This Is Fate Saturday Update 23 October 2021


This Is Fate Saturday Update 23 October 2021

Preeta exclaims that if the wife has a mind break then it would be a problem for him as she would tear off the face, karan asks if she would tear off his face then Preeta responds that she would tear off the face of the fan, Karan exclaims how he did not expect this from her, and it is not right.

Preeta exclaims how she saved his life the previous night, karan gets stunned asking from whom then Preeta mentions that she saved his life from Mahira, Karan asks what she meant, Preeta asks if he doesnot remember anything, Karan asks why she gave Mahira her night dress because she was wearing it. Karan mentions that she said how she saw Mahira in the resort but he did not believe her then he himself saw that some goons were teasing her and he saved her after which they both went to the room where he could not find the ointment so he went to get it from the reception and was shocked when he saw she was wearing the night dress, he explains how she forcefully made him drink water after which he went to sleep, Preeta asks the driver to stop the car as she would explain to him about what had really happened.

Shristhi is really enjoying the weather and exclaims that it is really romantic and beautiful, the driver responds that she should wait for some time as it would start to snow really soon, Shristhi says to Sameer how she wishes that they should live in Manali as it is really romantic. Sameer starts laughing, Shristhi asks him to inform her however he mentions that it is nothing, she threatens to get out of the car if he doesnot tell her, Sameer says that she is really treacherous however Shristhi says that she is a simple girl then Sameer mentions how she teased Karan and he got really tensed, Shrishti explains that it is not that simple and she desired to know something from them and it was that she wanted to know if something had happened amongst them both and if the honeymoon was successful, however but because of Sherlin and Mahira they both were not able to spent any time, Shrishti mentions that they do not understand what she has to say and she mentions how she doesnot want him to always be the first to take any step, Sameer inquires if she is indirectly proposing him, she gets mad and then they get pushed forward when the car hits a bum, Shristhi explains how she doesnot want anyone to propose her in the car, they start the ride once again.

Preeta and Karan come out of the car, Karan feels that she might wish to have romance with him, Preeta tells him Mahira desired to spend honeymoon with him and he also said that she forced him to drink the water and drugged him so he slept, Preeta explains that Mahira purposefully drugged him and desired to have the honeymoon with him however she protected him and did not let it happen, Karan refuses to believe her saying that she is making a story and it never happened, Preeta asserts that she saved him and is not making any story as it Is the reality, then karan refuses to believe it which angers Preeta who says that she only did everything to save him from the plan of Mahira however she would never save him again and tries to leave, karan pulls her back mentioning that he wants her to save him from every girl there is out there, then Preeta explains how she is glad Karan believed her, they both then get into the car and leave.

Karina along with Sherlin and Mahira reach the house, Karina exclaims that she doesnot know what might happen as if Preeta has told Rakhi then she would not be able to see them from her anger, Rakhi is with the telephone operator asking about why there is no connectivity in their house, she welcome them all in, then explains how she could not understand why they did everything, Karina along with Sherlin and Mahira get tensed, Rakhi inquires from Sherlin about her health then asks her to rest for some time, she also turns to Mahira appreciating how she is glad that Sherlin was with her as she has taken care of her before finally turning to Karina she exclaims that Karina has always taken care of Sherlin even when she is actually her mother in law. Rakhi then leaves to make a drink for Sherlin before ordering Ganesh to take the operator on the terrace when he comes tomorrow.

Karina asks Ganesh to have a look as she thinks that the wire is broken so he can mend it if he is able to, Karina explains to Mahira how she is the one to cut the wire otherwise her family would have also come to Manali just like her mother.

Karan and Preeta are in the car when Preeta exclaim how she has missed the locality when she travels to some other town however karan responds how he only missed his bed, Preeta calls for his pink pillow, hearing this Karan asks her to not say it out loud because it is his secret, he then asks the driver to stop the car.

Karan calls Kritika explaining how he feels that her finance is with someone else and then she is shocked to see that he is actually behind her, Karan meets with Akshay exclaiming how he thinks that Akshay doesnot want to marry her, Kritika is glad to see him, Karan asks when did he come back from Dubai at which Akshay says that he feels it is most opportune as now he would be able to marry Kritika because he fears that she might leave him otherwise so he would bring his parents to their house the next day after which they all leave for their house.

Shristhi thanks Sameer for dropping her off at which Sameer mentions that he would drop her anytime she desires, then Sarla and Janki come out, Janki starts scolding her for not telling them before she left and they do not listen to anything she has to say before Sameer comes in to give her the mobile, Sameer asks them to not scold her because it is because of her mind tatt they were able to save Preeta and Karan. Shristhi then explains the entire situation after which Sarla praises her then Sameer leaves them, Sarla immediately calls her and they both hug each other.

Karina is really tensed, Mahira asks what has happened to which she explains how she is worried what would happen if Preeta tells the truth to Rakhi and it would ruin everything, Mahira explains how she feels that no one knows of her involvement in the plan, Karina inquires what she should d of Sameer as when they left for Manali she told everyone that they were in the rooms and should not be disturbed but knows Sameer would have gone to check for them and when he came to know that they were not in the room then would have informed Preeta so they would have come to know that she has lied, she decides to call her however Preeta doesnot answer the call which worries her then they see Kritika also coming with Karan and Preeta.

Karan and Preeta return home. Karina welcomes Karan. Karan smiles that her naughty daughter Kritika was with Akshay. Preeta mentions Karina called her. Karina says she wanted to ask about their arrival. Rakhi comes to meet the couple. She says she wished they had stayed longer in Manali, but also missing them. Preeta asks Kritika if she will tell them, or they should. She shares with the family that Akshay is back from Dubai forever, and wants to marry now. Tomorrow morning, he is coming with his family. Karina was excited to arrange the best for Kritika. Rakhi says now Preeta is also a part of their wedding preps. Preeta offers to arrange everything for her wedding. Karina offers a jewelers, Preeta also knew a jeweler who sells antiques. Karina thanks Preeta for thinking about Kritika. Everyone wonders where the sun rises from. Karan jokes, from Manali, where he was.

Sherlin speaks to Rishab on phone and was annoyed. Mahira was upset and says it feels she should not have gone to Manali. She chose the wrong way to get close to Karan. Everyone else is behaving like a family here, and here she is alone. Sherlin says Rakhi always behaved nicely to Preeta and Kritika was always her friends. Sherlin clears to Mahira that Rakhi wants to be in everyone’s good books and keep herself away from any plannings; her attitude towards Preeta is only because of this.

In the room, Karan teases Preeta by turning the lights on and off. Preeta was making a to-do list. She says it is about wedding preparations. Karan says it is a normal preparations, caterers, decorators… Preeta vowed to make Kritika’s wedding the best and most memorable. Karan comes close to Preeta and says, I am proud of you. He then says he will tell the family about Mahira’s story. Preeta forbids him, as everyone is happy, and they must not ruin it. And the one who matters the most for her knows about it already. Karan agrees. She goes out of the room, as Karan would not let her do any work. Karan thinks he must do something about Mahira.

Kritika gets a call from Akshay. He inquires how she is. He says he did not want to say it, but there is someone he can not live without, and always dreams of. Today, he wants to tell her that he loves her dearly. He is extremely lucky to have her in his life. He is guilty of delaying the marriage, but he cannot wait anymore. He wants to marry her as soon as possible. He apologizes for misbehaving with her in the past. He is sorry for all this and was thankful to her for lending him another chance. Kritika says when he has realized his mistakes, then they should both forget about it. Akshay promises to fill her life with happiness now. Kritika requests him to come earlier tomorrow. Akshay was hopeful of a new and happy life ahead.

The next morning, Preeta and Rakhi had prepared to receive Akshay and his family. Kritika was excited as the guests arrive. Preeta welcomes Akshay and his mother. Karan meets Akshay. Rakhi introduces them to Mahira, her friends’s daughter who came to stay here for a few days. Rakhi inquires about Akshay’s father. Preeta goes to serve tea. Sherlin also turns to leave but Mahira stops her and says she is pregnant; she must take some rest. Akshay’s mother congratulates everyone for the news. Preeta serves tea and sweets for the guests.

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