This is Fate Saturday Update 15 August 2020 Prithvi plans to stop the wedding


This is Fate Saturday Update 15 August 2020 Prithvi plans to stop the wedding

The wedding continuous, Shrishti is wondering why Samer is so happy with Prithvi marrying Preeta. This is because he did not even like him so why is he happy at him marrying Preeta. She asks him why he is so happy at the marriage

This is Fate Friday Update 14 August 2020

he explains that it is all fake as he has to show that he is happy, she does not believe him asking the real reason for him being happy, she starts to inquire him but he asks that she stop this interrogation as he does not like it at all, he explains that it is because of her as he likes being with her, he thinks of leaving as otherwise she will come to know the truth. Samer bumps into Prithvi not knowing who it is. Prithvi quickly leaves after apologizing to Karan, he sees the ceremony from behind the mandap, thinking what Shrishti said to him that he is someone else and should not marry Preeta, he thinks of marrying Preeta under any circumstances, Prithvi is waiting for his men then thinks that he might have gone somewhere else, he sees his men coming, then asks him where he was, he apologizes to him then Prithvi leaves after taking the parcel, Prithvi is walking then seeing Karan thinks that he wants to make him paralyze but has something else planned.
Rishab is sitting beside Mahesh, he says that he will do all that is possible to save his family, he mentions that he is aware Mahesh went to meet Preeta but he was insulted and that is why his family has gone into such conditions, he knows this, and also that Preeta has no value in their life and they are very happy even when she is not with them, he pleads with Mahesh to respond as he did with her name, Rishab mentions that Prithvi is not a good person and that he knows he is a fraud.
Mahesh is starting to wake up, Rishab is anxiously asking him say something and tell the truth, Mahesh says that Prithvi has done something, he is murmuring that Prithvi was behind the accident, Rishab asks him to not worry as he is with him at all times, Rishab says that he is with him at their own house and he will not let anything happen to him as he has also called the doctor.


Prithvi reaches the corridor then is looking for his men, when they meet he ask why did he come like this and not in disguise, Raga answers that they do not know him, Janki guides and hear their conversation from behind, she sees that he is dressed like a waiter which will make it impossible from anyone to recognize him. Prithvi orders him to bring two of his men as he is going to need them, he thinks that these preparations will be enough for him to end the wedding, Janki hears this then vows to stop him.
Rishab is with Mahesh he think that Prithvi is the one who has done this to his father and now he will go to destroy him, he sobs his tears then goes outside.
Sarla is looking for Prithvi’s mother, Shrishti asks why she is looking for her when Preeta also wanted her to tie the knot, Sarla explains that she is not of backward thinking yet still is worried, she turns towards Rakhi requesting her to do it as she is herself a mother, She at first is hesitant then agrees, Samer comes and is happy to see that god has gifted them as Karan’s mother is the one who is tieing the knot, both Karan and Preeta get nervous looking at each other from behind the veil, Rakhi blesses them both which makes Karan emotional, she then leaves.
Sarla asks Shrishti to go and get the flowers and the circling will begin and they would have to through flowers at them, Samer also goes after.
Kartika is coming she asks Rishab where Rakhi is, he is murmuring that he will not let Prithvi get married to Preeta, she asks him what has happened, he yells at her asking for the car keys, she gets worried calling Samer who is not there.
Shrishti enters the room she is not able to find the flowers, then angrily hits a box which causes her to fall, Samer tries to catch her but also falls then they both look into each other’s eyes in a romantic manner.
Kartika is looking for Samer but is not able to find him, she tries to call him but he is not answering she is not able to comprehend what is happening with their family members. Shrishti asks him to get off as it is not right, he apologizes but she explains that he does not have to as it is not his fault, he gets up then also helps her up, asking if she is okay, he then cleans her. Shrishti says that she is looking for the Flowers but is not able to find it then they decide to look for it.
Kartika is calling Samer when the doctor comes asking where he is as he asked him to come saying that Mahesh was regaining conscious. Dadi hears this and is overly joyed with excitement. She is about to fall but does not listen to Kartika.
Janki is following Prithvi, she wonders where he is going then thinks that he might be going to stop the wedding she plans to hit him however he feels that someone is following him, he tries to look but she hides then he walks to her and is about to find out the truth but the guests call him, he thinks of all the hardships which he has to face to get married with Preeta, they order him to get their belongings from the car to which he has to oblige.
Janki walks out thinking that she was not afraid from anyone and how could she get scared now that he is going to stop the wedding of Preeta, she vows to do all that she can to stop him from ruining her family.

Samer is walking with Shrishti, he stops her then taking off the cloth says that he did this because otherwise it would seem odd, Shrishti praises him when Bi jee comes from behind slapping her, she explains that she is very angry with her as she did not call her when Sherlin came as then she would have come to hit her but she did not call her, Shrishti mentions that a lot of things were happening so he did not get the chance and then the police also came, Bi jee thanks him saying that he was the reason that their reputation was saved. He asks her what kind of a boy she wants for Preeta then she says that she wants someone like Rishab, they are get surprised then she leaves.
Rishab turns then is stopped when a car is blocking the road, it is Ragha with his men, Rishab is constantly honking but he does not move and then Rishab gets out demanding that he move the car, when he goes to him Ragha starts to misbehave so he slaps him but then Ragha takes out a knife and is about to hit him but the police arrive and they run away.
Samer takes out his phone, he is surprised to see that Kartika has called him, he calls her asking what the matter is she explains that a lot has happened as Rishab called the doctor explaining that Mahesh was waking but instead of being happy he was angry and left murmuring saying that he will not let him marry Preeta. Samer thinks that he might have come o0t know that Karan is marrying Preeta so is trying to stop him then he must inform him, he wonders that Karan might be of no help so he must do it himself.
Prithvi is walking when he enters a room, Janki comes and is surprised to see where he has gone, then looking from the door she thinks that he is doing something wrong and has something in the box that is going to cause trouble, she decides to call Shrishti with her as she will understand, she plans to do anything to stop him from stopping the wedding.
Rishab is driving his car thinking what has happened and the reason he was not able to understand that Prithvi is a curl person, he starts to blame himself for not eliciting his brother who always believed that they were wrong, he thinks that this means Prithvi knows him from before they met Preeta as they got to know him because of them.
Preeta is sitting in the Mandap and thinking why she is only remembering Karan, Karan is wondering what is taking so long as they might not know any meaning of the Mantar so it might be better that they marry in the court.
Janki sees Prithvi’s men coming, she sees Prithvi going in the bathroom so immediately hides, then when they plan she is sitting in the wardrobe, they all leave so she steps out but Prithvi is standing in front of her, he tries to act as if she is unaware of the entire fact, he asks her why she was sitting there and what happened so he might help her, she gets tensed wondering why he is acting as he knows what she is doing in the wardrobe.

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