This Is Fate Saturday Update 2 October 2021


This Is Fate Saturday Update 2 October 2021

Karina turns to Preeta asking if she is happy because this is what she and her mother always desired, Karina says that even her mother said a lot of things to Rakhi because of which she had asked Maira to leave which she could not bear and attempted a suicide, she exclaims that it is becuyase of her that Karan might go to jail, this is because of her, they all are really worried when the nurse says that Maira has regained consciousness.

They all try to enter the room but Ramona stops them explaining that she fears for the life of her daughter so would not allow them to meet Maira alone as they might try to intimidate her so that she changes her statement, the police inspector agrees saying that they can only meet Maira in their presence.
Prithvi exclaims Sherlin has performed brilliantly because when she acted to fall he was saved and this caused her to hurt her ankle, Rishab comes with a wheelchair then asks if she is hurting, Rishab orders Prithvi to bring a painkiller so as to reduce the pain, Prithvi worries as he doesnot have any professional medical skills so what should he do, he prepares an injection then asks Rishab to take it as this is reverse psychology so if he gets the injection his wife would feel better, however Rishab gets frustrated demanding what kind of a person is he, Kartika comes asking Rishab to come with her as Maira hs woken up.
Prithvi says that Sherlin has helped him a lot, she explains that because of his actions she would once become a killer, she gets up saying that she should have to go to Maira, they are standing when the doctor arrives asking who they are as the cabin belongs to him.
The entire Luthra family enter the room, the inspector asks Maira what has happened because she has attempted suicide which a severe crime, she demands Maira to tell the truth to inspector, Maira exclaims that her mother might be mistaken and she has not done this becuase of the Luthra’s, the inspector warns her that if she doesnot take the name of the real culprit they would arrest her under a criminal offense.

Ramona pleads with Maira to stop protecting Karan because when she was fighting between life and death, she was fighting the Luthra’s so she should stop protecting him because he has ruined her life, Maira however says that she cannot do this as she loves Karan and would never do anything like this, Ramona exclaims that who would she choose between her mother or karan, Maira answers that she would always choose karan over anyone else, Ramona loses herself exclaiming that she would not take back Maira because if she wants to stay with the Luthra’s then should stay with them as she is no longer her daughter and should now call Luthra’s as her own family, she takes Maira’s hand and they both remember how they planned to get into the Luthra family because there was no other way, Maira exclaims that she has planned everything and all that happened is because of her, Ramona steps out of the room and is rejoicing, Prithvi is amazed to see that she has played a game with Luthra’s he starts following her but then is shocked to see that she has hired a person to make sure the Luthra family doesnot know anything.
Ramona is in the room where she meets the person who misguided Preeta so that she is not able to meet the doctor, he exclaims that he has taken care of everything even when he is not an employee of the hospital, Ramona orders him to talk in a low voice because anyone can hear them and also that he doesnot know her or Maira.
Prithvi comes out from behind the wall, exclaiming that they both have played a game as everyone now believes that she is really hurt but Maira is not that hurt and it is just a small injury which would heal soon. He exclaims that they can hide it from everyone but not him because he knows everything.

Maira mentions that because of them her mother has left her, she exclaims that she doesnot want that her mother gets tensed so they should leave her in a shelter because she no longer has a house, it would have been better that she should die because no one is there for her but what is stopping her as she can die even now, Karina exclaims that she should not worry as she along with her family would take her.
Prithvi thinks that he is impressed with the acting of Maira because she has performed brillaintely and made sure that everyone believes her and is sure that there is nothing wrong.\
Karina exclaims that she should not worry as they are also her family, she would come with them to the Luthra house, hearing which everyone is shocked but Maira is happy as she has finally achieved what she desired.
Preeta is in the house, she takes care of Mahesh, sitting with him she exclaims that he is fit and doesnot have any injury still he doesnot want to give them any good news because he is really stubborn so must now wake up as they all are really waiting for him. she gets a call from Sarla, she exclaims that he has been saved from her scolding because of her mother, Sarla asks if Preeta knows where Shrishti is because when she woke up Shrishti was no where to be found so does she know anything about her, Preeta mentions that she shohld not worry because Shrishti is not a child anymore, Sarla exclaims that she is her mother so how can she not worry about her. Sarla asks how her function went.
Preeta mentions that her function was going as planned but then Maira came and attempted suicide however they saved her and she even did not file any allegation against Karan as if she had done this then they would not have bee able to save Karan from going into jail, Sarla says that she doesnot know if she should be happy or worry about her daughter but is glad that nothing wrong has happened to Karan. She then ends the call.

Rishab takes Karina into an other room where he inquires why does she always think that he is wrong because whatever she does is for the betterment of his family then why does she always think he is wrong because he is not stupid, then Dadi also comes asking what has happened, Karina gets mad saying that he is trying to blame her.
Preeta gets a call from Janki, she knows that Janki called her because she could not say anything infront of Sarla, Janki then starts explaining that she knows what Maira is trying to do and should never let Maira come into her house as if she enters her house then would ruin her relation with Karan so should not let anything wrong happen with her.
Dadi orders Rishab to explain what he means, he mentions that she should not have asked Maira to come with them as it would ruin their relation as it is not right to keep both Maira and Preeta in the same house, Rishab doesnot understand why they are taking her side, Dadi mentions that if her father comes he would ruin everything, Rishab asks why is she asking him to fear the father of someone else because he cannot do this.
Preeta tries to explain that nothing wrong would happen as she would make sure that Maira is not able to do anything wrong with them, Janki is worried so explains that she should make sure that she is strong in her own house and should face Maira.
Karina orders Rishab that she would not leave Maira in this condition because she needs them which is why they cannot leave her like this, Dadi even says that she would explain everything to Rakhi on their way back to the house so he must not worry.

Preeta advises that Janki should not worry about her as she knows that Maira would not be able to stay in their house as everyone has even asked her to leave so she would not be able to stay in their house for much longer.
Sherlin also comes explaining to Karan that she now knows that Maira is in love with him as she has tried to give her own life when she was not able to marry her, Maira also comes exclaiming that she will not go with them if karan doesnot desire, she then acts as if she is dizzy so karan makes her sit and even provides her water, he explains that she would go with them to their house as she is his best friend, Maira hugs him thinking that very soon he will call her his love because she would snatch the place from Preeta.