This is Fate Saturday Update 26 September 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 26 September 2020

Karan walks towards Preeta she is still unaware of who is standing behind her, when she lifts her face she is not able to control her expressions, he takes the ribbon and ties the know, she still is not able to say anything to him, they both look each other in the eyes, she is left perplexed when he touches her on the shoulder, he is also not able to control himself but Preeta asks him to get away from her.

Maira is thinking that Karan would get really happy she is not able to find him so thinks of calling him for something else, Sarla is looking for Preeta she thinks of heading into the room which was open.
Preeta asks how he can do it and why did he came into her try room because he went to Mairas room, he says that it was herself who called him to tie the knot, Karan asks the reason she did not stop him when he was tieing her knot, she mentions that she got shocked, he says that he feels she wants him to be near her and feel that he loves her, she then is about to leave, he responds by saying that did she feel that when he was near her she felt that she was being locked and so liked it but this was not the case Preeta mentions that she ahs the same feelings for her, Karan makes Preeta stand in the corner like they both are madly in love with eachother, she is not able to do anything even when is extremely close to her, she is perplexed when he is looking her in the eyes, she asks him to back out but he says that she should move away, he responds if she is afraid that she might touch him so is not moving, Preeta pushes him away, saying that there is no need for the drama as she warned that she does not a person like him, he says that there is no need to shout as she herself called him other wise he would never like to be with her she then says that he must leave.
Sarla is stranding outside and is not able to find Preeta, she decides to call Preeta when she spots Karina, Karan is about to leave asking her to forget everything that happened, Preeta sees Sarla so she pulls him inside, he asks what happened as she wanted him top leave to which Preet says that Sarla is standing outside so she does not want him to go near her otherwise it would prove really bad, she says that she will tell the truth and it is that she would not feel good when she sees him and it would mean that she would not be able to remain healthy.

Karina mentions that Sarla does not have the right to stand Infront of them, Sarla says that she does not want to talk to her as she feels that Preeta will never get married, Sarla explains that she feels that Preeta will get married to someone who is really nice and then they both start to argue, Maira also demands that Sarla talk with some respect, Preeta gets angry saying that she will show her what it feels to talk with disrespect, they argue over who will go first and then they touch eachothers hands.
Sarla explains that she always tries to explain to her that she is not talking of her but the Luthra’s are not worthy of her however she is not able to understand and when she will realize she would not be able to help her even if she wants to, She gets tensed wondering why she is talking t them and leaves, karan comes from behind asking that they go to the billing counter.
Karina and Maira are walking with Karan, she asks him to look at the dress and see if he likes it and then when he finally agrees then he goes to get another dress for himself, Karina plans to teach Preeta a lesson and then they ask Preeta to never go after Karan.
Sarla says that she thought of killing him when she saw him but is not able to as she considers him like her son from the day when he first came to their house, when he saved her from the goons, he thinks that Rakhi was the only one who considered Preeta as a daughter but she also always thought of him as a son and even fed him with her hands but still he deceived them all, he refused to listen to Preeta who was his best friend, he asked her to marry him assuring to help and remain by her side for all the time to come but he left her on the side walk , Karan is not able to look at her so that he can answers to the allegations.

Sarla is saying that he left preeta on the road side the night of their wedding, she is very brave and so came back but what if something bad had happened who could have given her Preeta, she says that she trusted him but he ruined everything for Preeta as she knows that she has been crying since their wedding day, she openly explains that she curses him each and every day mentioning that he along with his family are not able to survive anything bad that happens with them, she asks why he did this to them when she believed him instead of Prithvi and trusted his family while listening to her heart which is the only mistake that she made. Her daughter always considered him as a friend then they are okay with that wrong so she will now curse him that he will never be able to live a blessed life.
Maira is blaming that Preeta still wants to show her feelings for karan, Preeta is trying to defend herself that she has no feelings for Karan which she even mentioned in the party and if anyone loves someone then they would never let anything wrong happen to them, Karina mentions that she should stop lying as they all know that she loves karan, Sarla comes from behind asking her to not blame Preeta for anything that happens to them, she is yelling at her for the character which karan has as he is always the one who is wrong and he left her on the sidewalk on the night of their wedding, Sarla is yelling and doesn’t listen even when Karina along with Preeta try to stop her, Karina mentions that her daughters always come to hurt them and they even came in disguise to stop Karan’s wedding, Sarla gets really angry with her explaining that they always believed in love and never wanted their money, she is yelling at which karan comes from betellhind asking that she should not talk like this as it is a public place, Sarla says that she will do what she wishes, Karan assures to talk with them at the house. Preeta asks what he means as he should not feel worried because he did what he wanted so now they should not feel worried. Preeta asks Sarla to come with her and then advises Kurian that if there is a girl in anyone’s house they are the ones who are rich in the character and respect so she is wondering how they can be so por, the people standing there also agree with Sarla opinion.

Sarla apologizes to Preeta when they reach the counter by saying that she came in a light mood but it was ruined after they met the Luthra’s, Sarla agrees to buy Preeta a dress which she likes then when they ask the price it around one lakh rupees, both of them are left shocked and then Sarla says that she will buy it for her no matter the consequence, Karina comes and is happy to see that they are not able to pay for the dress, Sarla says to Karina that she will surely buy it for Preeta and will send her the photo once it is done. Sarla request the shop owner to keep the dress aside as she will come with the case in the evening to pay for the dress. Preeta agrees that they will come to pay for the dress later, she is worried that she was not able to pay for the dress.
Karina reaches the home, Dadi is really excited to see that they have arrived back, Karina asks Ganesh to take the bags away, Karan tries to leave at which karina asks if he would still remain quiet, Dadi asks the reason, Maira says that Sarla along with Preeta were in the same mall where they went and they insulted karan to the extent which they could not bear and even then he remained quiet and was not saying anything.
Sarla explains that they met Karan with his finance and she wished that they would start their lives from before they met the Luthra’s, She is happy that preeta also stood in front of the Luthra’s, she explains that Preeta said that those who have daughters in their house are blessed people so she felt really proud with having Preeta as her daughter, Janki also says that she wishes to say things that would hurt them as she believes that they are not worthy of respect.
Karina asks Karan why he remained quiet as his self-respect is the only thing on which he never compromises and why did he remain quiet when they were insulting the Luthra’s however karan leaves without saying anything, Maira starts to weep which angers Dadi who orders karina to call Sarla as she will talk with her, karina mentions that it will be of no use as she has no manners, Maira also requests her to leave everything, Rakhi gets really worried about what has happened.

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