This is Fate Saturday Update 27 April 2019

Everyone comes in the court and so the prosecution starts to argue and blames both Rishab and Karan saying that they both are guilty and should be sentence. Preeta begs Sarla to say yes and she really wants to and that this will make their family bigger and supportive, Sarla says that they wil g but if something happens that leads to her insult then she will be very bad.
The prosecutor says that both of the brothers have been proven guilty and should be sentenced and that there are guilty,

the defense says that there is just a claim and they are still not proven guilty, judge asks how they have claimed that Karan try to rape Manisha, the Prosecutor says that Karan tried to rape Manisha and Rishab was trying to make a deal and the witness was the police, he claims that they would make them guilty, he calls a witness and who says that Manisha was screaming and that Karan was still forcing her to come closer to her, Preeta and family come, Karan thinks that now everything will be okay, the defense objects to which the prosecutor presents another evidence, which are photos of both of them and try to prove that Karan was pulling her closer.

The prosecutor again blame them for their wrong decisions and try to declare them criminal, the defense raises the issue that why did Manisha go with him if she ever wanted an why did she not yell, Manisha says that he said that he loves her and will marry her, she says that he told her that he will make her wear the ring but she did not knew what he will do, the judge orders her to come to the witness box, the judge calls her and then the lawyer asks her what happened, she says that he took her in the room and then tries to say bad things about Karan when the defense tries to calm him but he says that he will prove the Karan is guilty, he calls the inspector who says that he saw Karan molesting Manisha, he then turns towards Rishab ad says that he tried to bribe Manisha for giving a false statement.

The judge then sentences both Rishab and Karan a verdict saying that they have been proven guilty and will be sentenced severe punishment, the judge says that they will release the verdict after lunch and for now it will be preserved.

Mahesh asks Rakhi to clam, down as nothing will happen, the reporters come to the family asking them how they feel and start to ask them were personal questions, Manisha pushes them away and takes everyone.
Manisha is on the phone when Sherlin comes and hugs her in amazement, Karina is at the back seeing this and then comes towards her, Manisha warns her and runs away, Karina is at the back and Sherlin is very confused.
Sarla asks Dadi where her medicines is and that she should take care of it, Prithvi come sand says that he will bring it at which she says that she has found it, Prithvi says to Dadi that she must bno0t get so worried as what is happening was already decided and Karan did something which would land him in jail for sure., Prithvi says that he observed and hat they also did very bad with him, but now they have tried to rape a girl and how did they think of it, he says that they must be ridiculed publically, he says that Karan was also with Preeta and now he is afraid, Preeta warns him to not do anything that will make her say anything that he regrets.
Karina asks Sherlin whey she was hugging Manisha, Sherlin gets scared and not able to say anything, Karina gets very angry and says that she thought that Sherlin is a good person and everyone at her family never wanted her to get married with Rishab but they agreed because of her pressure, she says that if all that Preeta and Karan were saying is true.
Sarla says that Preeta must not talk like this, Prithvi gets a chance to degrade her and says that she is only doing this because she was said to do it, Shrishti comes and says that she never heard that Karan was guilty and that the hearing will start and they should go, she say that she will go to the house after it and will not stay, Dadi says that she must not act like this, Sarla says that she knows this but she will not say anything because e she does not wants her children to be subjected to anything that the society says, she gets nervous saying that she will never let Preeta face anything like this again.
Karina says that she will destroy Sherlin is she has anything to do in this case against Karan, she then says that it is possible that Sherlin did this.

Karina is yelling at Sherlin asking her to say the truth, as to why was she hugging the girl,Sherlin starts to cry but she yells that she must answer her, Prithvi sees this and then tries to help her, Karina sees this and asks him to come, he says that he only wants to call them both for the decision,she says that she will come on her own and he must leave.Karina again starts to shout at Sherlin and when she says that she was really hugging Manisha, she gets angry and is about to hit her but she stops her hand.

Rishab and Karan are in the court, Karan says that he doesn’t like that Rishab is also convicted because of him, he says that he is happy now that he will not marry Sherlin,
Rishab thinks that why is he doing this even when he doesn’t want to marry her,Karan asks

why and who he loves, Rishab says that it is Preeta. Karan gets shocked hearing this but he says that Preeta came to the court.
Sarla holds Preeta’s hand saying that she knows that she is hurt because she was not able to save Karan, Preeta starts to cry and she says that she will go back with her, Preeta leave sand when Shrishti tries to go after her, Sarla stops her.

Sherlin explains to Karina that she was hugging Mansiha but only because she wants to save Karan and Rishab as she is to marry Rishab,she says that she tried to offer money to her but she
says that she will not take it and when she could persuade her, Karina came and seeing this Sherlin could not say anything because she got scared,as she was doing a wrong thing and
that she must not give bribe.

The judge is about to sentence both of them when Preeta comes saying that he must not be sentenced as everything they were told was a lie as they both were being framed. Preeta comes to the witness box and explains everything that happened and how Mansiha is a very clever girl and did all this to get a revenge from both of them, she say that when she reached the room she saw that Manisha was
trying to force herself on to Karan who was unconscious, she saw this and immideatly threw her out of the room, when she went to call the doctor, Mansiha again came into the room
and locked it from the inside, she also says that how could Karan do this when he was nearly unconscious and not even able to move.
Preeta also says that she was opened by a janitor who let her come out, she says that she told the truth and hearing this the Judge says that he will grant bail and that they will be a hearing after exactly one week,the judge doesn’t hear anything of the prosecutor.

Everyone leaves after that Rakhi comes to Preeta thanking her for saving her son,Preeta says that she has only said the truth and will always will be there for Rishab and Karan.

Shrishti is in the hallway and very worried, Sameer comes and asks her to come with him, he asks why she is worried but then she says that she is worried because Sarla told her to stay away from this case and now what will happen, he is amazed at which Shrishti says that she doesn’t understand what will happen because their mother is a very angry women and she didn’t know how to face her, Shrishti plans to run away
with Preeta but then Sarla comes, she says that she does not know what will happen, Sameer calms her down, Preeta comes from behind, Shrishti thinks in her own imagination what will happen to them,
dadi warns Sarla to not create a scene but she takes Preeta’s hand and hugs her.