes in and after looking takes the phone of Karan, he pulls Preeta who falls on him, when he tries to get up they look straight into each other’s eyes, she gets up and tries to leave, he asks where she is going. Preeta leaves without answering, then as she gets to the door she sees that the robber has shot someone, and then runs after a girl also killing someone.
She runs back to Karan hugging him as she is scared to see that someone has died, Karan also hugs her remembering all the past feeling that they have both shared, she then realizes how close they are sop gets away feeling a little awkward, they both fee; as tp why their heart wants them to be with each other.
They both think that the other is not kind and they cannot trust each other, Karan close the door, he says that he wants to make it clear that he did everything for himself as if he had not protected her then they would have also funded him. She says that he has no courage as otherwise he would have protected those who have been taken hostage, Karan takes it as a joke saying that he has no training in these matters like her. She answers that he has only worked to tell a lie which is all he has been doing.
Karan yells that she should go to hell, Preeta answers that she is already in hell as she is standing with him, he asks her to leave the room before turning, she sees him and pulls the door but realizing that he was the one to marry her she looked back seeing him and slams the door, he gets angry so slams everything that is in the store room, in his anger he also hurts himself then has to lean beside the lockers,.
Preeta runs back to the room but does not find Ranuka and Ayuish, she searches the room before heading back outside, Preeta u walking hysterically in the hall when she is stopped by the lady robber, she warns Preeta to not do anything as otherwise she will kill her, Karan comes from behind then seeing Preeta thinks of a plan, he places the earphones and tries to act as if he is in a call, she also threatens him as he threatens to call the police, she firs at him and he ducks before yelling at Preeta to run and doing the same himself.

The robbers have still held everyone as hostage, Ranuka ask her to son to not worry as they will win because god always wins over bad things, one of the robber comes to give the phone he found upstairs, he asks if it belongs to someone, they do not answer to which he says that even if they did not know who it belongs to no one can harm them, another robber also comes with two more people.
The robber says that they will take everything from Harshwardan, Aryan asks his mother where is Karan to which the robber asks him why he took his name.
Karan is running when another girl bumps into him he hides her in the room, when he gets out Preeta comes running asking why he did this, as he could have gotten shot, Karan asks why she did not run, they both look into each other and cry, he gives her the master key ordering her top hide in any room, he tries to leave but she says that she will go with him.
Karan says that he knows she doesn’t want to be with him but he has given her the master keys so if she wants to save herself then came otherwise must leave, they hear a robber coming, he pulls her and they both hide, she is very close with him, after the robber leaves she asks why he is so nice. Karan pulls her asking that she look inside the room where he has saved a girl and so is not in love with her.
Prithvi is driving his car, he takes a box and thinks what Karan said that Preeta also wants to marry her so he now knows that’s he also loves him otherwise he thought that Karan was her true love he thinks that he is very happy that she never told him otherwise he would have died.
He gets a call from Sherlin, he thinks that Sherlin has called him when she asks why he is happy, he mentions that he is happy because of her, she says that she also wants to meet her but cannot as Karan is also visiting the same hotel, he mentions that they all are excuses. Prithvi says that he only thinks of her but is missing her, she explains that she knows this and thinks that they can meet at the mall. She says that she also wants to ask if he can come to which he replies that he will for her. Prithvi after the call ends says that he knows how to take advantage of the situation so he will first go to meet Sarla and then Sherlin, she also thinks that it is very opportune that they do not have to worry for Preeta na dher family
Prithvi is waiting outside the Aurora house and is waiting for anyone to either come out of the hosue or go inside, Sarla and Bi je arrive, Prithvi greets them both requesting them to not get angry as he wanted to meet them once again, when she asks why he is sitting outside he says that he was not able to ring the bell, Bi jee explains that she is very tied and so cannot talk with him while standing, he request that she not be angry with him and then he rings the bell.
Shrishti opens the door and is shocked to see Prithvi so happily holding the hand of Bi jee, she is worried why he is being so nice, when they come inside the house, he insists on giving water to Bi jee even when Sarla request that he not do this, he explains that he is doing this for himself as he wants to be the one to attain the happiness. He sits with Sarla, when she asks why he came he explains that he came to give the par shad, hitting himself curses that the liar dies, then explains that he actually came to apologize to her about what happened between them both.
He explains that he is very ashamed of how he acted in the Mandap and is very apologetic as he was not in his senses, he also says that he knows that he hurt Bi jee and Shrishti along with her brother who also got hurt, he mentions that he was not in his senses and so got frustrated. He says that he came to know what happened with Preeta so is willing to do anything for her and wants that she forget Karan and so he only wants that she remain happy where ever she want to, so mentions that Bi jee along with him will never let anything wrong happen with her, he pleads with them to never stop him from coming to their house as he really likes them, he request them to let him come saying that she considered him as her son so pleads her for her forgiveness. He also says goodbye to Shristhri.

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