This is Fate Saturday Update 23th February 2019

Preeta and Rishab were speaking to each other when she comes across a jewelry case. She asks about his consent regarding an earpiece set. Rishab suggests another one.
Karan comes near a dummy outside the changing room.
Prithvi cautiously goes out to check and finds Karan speaking to the dummy. He tells Sherlin that Karan is standing right outside the changing room. Sherlin suggests to go outside while Prithvi must stay inside. Prithvi says Karan is already doubtful of her, he will peek inside to know who was in here.
Karan flirts with the dummy setting her hair. A sales girl stares at him suspiciously. Karan wonders what people must be thinking about him and decides to continue waiting for Sherlin. He thinks about calling Sofia to kill time. Sofia cheers watching the call. Karan

says he likes her as she always apologizes after committing a mistake. He complains to Sofia about Preeta who never considers apologizing.

Prithvi signals Sherlin that he can go outside the changing room as Karan is busy with the call. Karan turns around as soon as he walks outside. Sherlin pushes the door from inside. Karan questions Prithvi what he was doing at Sherlin’s dressing room and shouts at him. Prithvi tries to walk away but Karan stops him right there. He asks if he has an affair with Sherlin, and curses Prithvi. Prithvi shouts at Karan to shut up, who is he to accuse him? Karan doesn’t let Prithvi walk away and pushes him away. The manager requests Karan not to fight, it’s about their showroom’s reputation. Prithvi comes to grab Karan’s collar. The manager gets Rishab to stop Karan from fighting someone. Prithvi warns Karan to stay in his limits, he isn’t already saying much. Karan asks what he has to say. At the most Prithvi would lie that he didn’t come out of the changing room. He says he will call Rishab now as he has got a proof against him today.
In the changing room, Sherlin was tensed that their plans would ruin this way.
Prithvi asks Karan to resolve the matter among themselves. Karan was dialing Rishab’s number and says he won’t spare Prithvi’s double standards today. On the way, Preeta hits Prithvi’s friend and recognizes him from the party.
Sherlin was worried what she should do. Preeta must be happy today that all her accusations came true.
Preeta tries to stop the guy but he had left already. Rishab was concerned for her and takes her along.
Sherlin thinks they have no witness that she was having an affair with Prithvi.
Karan says Preeta was always dubious of Sherlin and he was suspicious of Prithvi’ he is sure now that Sherlin is a bad girl. Prithvi holds his collars warning him to say a word against her. Karan asks why he feels so possessive about her. Rishab comes to get them away and shouts what they are doing. Karan shouts at Preeta that she won’t marry this man at any cost. Rishab shouts at him to shut up and scolds that he is behaving like a child. Karan is only a friend of Preeta and shouldn’t cross his limit. Karan says Sherlin got engaged to him and Prithvi to Preeta; but they never lose a chance to meet each other. He is having an affair with Sherlin. He is betraying Preeta; it happened once before as well. He had seen him with a girl in hotel as well but played a game then. But today there is a proof. He says Sherlin is inside the changing room. He was coming out of this room when he reached here.
Prithvi tells Karan to stop it now. Everyone is aware that Karan dislikes him. Karan says he will prove today what Prithvi is doing. He goes to open the door of changing room. Prithvi asks Karan who is he to judge him, its Preeta’s right only. He asks Preeta if she trusts him. Karan asks Preeta to check once by herself in the changing room. Prithvi tries to stop Preeta but Karan insists on her to check by herself.
Rakhi comes into the room to meet Janki. Rakhi says she is happy that Janki is fine and in front of their eyes. They were all afraid of losing her. She tries to ask Janki what was it that she wanted to tell them. She cries that Karan thinks it was about someone who was trying to hurt their family. Sarla says Janki isn’t even blinking today, though she did yesterday. Rakhi asks Janki to at least give some signal about it. Prithvi forbids Karan to interfere between his and Preeta’s matter. Rishab shouts this time and says its not about him only. This dressing room will be checked right away

Rakhi asks Janki if there is someone who wants to harm her and Sarla’s family. Janki thinks to herself that neither Sherlin nor Prithvi is yet a part of their family. Rakhi hands a paper and pen to Janki’s hand and asks her to try and write something. It’s important for them to know their enemy right now. Janki’s hand doesn’t move at all. Sarla also insists on Janki to try and move her hand. The pen fells off Janki’s hand. Sarla tells Rakhi that doctor has forbidden them to force her for anything. Rakhi asks Janki if this accident was also done by the same person, who is their enemy? Janki close her eyes in approval.
Prithvi says only Preeta has a right to give a verdict for him. Rishab asks Karan if it can be proven that Sherlin is inside. Prithvi says they are blaming his self-respect,

he asks Preeta if she is silent today when her friends are insulting him. Karan says he owes it to Preeta that she has accepted his proposal. Rishab tells Prithvi that it’s about him and Sherlin as well, he will check if Sherlin is inside or not as it’s about the reputation of his family. Prithvi holds Rishab’s hand saying it’s about him and Preeta. Rishab tells him to leave his hand, it’s also about his life. Rishab jerks his hand and calls Sherlin inside to open the door. Inside, Sherlin was afraid. Preeta was worried about what was happening inside. Karan tells Rishab she won’t come out so easily, else she must have come inside already. Prithvi says there must be some other girl inside; and asks Preeta to say something at least. He was so excited to get her to shopping here. The girl inside must be really worried. Preeta forbids Karan and Rishab to knock at the door continuously. Rishab says Preeta can do this, and if she requests anyone would open the door. Karan says he will break the door even still the girl doesn’t come out. Prithvi was worried that each of his plan might be ruined today. Preeta knocks at the door of changing room and asks if there is someone inside? Karan was about to break the door when the manager brings a master key. Rishab thinks Preeta won’t have to marry Prithvi if Karan is proven right today.
When the door opens, Sherlin wasn’t inside. Karan tries to explain to Rishab but Rishab tells him to be quiet. Preeta was worried about all the drama Karan created. Rishab sends Karan inside to check where Sherlin is. Rishab asks that if Sherlin was inside where is she? Sherlin walks out from another door behind all the crowd. She thinks she had no way to be saved today but the open roof helped her, she climbed over the wall of changing room and jumped into another compartment. She thinks she could have been caught but thankfully she and Prithvi are saved now. Karan asks Rishab why the door was locked then. Rishab shouts the door could be locked by itself, where is she now?
Prithvi tells Karan he was inside this trial room to try his outfits. He didn’t know Rishab had bought all of these changing rooms for his wife Sherlin. Preeta says this is possible, he has seen someone else doing this before as well. Karan thinks about being with Preeta in the trial room. Prithvi says he is aware Karan might do a lot to disgrace him, but at least he could have respected Sherlin who is Rishab’s bride to be. Prithvi asks Karan how he can blame a girl’s character who is going to be their family’s daughter in law. Rishab asks Karan why he said he had seen him with Sherlin. Karan says he was coming out from this changing room, and Sherlin also called from the same room. Karan grabs Prithvi’s collar, but Rishab slaps him. Preeta stops Rishab from being so angry. Karan was conscious of the crowd around. Rishab apologizes Prithvi for all the drama and insult. He joins his hands to Prithvi. Prithvi smirks while Preeta thinks why Karan did this, she was feeling really bad for him. Karan leaves. Sherlin hides her face behind. Rishab disperse the crowd.

Sherlin comes there and asks why is he apologizing, she senses some tension between them. Prithvi asks Sherlin where she had been, Sherlin says she went to men’s section to choose some jackets for Karan. Prithvi tells Rishab that Sherlin thinks so good about his family and takes Preeta with him. Rishab tells Sherlin they are going home and walks outside.