This is Fate Saturday Update 27 June 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 27 June 2020

27 June 2020 Saturday Update on This is Fate update: Karan blames Prithvi for being a coward as he would have been able to stop the fire but never did it, Samer takes the side of Karan asking Prithvi do what family members did and got scared because he is a coward, just then everyone else comes, Prithvi starts to act and says that he did not stop the fore because he heard Rishab calling them all. Karina ask that he stop his wining and let them look for Rishab, Prithvi makes them believe that they should only look at his room.

This is Fate Friday Update 26 June 2020

Karan and everyone enter the room and are left shocked to see that both Sherlin and Rishab are so close to each other, everyone is embarrassed, Mahesh signals Karna to wake Rishab, when he tries yow ke him Rishab does not response and so Karan is forced to throw a water bottle at him, he wakes and up and is shocked to see the position he is in everyone leaves the room leaving only Karan with them both.
Rishab is not able to comprehend what happened, Sherlin leaves the room.

Everyone reaches the hall, they all are much tensed and Sarla also asks Preeta to bring Janki as she is going out of the house. Prithvi thinks that he is now going to make him pay.

Karan is very angry with Rishab, he is constantly arguing with Rishab blaming that he did the act, he is not listening to anything that Rishab says and is really frustrated, Karan says that he is believing but everyone else will not listen a single word. They are talking Samer comes calling them both downstairs, Rishab pleads that he is innocent, Karan assures that he believes him but no one else will listen to anything.

They both go downstairs, Rakhi is very angry and says that she never expected this from him especially considering what he says, Rakhi is very angry and doesn’t even listen to Karan, he tries to plead in favor of Rishab but Rakhi is not listening top anything, Mahesh tries to take him away but he stands still I favor of Rishab, he says everything to save r honor,

Dadi ask Sherlin to stop crying, Karan gets really frustrated with this double standard asking that why are they then treating Rishab so rudely, he does not listen to anything that Sherlin has to say, Sherlin tries to create a scene for ruining her life, Sanjana comes forward requesting Rishab to stop Karan, he says that Karan is right as he is least questioning him but they are all ready to punish him, Sanjana tries to slap him but Karan holds her hand warning her to never think of such a thing. Rakhi apologizes to her, Karina asks him to step out of this as the elders will take care of the matters.

Rakhi promises to Sanjana that she will marry both Sherlin and Rishab at eh blessed day which the Pandit had selected first which was after fifteen days, Karan tries to argue with her over her decision but she is very angry and not listening to anything that he has to say, mentioning that they both will; get married and no one can change her mind.

Rakhi asks Karan what he will say to everyone else when they will ask him for what happened, Karan brings Dadi into the matter, she also asks her to first take a look into the matter, and Rakhi however refuses to listen to her and is adamant buy her decision. Karan pleads with everyone to at least think over it, He also asks Mahesh to at first talk with Rakhi, he goes and tries to explain it to her to at least first give him a chance to explain if he is really guilty and not make their marriage a punishment.

Mahesh is trying to convince that Rakhi must not do this to Rishab because he feels what they are trying to do to Rishab is not right and makes him feel that his son has done something wrong, Sherlin thinks that she will have to act more in order to achieve both of their objectives. Mahesh request Rakhi to listen, she asks if she has wronged any of his decision and believes that he will also respect her decisions as she will do anything to make sure that they both get married. They are talking then Sherlin says that she will not marry Rishab and leaves from the hall, Prithvi thinks that Sherlin has spoiled their plan and she will lead to her failure.

She answers that she thought someone will come looking for her, he starts to scold her saying that no one will come for her just then Sanjana comes to the hall, she explains that she will make Rakhi believe that she does not want to marry him and that she is broken so that is her plan, he praises her for her intelligence and then she says that he must leave before someone comes, he says that none will come, just then he sees Sanjana standing at the door who is very angry and as soon as she comes in she slaps him and does not listen to even Sherlin.

Everyone is trying to make Rakhi understand that what she is doing is wrong, Karan ask her to give her the number of his grandmother because is the only one who can save him now as just like he is listening to her she will also have to listen to her, brother, Karan does everything that he can to save Rishab from Sherlin but she does not listen to anything, she asks Karina to make sure that her family members abide by her decision, Karina also takes full side of Rakhi, both Karan and Rakhi are arguing, he is continuously blaming Preeta for everything, she realizes that he wants her to go and talk to Sherlin, she request Rakhi to allow her to go, Rakhi also agrees to her opinion.

Sanjana is threatening Prithvi that she warned him to stay away from her daughter as he is the reason for her destruction, they both try to calm her down but she is very angry and asks that did she forget what happened to her the last time and she ended up in the mental asylum but she does not listen, she asks her to stay away and move ahead from him because she is about to be married to a good person and live a happy life, he tries to calm her down , she warns that he remain away from her daughter as he is about to marry Rishab, he explains that Rishab does not want to marry her daughter and he is the one who is making it sure that she does because no one will have any issue with the fact that Sherlin is going to be the wife and mother with Rishab, he makes her feel embarrassed by the fact that will she accept him as her daughters husband or is Rishab better then him. He threatens her emotionally so making her agree to their plan.

He asks her to sit saying that anyone will get tensed after hearing such a shocking news, he gives her a glass of water and says that he will wait for her decision, Preeta is walking and thinks that Rakhi wants her to make Sherlin stay in their house but she wants her to go away, Karan follows her and explains her the idea that she has to plant I Sherlin’s mind so that she herself back out from the marriage, he says that Sherlin is not a good girl and she knows it, Preeta is also adamant to help Rishab.

Prithvi praises Sanjana assuring that she has taken the right decision for her daughter and they must go outside without waiting anytime as everyone is waiting for them.

Karan is walking in the hall and is very angry, Samer comes behind him asking him to not angry as this will be of no help, and Karan asks of Rishab and goes straight to his room.
Preeta is walking when she sees that Prithvi is with Sanjana and Sherlin, she ask to talk with Sherlin alone, Prithvi assures that it will happen according to her and then takes Sanjana away.

Sherlin is alone with Preeta and they both head towards the room, Preeta gets very angry asking her to stop this melodrama as they both know that Rishab has done nothing wrong with her, she does not listen to anything that Sherlin has to say, she says a lot of bad things to Sherlin regarding her character, she says that when she came to know that she was with someone else she had no hard feelings but when she came to know that Sherlin was pregnant she got really mad, as he question her about what she did and who was with her in the plans against the Luthras, she is convinced because she saw the boyfriend with her in her house.

She says that she will go and tell everyone that Sherlin was with someone else and to not be thrown out of the house.
Karan goes and makes Rishab feel assured that Preeta has gone to talk with Sherlin and he will not have to marry Sherlin because he trusts that Preeta will; be able to do something and he must not worry, Sanjana hears this and gets really mad, she heads back to the room.
Preeta is really angry and is scolding Sherlin, she begs Preeta to listen to her as she has done nothing wrong.
Sanjana and Prithvi are together, she gets worried asking him what will happen as she does not want him to marry her daughter at any cost, and he asks her to not worry as he will take care of everything.
Sherlin is holding Preeta hand and then pushes her away, she explains that she is not so weak to stand down in front of her and even if she tries to blame her then no one will remember and trust her because Karan has already said thee tings and no one trusted huis words so even if she says this to them then she will be proven wrong, Sherlin says that at first she wanted to marry Rishab but now everyone will want her to marry him so she will do what she wants, Preeta gets nervous hearing her confidence that she is untouchable and so gets worried.

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