This is Fate Saturday Update 18 July 2020


This is Fate Saturday Update 18 July 2020

18th July 2020 Saturday Update on This is Fate update: Sherlin comes to the corridor angrily. Prithvi comes behind. Sherlin calls Prithvi useless, Shrishti and Tanvi indulged in a fake fight and Karan took advantage of it; but Prithvi only stood there as a Devdas. She says Prithvi’s heart beats only for Preeta, right. Prithvi says it beats only for Sherlin, the day it stops beating for Sherlin’ he would die. Sherlin wasn’t impressed by the dialogue. She sends Prithvi to go and check Preeta, she shouldn’t now reach as soon as the Mandap is fixed.

This is Fate Friday Update 17 July 2020

In the room, Preeta thinks she can’t jump off the window. She has a height phobia. She wonders what she must do to save her mother and Rakhi. She hears some goons outside, safeguarding the room. Preeta finds a voice recorder. She decides to record her voice in the player, the goons would then not

doubt her presence. She plays the recording. Prithvi had reached outside the room, wears a mask and goes inside. Preeta was about to jump off the window. Prithvi comes inside. Preeta thinks she must do something so that they lock her again. She will later jump off. Prithvi leaves after locking Preeta.
In the wedding hall, Dadi sat with Bee ji. Dadi asks Bee ji if she believes in good or bad omen. Bee ji says she does. Today, Rishab’s wedding was broken, and stopped; even the Mandap was broken. May be its God’s signal that this wedding shouldn’t take place. Dadi says she isn’t serious. Kareena sends Sanjana upstairs to take care of Sherlin. Kareena now asks Rakhi why Preeta didn’t come to the wedding. Preeta must have made Shrishti ruin Rishab’s wedding. Rakhi asks why Kareena is always behind Preeta. Why Preeta stop Rishab would wedding. She could have thought about Preeta and Karan, but never Rishab. Mahesh heard everything. He calls Rakhi to herself.

Preeta jumps off the window. Sanjana comes to Sherlin. Sherlin was hysterically tensed. She utters all about Sarla and Preeta in front of Sanjana and says she did a lot to marry Rishab. This wedding must take place at any cost. Sanjana was tensed after hearing all this. She panics what if Preeta returns to the wedding. Sherlin shouts at her mother to stop it, she is already tensed. Preeta can’t reach here until the wedding is complete. She composes herself and thanks her mother; she now feels better. She forbids Sanjana to get anywhere near Rakhi, but she can’t tell why.

Prithvi was happy in the hall downstairs. The guard asks Prithvi why he seems happy. Prithvi asks why he is jealous. He takes the guard along and asks him to keep an eye over Karan Luthra in the Luthra house. Preeta comes running on the road. She stops by a stall and requests a phone from the vendor. She couldn’t recall the number, then regrets not remembering it. She curses herself of being useless, and decides to save her mother, then protect Rakhi from the bomb. She must first go to Luthra house, protect Rakhi and then Sarla. Till then she must protect herself from Sherlin’s eyes by then. A man comes to take his bike off. Preeta requests the man for a lift to Bandra house.

Kareena was looking for the arrangements of Mandap.
Karan, Tanvi, Sameer and Shrishti stood upstairs. Karan was annoyed with Preeta and wonders why he had given such a huge responsibility to Preeta. Shrishti defends her sister to be responsible. Rishab calls Karan downstairs.
Prithvi fakes being on call. He comes to see and cheer up at the paced up decoration of the Mandap.
In the backyard, Rishab asks Karan if he doesn’t like Sherlin, that’s why he broke the Mandap. Karan asks if Rishab has understood. Rishab asks what if he marries Preeta, and not Sherlin. He insists that Karan also dislikes Preeta. Karan tells Sherlin to stop discussing Preeta because Preeta is special. Rishab insists that like Karan didn’t like Preeta earlier but now likes her, he would begin to like Sherlin as well.


 She wants to marry in a good house. Karan shouts at Rishab to back out from this wedding, Sherlin isn’t a nice girl. She is pregnant. Rishab counters Karan to stop this, he must behave literate and sensitive. Karan insists he has proofs, Sherlin isn’t a nice girl, and she has an ambition. Rishab wasn’t ready to understand anything and leaves.
Dadi and Bee ji sat together. Bee ji tries to ask Dadi if she really likes Sherlin. Dadi replies she does. Bee ji asks for some water. Dadi stops a man and requests them bring a drink. She asks Bee ji is she is worried because of Preeta.
Preeta reaches Luthra house. She notices Sherlin’s men were scattered all around the hall and entrance and instead jumps through a window. She thinks she must reach Karan and has to do a lot, without Sherlin knowing about her. She thinks of an idea and takes a saree from the wardrobe of the room.
Karan comes to the hall and thinks no matter what Rishab says or does, he can’t let him marry Sherlin. He will stop the wedding, even if Preeta can’t reach him. Preeta comes to the hall, she thinks Karan looks upset and what if he shouts at her for not bringing the report. But she has to speak to Karan at any cost. She reaches behind Karan. Before she could speak, Sherlin comes to speak to Karan. Karan angrily tells Sherlin to wait, he is busy. Preeta was silent and doesn’t speak. She then changes her voice and asks to take a selfie with her. Karan insists on her to remove the veil, but Preeta leaves as she forgot her cell phone. Sherlin now asks Karan about Rishab, he called and wanted to meet her. Karan tells her to find herself. There, Preeta spot that Karan was being followed. She decides to go to Rakhi and save her from the bomb on her own.

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