This Is Fate Saturday Update 27 November 2021


This Is Fate Saturday Update 27 November 2021

Mahira in her room is praising herself for winning the challenge which she has set with Preeta but Sherlin says that she did not have anything to do with it and it might be because of the incidents, Mahira exclaims that she might have also be involved in this incident.

Sarla is walking when Shristhi stops her, she is not able to speak because of the fear and then explains Preeta doesnot want her to go to the Luthra house because she would fight, Sarla asks if she knows the blame on Preeta and the punishment for the murder can be either hanging or life imprisonment.

Sherlin in the room asks Mahira if she killed Akshay, Mahira however replies why should she tell her because some secrets should not be revealed, Sherlin once again questions her saying that she is suspicious of Prithvi however Mahira reveals he is not the killer then mentions how she saw the blood on Karan’s hand at the hotel where Akshay was murdered. She gets a call, Sherlin thinks that she is a psycho lover of Karan so would do anything to get her love, she attempted suicide so who knows what she is capable off, Sherlin is suspicious of Karan, Prithvi and Mahira for murdering Akshay.

Sarla reveals that she has been arrested on the charges of murder, Sarla exclaims that she would inform the punishment, Preeta can be hanged and even face life imprisonment, Sarla mentions that she is the daughter in law of the Luthra’s and with their reputation there should be a lot of lawyers at the police station however there is not even a single member of the family present so she would go and talk with them, Shristhi mentions she is not saying Sarla is doing something wrong but Preeta fears that if she goes to the Luthra house it might cause problems for her in the future, Sarla stops saying she has understood what Preeta fears and that the Luthra’s do not trust or believe that she is innocent so she would do all that she can for her daughter even if means selling the house or herself, she will get her out as she cannot see tears in the eyes of her daughters as when they cry her body starts shivering.
Sarla leaves, Shristhi prays that she was able to stop Sarla but now he would help Preeta get free and exclaims that Sarla is right Preeta always worries for others, Preeta is also right that if Sarla goes to the Luthra house then it might cause problems, she thinks of talking with Mahesh uncle as he would surely help her however, she decides to not give him any more tension.

Mahesh is talking on the mobile at the night, Rakhi comes with the medicine and then gives him, he asks why is she passing the fake tension, Rakhi disagrees however he says that he knows her but has come back from coma so knows she is worried about Preeta, Rakhi mentions that she is feeling tensed because of Preeta however Mahesh says that she should not worry because he has now come back and would make sure everything is going to be alright as he would fix everything, Rakhi explains that she has fulfilled both of their responsibilities when he was in the coma so now needs to rest, Karina comes asking why has he called the driver, Mahesh mentions that he is now fine so would go with him to the doctor as he has to feel that he is fine, Karina leaves mentioning that she felt he would meet Preeta but is relaxed.

Rakhi helps Mahesh sit on the bed asking why he said to Karina that he was not going to help Preeta, Mahesh explains that some things have to be done secretly and he would indeed go to meet the ACP with the driver trying to explain their point of view, if he understands it then Preeta would be free. Rakhi also asks him to try talking with Karan as she feels he is really angry with Preeta because she did not inform him before going to the hotel, Mahesh asks her to understand what Karan is doing, explaining that he took the number of the lawyer and is trying to arrange the bail for Preeta but wants to show that he is angry because he really loves her, Rakhi leaves for some work.

Karan is with the ACP trying to explain that Preeta is innocent however the ACP demands that Karan prove her innocence if he is that sure, karan replies that it is the job of the police however ACP replies that the police is responsible for arresting the accused and the court would prosecute her at 3 pm the next day so if he believes that she is innocent then must bring the proof and save Preeta, karan asks if he thinks of it as a joke but the ACP mentions that he doesnot believe so and Karan must hire a suitable lawyer and it is not necessary that the lawyer who hires a high fees is suitable but the one who works with passion will be able to free Preeta, Karan refuses to take the advice saying that his lawyer is coming, the lawyer comes apologizing that he was not able to attain the bail because the court was closed, Karan leaves in anger calling the lawyer as useless, ACP recognizes that the lawyer is the same one who saved the person from a murder charge and was able to help the guilty but this would not happen now as he would surely get Preeta prosecuted.

Shristhi is waiting for Sameer who comes, apologizing for being late, she asks why he not helped Preeta he explains that he was not at home and just came back, they see Karan, Shrishti immediately calling him asks why he not helped Preeta, he is really mad asking why if Preeta trust him did she not tell him anything, explaining that if she had told him, he would have taken care of everything before it got into their house. Shrishti apologizes explaining that he knows Preeta loves her and does he really think that she is guilty however Karan explains that he knows she is innocent because she cannot even kill a flee herself, Shristhi asks him to go and meet Preeta, he leaves in the car, Shristhi turning to Sameer asks Karna has gotten mad, wondering why is he behaving like this, Sameer assures her that they all care for Preeta and would not let anything happen to her.

Preeta is in the cell when Sushila comes explaining that Rakhi has sent something for her as she is alone, she takes out and realizing that it is chocolate shake remembers Karan, she is sure that he has sent it for her even when he is angry with her for not informing him.

Karina sits at the dining table asking Pammi to also join them, Suresh is talking with someone, Pammi asks him who was he talking to, he explains that he gave the injection for testing, but it was broken in the lab, they both wonder who might have done it. Rakhi asks about Dadi, Karina reveals that she was really tensed because of the situation so she had the dinner served in her room, Rakhi says she is not hungry, Karina exclaims she knows it is because of Preeta but questions if she would get free if Rakhi remains hungry.

Kritika enters the house, Kritika also invites her for dinner but she also exclaims she is not hungry, Karina questions what is the reason and where is she coming from, Kritika mention that she went to meet Preeta after which she went for the pooja, Karina scolds her questioning why did she go when she ordered that no one would go and meet her, Kritika responds that Karina doesnot listen to anyone when she is angry, she will go to meet Preeta because she is like her elder sister, Karina responds that she was the one who broke her marriage with Akshay however Kritika is about to reveal the truth but instead leaves for her room. Suresh also gets up from the table saying that he is not hungry.

Pammi exclaims that she would have the dinner even if no one is eating, Karina also agrees to have it, Rakhi says that she would bring fresh tortilla from the kitchen.

Preeta is in the cell crying, remembering all the moments when Karan asked her to dance with him, she is not able to control herself.

The other lady constable hands Preeta the pillow advising that she should not tell anyone about it, she explains that her mother in law really loves her, Preeta holding the pillow close to her chest remembers when Karan exclaimed they both have to stay together in the room and then snatched the pillow while she was lying on the bed, she hugs the pillow crying her heart out remembering the beautiful moments that she spent with karan at Holi and how close they were, she also recalls when they danced at an event after which Karan even refused to accept her apology and not listened to the truth, leaving her while she was arrested.

Preeta is standing when the constable comes explaining that someone has come to meet her on orders from the higher authorities and she should talk as soon as possible, Preeta realizes that it is Karan, she is shocked to see that it is Prithvi, he thanks her for agreeing to meet her, Preeta says that if she had known she would have surely declined, Prithvi asks her to worry about him because he cares for her so has come for her meanwhile Karan is resting in the house, Preeta walks away ordering him to leave, he explains it is not fair because she is worrying for someone who did not come for her and cannot see the love which he has for her.

Preeta asks him to understand that he is talking to a married person, Prithvi exclaims that she is worried for that heartless Luthra, she doesnot deserve a person like him who is heartless, she orders him to leave, he explains that he had to make a lot of calls to meet her, he made a lot of effort just to see her because he loves her and only got fifteen minutes so if he can do all this to meet her then can also go to any step to assure that she walks out of the jail.

Preeta pushing him away says that he has no regard that he is going to marry Kritika so should love her, Preeta warns that she is once again warning him to never do anything that causes problems in Kritika’s life, Prithvi mentions that he would also follow her order and would not do anything, he explains she is still not doing the right thing as she is waiting for Karan who did not even stop her from getting arrested which he would not have done if he was able to but left quiet as he only cared for her reputation because the entire family would start blaming her, Prithvi mentions that anyone who tries to harm her he would burn the person alive and not him live or even kill him, Preeta remembers that when the ACP came to their house Prithvi dropped the glass so she asks Prithvi if he is the one who murdered Akshay.

Mahira walks into the room wondering how she forgot her mobile, she answering the mobile asks the person why he called her when she told him to not call her under any circumstance and also that he should first check everything because he has transferred the money, she asks him to never call her again and closes the door, Sameer is outside the room wondering who did Mahira transfer the money to.

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