This is Fate Monday Update 8 June 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 8 June 2020

Prithvi get angry seeing this and is about to go and separate them both, Preeta gets away and asks if Rishab is okay, he says that he is absolutely fine, Karan also hugs him asking if he is okay.

This is Fate Sunday Update 7 June 2020

Prithvi thinks of what he will do if he goes to meet them all, The inspector thinks that Rishab is a family and and that is why he is so loving, he say that Rishab loves Preeta and that is why he is so happy after talking to her. Prithvi is walking thinking that they must both get away from Preeta because she only belongs to her, he accidentally knocks something when Rishab asks him what he is doing here because he already came to meet Billa, Karan gets shocked and asks why he came to meet the culprit, the inspector says that they must take Rishab away, everyone also follows them.
Preeta is about to leave when Prithvi stops her and taking her to a corner says that he met Billa because she means a lot to him and he cares for her so he tried to help her, he boasts about himself saying that Sarla thinks that he is very good at convincing anyone, he does not know why she thinks like this but he tried t use this to help Rishab, he questioned Billa asking him the name of the person who hired him and every time he took Rishab name.

Karan comes informing Preeta that their case number has come, She leaves hurriedly, Prithvi thinks that this is how to take revenge, he has done all that is necessary to bury his enemies alive and now no one can stop him.

The court hearing begins where everyone takes their seats and so the hearing begins, the prosecutor comes and says that Rishab has been charged with murder of his partner. Prithvi
Prithvi is at the back bench and is very happy to be away from his enemies.
Rishab is blamed for killing Rithwik, he says that there is a thing that is needed to kill someone which is a reason since Rishab is a nice person having no motive to kill Rithwik at any given time so it cannot be him, also Rithwik was his partner and he treated him like a brother, he had also given him a lot of money.
The prosecutor says that Billa has himself said that Rishab was the one behind the accident, they both get into a heated argument and the prosecutor says that Rishab was continuously on the phone with Rishab meaning that he was trying to kill him, The defendant says that this cannot be the reason as he had also called Karan a lot of times the present day.
Manisha comes and says that she will tell how someone is paid to kill.

In the court, the judge calls Manisha into the witness box, she takes oath to only speak the truth. Everyone eyes her suspiciously. Manisha says everyone knew that she was engaged to Karan but Ritwik was a very good friend. She can’t side her in laws at this time, and wants to tell the court that Ritwik might know their master mind plan, they took him as their partner but he wasn’t convinced. The paid a goon to take Ritwik’s life.
Karan was furious and shouts at Manisha for being a liar. The judge asks the counsel to maintain order. Manisha requests the court to hang Rishab. Karan charges over Manisha furiously, Manisha says Karan would have killed her today if the court and police didn’t side her now. Sherlin and Prithvi smirk watching Karan jump into the trap. The judge orders arrest

of Karan. Prithvi shakes hand with his lawyer happily and thinks he is always granted the best of shares. He walks outside the court thinking Manisha, the greedy girl turned the court into a forest.
Preeta holds Manisha’s arm as she was about to walk outside. She says she came over and explained everything to Manisha, still she was on the side of liars. She feels bad for Ritwik, he wasn’t able to get justice and that too because of the girl he loved the most.
In the jail, the police men push Rishab into the lock up. Karan charges over them furiously. Rishab controls Karan’s fury and shouts at him for manhandling Manisha. His anger went against them today, no one is there to help their family back at home. It is Karan’s single mistake that brought them into extreme trouble. In the court, anger doesn’t work. He had to be patient there. He clutched Manisha’s neck in front of everyone. Karan screams that he wants to kill Manisha and he will, how dare she clutched his neck. He questions Rishab what about Manisha’s accusations. Rishab says court cases are handled through witness and proofs. Nothing works with an extreme anger. Karan asserts he doesn’t have to learn anything, he wants Rishab at his back every time. He needs Rishab all the time around him. Rishab consoles Karan who was now emotionally crying and wanted to stay in jail with Rishab. Everything that belongs to him is in here, in the jail. He clarifies to Rishab that he can’t survive without him. Rishab hugs Karan and assures he will always be there with him. Karan vows to find out Rishab’s culprit. Rishab says he also feels angry here, he is also happy that Karan is here. Karan claims himself to be very entertaining, the two laugh and hug each other.
Sherlin tries to control Prithvi who was badly drunk and danced on the roadside. Prithvi says he vowed that the day he would successfully get the revenge, he will drink to limits. Sherlin convince Prithvi that he is much drunk now. Prithvi dances that Rishab and Karan both rot in the jail now. Sherlin gets a call from her mom, shuts Prithvi up and goes aside to take the call.
Shrishti tells Preeta that Sarla is tensed for Rishab. She tells her that Janki also inquired about Prithvi. She told her that she saw an ugly face of Prithvi in her dream. Preeta doesn’t believe Shrishti. They soon here Rakhi crying and complaining Mahesh that his lawyer was unable to save her children, can’t he hire another lawyer. Preeta goes to the room, requesting Rakhi not to cry anymore. Rakhi questions Mahesh what’s the responsibility of a father; to save his child but Mahesh was helpless and could do nothing. Preeta cries and requests Mahesh to let them speak. Mahesh leaves the room. Preeta hugs Rakhi.

Samer and Shrishti are in the police station, he does not understand why there are here and continuously asks her the reason for being there, he say that he will not be a part of her plan, they must go from the police station, she says that they are here to execute a plan and if she tells him then he will get scared and not come with her so she must let it remain a secret.
When they reach the inspector he says that he does not know her, Samer is about to tell him the real name, Shrishti tries to hide their real identity and says that she is Shabana and his name is Shahmsher shri, he gets confused and says that she has two boyfriends and can meet the one who is in jail when he is shocked.
Sherlin i9s on the road and worried that Prithvi is really drunk and might say the truth to Manisha which will destroy their plan.

Preeta is taking the cup of milk and thinking that Shrishti never does anything correctly and left without telling her, Rakhi is trying to make Dadi take her medicine but she starts to blame Mahesh saying that he let his sons go to jail, she starts to cry, Rakhi says that she is the one who has to make their family say strong, they both hug, Preeta is at the door and thinking that if she will be able to do the duty that Rishab has given him, Rakhi asks her to come in, when she goes asking Dadi to have the milk, Dadi dis agrees but she forces her and also sees that Dadi has a cut where she agrees to apply the bandage.
Manisha is in her house thinking of Rithwik, there is a bell and someone is on the door, she goes to open it and Prithvi is standing there, she is shocked but he comes is and is not in his senses, she is this asks him if he was the one behind Rithwik murder, he says that it was him she starts to hit him and is continuously demanding that he must tell the truth, she is hitting when Sherlin comes saying that he is the enemy of the Luthra family, but to her and is only their friend, he says that he only came to spread good relations but seeing what she did to him he knows that she will never be good to her.
Manisha warns Sherlin that when he regains consciousness she must tell him that if there is a slight chance that he was involved in the murder of Rithwik, she will kill him, Sherlin takes him away saying that he must not drink as it destroys a person, Manisha offers to make coffee for him, she also warns that if he again comes to her house drunk she will have him arrested.
The constable comes in and says to Billa that some Shabana came to meet him , he also asks them to hurry, he says that he knows a lot of other women nut not any Shabana, when she turn she gets scared saying that she was the one which got him arrested and will only tell her under some conditions.
She gets angry at him and holds her mouth threatening that she will kill her if he does not tell the truth and will surely kill, he against takes the name of Rishab, she loses her emotions and again starts to hit him, he takes her away, saying that he will give him more money if he says that name of the real killer, Billa again makes fun of him taking the name of Rishab, Shrishti brings a bat and starts to hit her, the inspector comes in and arrests them both.

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