This is Fate Saturday Update 1 August 2020 Mahesh discover Sherlyn truth


This is Fate Saturday Update 1 August 2020 Mahesh discover Sherlyn truth

1st August 2020 Saturday update on This is fate Update: Preeta says that she wants Karan to be her friend more than lovers because in this friends are willing to die and love each other’s, Shrishti then says that this means each and every love story is because of being friends, Preeta explains that this means she is an idiot so Shrishti taunts her by saying that she will have no problem in marrying Prithvi in 4 days because he has come to their house with his entire family. Preeta gets shocked saying that she will not happen not because she loves Karan but because she is not in the state of mind of marrying anyone, Shrishti says that she should hear herself because she claimed that she loves Karan.

Sarla says that she should never say anything like this again because she cannot marry Karan, he is just a cricketer for them and a child of a reputed family, they did not believe her instead threw her out of their house, they did not trust her and even when she was kidnapped by the goons it was Preeta who came to save her, she was also drowning but it was because of the fisherman that Sherlin kept her alive. She has seen a lot of things because she has lived her life, she can face anything but cannot see that her daughters are crying, she knows that Preeta has not slept the previous night but she did not go to stop her because she wanted her to cry out everything, she warns her to not think of Preeta and Karan but rather of Prithvi and Preeta because she will not let her marry Karan, she also orders that Janki make Pakora’s of Basin.
Shrishti asks Preeta to hear what she is saying, Preeta however mentions that she should not latch onto words as everything is not meant for a situation, she should strop interrogating her because she is already nervous. Preeta asks her to come with her as then she will be able to say it, Shrishti says that she will say it herself, however Preeta stops her.
Sarla gives the snacks to Prithvi, they all are sitting when Bi jee asks him why did he bring his entire family to set the date of the wedding, he explains that he did this because the elders are able to make better decisions and also because he was scared that they might end the relation so he brought his family so that they can talk to them. Sarla wonders that it is not the right time for his family as she is broken after the event that happened in the Luthra house so she cannot marry her in such a hurry.
Shrishti asks Preeta to say that marriages happen in lifetime so she has to think of what will happen I her life, her own life is not stable so she should refuse ton marry him, if she cannot say it directly then should say that she is not ready to marry him.
Prithvi sees Preeta standing asking her to sit, she sits and greets everyone, Prithvi’s mom introduces her to everyone, his aunt says that Prithvi mentioned she is very beautiful and Prithvi also said the same thing.
Preeta says that she is not ready ton marry so early however his mother says that she wants to bring the barrat on the 3rd day and they also will have to prepare for the wedding, they do not let Preeta say anything and even their servant brings the sweets for the celebration of the wedding.

His mother force Sarla to not refuse as they all are in a hurry to take Prithvi to their own house as it will then increase their happiness, Shrishti thinks that Preeta should say it as soon as possible because if Sarla takes it then they would not be able o delay the wedding, Sarla stops Preeta and takes the sweets, she says that they came in a surprise which was shocking for them but she agrees that they should arrange the wedding as it has been a long time.

Sarla agrees that they should conduct the wedding because every mother wishes that her daughter goes to her own house, she asks them to conduct the wedding on the third day, they all bless each other on agreeing for the wedding, Janki asks Sarla how they will be able to do the arrangements in such a short period of time, she says that they have their own marriage hall, they have arranged for so many weddings and Preeta will also be conducted there, Prithvi gets up thanking Sarla for making his dreams come true, he seeks her blessings then gives to Preeta asking if she happy,
The detectives greet Mahesh as he enters, he asks where the kidnapper is, and he says that he is in the cabin. Mahesh asks if he came willingly but they say that they have kidnapped him because if they asked him to come he would not have come so they did it, Mahesh however gets worried mentioning that it is wrong, they say that they have to do it for their customers.
Kartika comes to open the door finding that it is Chachi, she enters and greets Sherlin very politely also hugging her which confuses Kartika and she leaves, Sherlin gets angry after seeing that she is still curious of her pregnancy, Chachi sees from behind and says that she will tell everyone the truth the very next day and will create a scene that will ruin the house.
Mahesh enters the room asking Raj if he knows who he is, he however denies everything that he does not know Sherlin and Preeta, Mahesh says that he has not said even a single thing and now knows that he knows he truth of Sherlin so he must now tell the entire truth.
Chachi reaches the room, she is not able to find Karan, seeing a torn photo she picks it up and is curious why is it torn, Karan comes and after seeking his blessing he says that what she is doing with this phot. She asks if he likes her, he says that he doesn’t feel anything and throws away the photo, Chachi ask him to not do this because [Preeta is a very good girl, Karan mentions that he doesn’t like her because his taste is a lot better. He leaves.

Samer is leaving when Kartika comes rushing asking him to give her the laptop, he says that he is very late for work and she can look for it herself, Sherlin seeing the opportunity taunts Kartika for her relation with her finance, she leaves followed but Samer, Tanvi seeing this gets very angry, she says that Sherlin knows very well how complicated her relation is then why is she doing this to hurt her, Sherlin taunts her by saying that she wants unwanted people ti get out from her house, Tanvi leaves.
Mahesh is questioning Raj he mentions that he will give him a lot of money to tell the truth of Sherlin with proofs because he knows that Sherlin is not suitable for his family, Raj however says that if he tells the truth regarding Sherlin then eh will kill him so the only way he will remain alive is by concealing the truth.
Prithvi’s family is very happy after finalizing the marriage, they all say how good the couple will look, they all celebrate, Prithvi receives the call from Sherlin, he goes aside and tells her that his wedding has been fixed and now they will be able to finally take their revenge. Sherlin gets really angry when he says that he is happy to marry Preeta because now his family will be complete, Sherlin gets angry, he immediately turns to say that she will be the first step of his revenge. His mother comes and when she hears that he is talking to someone mentioning that Preeta is the right choice for him, it is very appreciating that he has left Sherlin as she was really not suitable for their family, Prithvi mentions that his mother has very and timings, he immediately apologizes to Sherlin she scolds him mention that if his mother comes in front of her then she will make sure that she is not able to go anywhere.

Rishab is walking when he sees Karan, he asks where he was because he has been looking for him since the morning, he asks her why he is latching to the past he must focus on what is to come and move forward. Karan says that he still is not able to say her name with adding Jee so he must not ask Karan to forget her. When they are talking Sherlin comes asking about whom they were talking, Karan says that they were talking of Preeta because his brother is still not able to disrespect her. Sherlin tries to manipulate her by saying that he was with her when everyone was against her, she asks him to come early< Karan gets angry and leaves. Preeta opens her wardrobe she sees Karan’s posters and starts to say bad things at them, she thinks that he has wronged her to the extent that she can never forgive him, she misses him and wants to talk with him, wishing that everything be the same way as they were but now things have gotten to the extent that she cannot correct it

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