This is Fate Saturday Update 19 September 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 19 September 2020

Karan and Rishab are walking in the hall, Rishab sees Sarla arriving and hides while karan bumps int a girl so he starts to help her, Sarla stops while trying to call someone but there is no answer, karan also stands up right next to her, Rishab in an attempt to save him pulls his hand and they both are relieved but just when they are blessing their luck the vendor calls them saying that there is yet another bag for them,

Sarla looks to see who they are but their faces are turned, she gets suspicious about who they are but leaves them, Rishab immediately goes to take the parcel after which they both head in the hall.
Preeta is walking and stops Shrishti, she asks why was she listening to their conversation as he would think that it looks really bad, Shrishti explains that she will explain why she was there, then she says that she made a video of his confession so that he does not pressurize them, she will show Sarla the video if she thinks that Prithvi is the one who ended the marriage so they can explain that it was her idea as she never wanted to marry Prithvi, Preeta asks for the second reason, Shrishti explains that it is so that they can blackmail Prithvi if he refuses to back out.
Sarla is at the market, the vendor asks the reason she is not in her hall, Sarla explains that she is aware of the fact but leaves as soon as she sees Sherlin, who runs after her exclaiming that she should enjoy in the weddings that are arranged in her hall as her daughter will never gte married herself because time is not supporting her, as Preeta got married to karan and he took her with him but she came back in the middle of the night when she was left stranded, Sarla says that she knows Sherlin is someone who does not have any respect and is really stupid,

 she says that she does not even want to ruin her mood by talking with her, Sherlin again taunts her by saying that she has kept Preeta in her house like someone who is not married, Sherlin asks what happened and she says that she feels bad for her as her daughter will never get married, Sarla exclaims that her daughter is getting married to someone who is really nice and was chosen by her, Sherlin explains that she should think twice as the last time when she tried to marry Prithvi to Preeta, it was never happened, Sarla exclaims that she stands by her words and is marrying Preeta to Prithvi, Sherlin is not able to believe it so Sarla exclaims that she should believe it as Prithvi is really a nice person so she should leave as everyone would be waiting for her and leaves, while Sherlin is left confused.
Prithvi is really relieved to know that everything is going smooth and there is no hindrance in his marriage, as he made sure that everyone who is against him is busy in their own problems, he made karan tie his know with Maira while Rishab is already married to Sherlin so there is no hindrance in his marriage and now things will happen according his plans, Shrishti suddenly drops her phone, Prithvi picks it up asking why she is still in contact with Sameer as it was his family who ruined their happiness yet she is still talking with them so she should not have any sort on contact with them as it will be really bad for her.
Prithvi gets a message from Sherlin who asks him where she is as she has come back to Mumbai because she got in a fight with her friend, Prithvi gets really tensed which Shrishti a is able to see.
Karan and Rishab are walking in the hall when they hide, Karan asks what the matter is, Rishab explains that Bi jee is sitting in the hall but karan is overconfident that she will never take his side as he left Preeta so she would never be with him, Rishab advises that he should think with a cool head as there are a lot of problems, so they both hide their faces.
Shrishti asks what happened and why is he so tensed, she tries to take the phone but he says that it is the notification of batter low so he has to charge the phone, Shrishti leaves after him, both karan and Rishab are having great difficulty in going past the guests, the Pandit recognizes that it is him but he leaves after explaining that he would be some twin.
Shrishti asks Prithvi who it was but he explains that it was the bill payment notification, She leaves but then turns asking if he would remain true to his word, Prithvi does not understand then she explains that she is talking off the promise to backout from the marriage, Prithvi explains that he had no idea she knew about it, Shrishti responds that they both are sisters so share a lot of their secrets, she therefor wants to know if he will fulfil them, he assures that he will do all that he has promised so she should not worry, he explains that it is only because of Preeta and the respect he has for her, Shrishti mentions that she knows he loves her a lot otherwise why would he opt for a second marriage when it leads to his embrassement, so she feels that Preeta or any girl wants to stay with him, she explains that she has a video of him, Prithvi is left confused wondering if it is a video with Sherlin.

Shristi asks why did he get so shocked because he is the groom, the video shows him saying that he will back out of the wedding and that the only reason he accepted the proposal was because he never wanted to hurt the feelings of Sarla , she also explains that she will show him the video then she opens the clip where Prithvi is explaining that he cannot refuse to Preeta and the only reason he accepted the proposal was to keep Sarla happy but now he will back out so that he can keep Preeta happy, Shrishti then takes back the phone, she sits on the couch, she taunts him by saying that the video was made as a proof so that she can make him realize his true promise if he breaks it, she wishes that he fulfills the promise, Prithvi sitting with her assures that he would have fulfilled his promise even if she had not made the video as she knows the reason that he really respects Preeta so he will make sure that he fulfills any promise made to Preeta and so will back out from the wedding, Srhristhi mentions that he is too good to be true as she fears that the way he is talking is just a presentation as she feels he is thinking something else, she feels he is really not as good as he seems, Prithvi responds that it is just the matter of thinking, he feels that she thinks bad of him but he does not have any sort of feelings and if all of the girls and boys think like the both of them then there would be no difference, however she is thinking wrong and he wants to explain that he is really a nice guy so she should trust him, she answers that his honesty will be depicted when he backs out from the wedding, she leaves wishing him luck in the mission which he has to fulfill,
Prithvi exclaims that she has said the truth and he is not as he seems, he will show her what he can really do and he will make her ready for the insult which he has just beared, he will teach her a lesson which she will never forget till the end of her life and will also have guilt on who has she messed with, she thinks that he will back out on the basis of a video but he will marry Preeta no matter the circumstances, she just has to wait and watch, she will have nothing to say when her mother will be on the death bed which will force Preeta to beg him for the wedding which will make Preeta his wife, he will make sure that the things happen according to his plans and nothing else should happen.
Dadi and Maira come to the wedding where karina is supervising the decorations, she asks how was the Pooja , maira explains that she felt that bhagwan was giving the blessing, karina asks about karan upon which Maira mother explains that they did not of him as he also did not come to the Pooja , Rakhi asks if he is also not at home, Kartika explains that Rishab is also not at home so they should have gone together, Karina things that it is strange as they never go together and did not say anything to them, Rakhi remembers that Prithvi came to invite them for his wedding which made karan furious, Rakhi explains that they never do anything without teckling them but it is her fault that she has forgotten it so she will come back as soon as possible after which she leaves. Karina asks ramona and dadi to take nap as they will be tired till that time she will finalize the arrangements. Karina also advises that maira take some rest so that she can remain fresh till the function is completed,
Kartika asks maria to come, maira pulls her by her hand asking where Karan is Kartika explains that she mentioned he was with Rishab but she does not know where they both have gone, she insists to take her to the room but Maira thinks that they should talk with karan on a video call as he would like it, Kartika explains that he is not a child and would come to know that they behave called to know where he is and what he is doing, Maira does not understand what she is saying, kartika advises maira to not move forward with her plan, Maira insists that they should call with her phone, kartika asks her to call with her own phone and not her, Mayra gets angry so leaves the room. Rakhi comes thinking that karan might have gone to stop Preeta’s wedding as it is not right.

Prithvi prepares the water for Sarla, he thinks that she said she would soon come and he has to make her drink the water which will cause her immense pain, he praises himself for his intelligence as none can match him which is to make anyone fall in his trap, he advises that she should drink to test the water as he feels that there is something wrong, he forces her so she takes it but is confident that iut is okay however he asks her to drink a little more, then she still feels that it is not the case, she asks if he had something to eat then he thinks that she had eaten the chutney which caused the bitter taste, she says that he sat on the little bench but they have prepared for a more comfortable bench if he wants to, he however says that he is really happy to know that she care for him but there is no need, when she leaves he thinks that she rank the entire bottle and theis will casuse her pain but it will give Preeta and Himself the blessings of a lifetime.
Karan and Rishab jump into Shrishti and drop hear phone, she rans after him and the Rishab seeing calls to stop her, she picks it up then he tries to mislead her asking that she come aside and talk with him, he then thinks that he loves karan a lot and can do anything for him, he asks Shristi that he will talk to her later.
Prithvi is getting ready in his room, Karan comes to him asking why he is so happy, then they both have a heated argument, Prithvi asks if he again came to stop his wedding Karan explains that he came to make sure that he came to explain that he refuses to marry preeta and back out from the wedding. Prithvi laughs saying that it cannot happen as he got vary late because he should have said it the same day when he came to invite them to his wedding and the wedding will happen as planned, karan says that even god wants that both Preeta and himself get married so he should to worry for anything as it has gotten very late.
Karan asks would he have refused to marry when he came to invite them, prithvi says that he would have not even listened to him even them because he wanted to marry her but Karan was confused which caused problems, he even caused embarassment for his family, karan pushes him by his neck saying that he is always saying bullshit, Prithvi feels really excited after seeing karan in pain, saying that nothing can happen now, karan explains that they have gott married, Prithvi responds then why does Preeta wants to marry her even when he is the wife of Karan, Prithvi says that it is because she is a nice girl and would marry him.
Karan warns that he stay out of the matter, prithvi makes him realize that he refused to accept Preeta as his wife, then why did he announce that Maira was to get engaged with him, this proved to be really beneficial for him sarla wanted that he marry preeta because it would be a punishment for Karan, he is really happy that he would get the chance to make karan pay for what he did.
Prithvi refused to back out form the wedding, karan vows to do what he can to stop the wedding, he wanrs that karan should do whatever he likes but Prithvi will not back out and seen preeta is unaware of his plans so that means that they will get married no matter the situation.
Karan is also confident that he will be able to stop his wedding with preeta, he vows to do everything in his power to stop the wedding.

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