This is Fate Saturday Update 21 November 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 21 November 2020

Prithvi in anger turns towards Sarla inquiring why did she slap him because he said all those things, but is not by choice and he only has informed her about what the people would say about Preeta but even still if she wants to slap him then she can, she asks him to stop and slap himself after leaving the

house as there was a time when he was the become a member of their family but now it will never happen and even if god came to say those things about Preeta she would not listen to even him, Sarla orders that he leave the house and go where ever he desires.
Prithvi comes back saying that she can hit him if she likes but if she is asking him to leave then has she accepted the marriage of Preeta with Karan then he will leave the house without saying any word, Sarla starts to think of when Preeta was married with karan the first time and she asked her to take out the clothes of her marriage, he is talking with her when Janki comes saying that he must leave otherwise she will force him to leave, she takes his hand but he tries to break free and in this struggle Janki hits her head against the door, Sarla gets mad at him, he goes to try and see if Janki is hurt, Sarla takes his hand throwing him out of the house, he also leaves but is really frustrated.
Sarla sits on the couch and the door opens, Janki exclaims that this means that some sort of hurricane is coming their way so she will close the door, Sarla asks the she let it remain open as they must let the hurricane come their way as they have to face it.
Rakhi comes to sit with Mahesh exclaiming that she thinks that what she ahs done is right, as she told Preeta to leave the house even when she knows that Preeta has done the right thing as she married

her husband but even she then she told Preeta to leave because she knows that everyone in her family is against her and she cannot see tears in the eyes of Preeta, she pleads with Mahesh to wake up as she really needs him because she is left alone in this world, Karina sees her then coming mentions that why is she saying like this as her entire family is standing beside her, Karina also exclaims that she thought that Rakhi was always weak but what she has done with Preeta after the wedding proves that she is really strong, Karina mentions that Preeta has really strong will to marry Karan in disguise, Rakhi is not able to hear her words and leaves the room mentioning that she has to go to karan.
Sarla is siting in the house, Janki asks her if she is thinking about what Prithvi said as she should not worry because he has the habit of saying things after really exaggerating them which they should not hear. They are waiting when Preeta and Shrishti come outside the house, Shrishti asks Preeta to tidy herself and then enter, they enter the house and Sarla is shocked to see her, Shrishti mentions that Preeta has been married to Karan but Janki says that they both know about it, Sarla orders that she get out of her house because she has deceived Sarla’s trust.
Karan is sitting in his room, he breaks the glass with his hand and is drinking, Rakhi asks him to stop because she doesnot want him to drink when he is sad or frustrated, she says that she knows he has something to tell her which he should share, Karan says that he just wants to remain alone for some time, Rakhi then leaves the room.
Sarla shouts at her ordering that she leaves the house. Janki asks what she is saying, Sarla says that it is between her and Preeta so she should not speak in between. Sarla says that the last time they were the ones who were deceived as karan married in disguise assuring that her will take care of her as he loves her but what did he do, he left her in the middle of the night and she came, Sarla mentions that she never said anything to her because she knew it was karan who was wrong however this time she has married him with her own conscious knowing how they would scold and make fun of her before throwing her out of the house. Sarla asks why did she do it when she promised that she would only watch the wedding and has she no self-confidence because she always comes back after being scolded, Shrishti asks Sarla to not talk like this to Preeta, Sarla again scolds her and is about to lock her in the room, Shrishti exclaims that they are not children then Sarla says that this means that she is the one who is wrong, Preeta says that she is right and it is her fault as she has given them such good habits that they were forced to do something as she came to know that Sherlin and Maira were planning to kill Mahesh Luthra and it was Sherlin who got Rishab kidnapped so how could she not do anything, Sarla mentions that she is right and would have come to know that it was Sherlin and Maira then why did she not tell anyone from the family, it is not her responsibility to take care of them even when they do not want her help.

Sarla says that she came to know that Maira and Sherlin were planning to kill Mahesh then why did she not tell the family members and why did she got married, Preeta explains that she tried to tell them and wanted to say to at least Karan that they both were planning it all but she knew that no one in the family would believe her, Sarla takes her hand saying that she knew that they would not believe her and do not listen to her, still she does what Sarla stops her from doing and that she married the boy of the same family who refuse to accept her sacrifices, she asks her why does she do it after knowing that would only scold and threaten her still she refuses to accept her decision and has married karan, Sarla exclaims that she doesnot have any place for Preeta In her house so she should leave, Janki exclaims that Sarla should not do this as she is not that kind of a mother, Sarla stops her mentioning that she should not talk between herself and her daughter and if she is so worried then she should leave her house with Preeta, all of them are shocked at her decision.
Sherlin mentions that she is happy that both the Aurora sisters had such a long face, Maira exclaims that she wants to see them both in pain as they have ruined her wedding and she would only be the one to marry Karan, Sherlin exclaims that she should ask Karan for this as he is the sole deciding authority, Maira also apologizes to Sherlin however Sherlin mentions that she would only accept her apology if she promises that she w9ould never talk to her like this ever again, Maira promises that she would always stand by Sherlin, they both plan on what they should do next.
Shrishti is pleading with Sarla to not do anything like this as she cannot live without her mother, Preeta has always listened to each and every order of Sarla, she always does what is ordered to do by her mother, still Sarla believes that she has the right to always scold them and so she cannot throw Preeta out of the house, Sarla mentions that she will show them, taking the hand of Preeta she throws her out of the house, Shrishti asks what has she done as she cannot treat them like a child even in this century, Sarla slaps her hard ordering that she not talk in between, Sarla exclaims that she is their mother and even if they get fifty years old they would still remain their child so she must not talk in between, and the reason she threw Preeta out of the house was because she has not made a mistake but has committed a sin which cannot be accepted, Janki asks how can she still do this, Sarla responds that how can she accept what Preeta has done and she has the right to do it so she will punish Preeta for marrying karan and she will not come into her house, she orders that no one will talk about it anymore as Preeta would not come into her house.
Prithvi is in his room and he burns the photo of Karan, exclaiming that Karan did what he said and now he would do what he desires, he was once again ruined by his brother but he sent Sherlin who is to become the mother of his child and now he has taken his love from him Preeta jee so he would take the revenge from him and he would take all the money and fame that he has including his wife Preeta jee from him and it is the promise of Prithvi Malhotra.

Shrishti says that she would show her what she can do, she runs to her room, Preeta is about to step into the house but stops when Sarla looks at her, Shrishti brings the suitcase and starts putting the clothes mentioning that she would not live in the house where her sister is not given the respect, she also asks if Janki would come with her but then they both leave saying that they don’t need anyone except themselves, they both are crying, Sarla also starts crying, they both hearing her cry runs to the house, Sarla is crying and calls Preeta they all hug each other and take out their misery while crying.
Sherlin is taking out the wine in the glass, Maira asks what she is doing, Sherlin mentions that it is the time of celebration as now she will get married to Karan and Preeta would also not be able to come back to the house, Maira asks that why is she so happy because she has still not been able to marry karan. Sherlin exclaims that she has a plan and she should come to the room of Dadi when she goes in after some time.
Dadi mentions that she is happy now that Rakhi has also accepted the fact that Preeta should not come into the house, they all are still worried as Maira is not able to marry Karan, Karina mentions that now everything would be alright but then Sherlin comes in, she mentions that Maira is broken just like she was when Preeta tried to stop her marriage with Rishab jee, she mentions that she had a hard time in stopping anything wrong happening to her, Maira walks past the room Dadi calls her mentioning that she would be the only one to marry Karan and it would be announced the very next day. Karina also says that she came to their house to pursue her dream at the same time karan was being humiliated in the media, so she accepted to marry her just as Karina asked her.
Sarla apologizes to Preeta for being so rude and mentions that they both are all that she has so she should never do anything that would ruin her reputation as that is all one has and if she lets anyone destroy it then they would keep humiliating her, Sarla says that she has faced a lot of struggles in life with strength and she came back just after listening to some comments from Maira and Sherlin, she should not be that weak as her mission is a lot bigger.

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