This is Fate Monday Update 5 October 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 5 October 2020

This is Fate Monday Update 5 October 2020: Dadi explains that she is actually feeling better and so believes that Preeta is really a good doctor, Maira enters and is left in confusion as she feels that it would be a difficult task to make her mark in the heart of the Luthra family when they all are still attached to Preeta, she wonders where both karan and Preeta are.

{Preeta is walking wondering what karan said that and if he really meant that she was looking beautiful, he comes from behind calling her but she does not stop, when he comes near her he accidentally tears her dupatta, they both are about to get into a fight but Preeta says that it was her mistake and so moves ahead, Karan is not able to comprehend what is happening so goes after her, Sherlin asks Maira to realize what she has been informing her, Preeta applies some medicine on Dadi’s feet, Dadi is really relaxed that she is with her asking her to come near her, she hugs Preeta explaining that she is really apologetic for her behaviour with her, Preeta again sits with her.
Karina is not able to bear the site so leaves the room, Preeta sits with Dadi, Karan is looking at her with his eyes filled with love, Risahb sees him then goes to talk with him saying that he should talk with Preeta as she came and took care of everything.
Maira sees them both talking and walks away, she is crying and bumps into Karina who asks her the reason she is crying, she says that she feels Preeta has come to come closer to Karan and stop Maria’s marriage with him, she explains that entire situation that happened on the night of the Mehndi function, karina promises her that she will make sure that they get married as she knows how to fulfil her promise.

Preeta explains that she has finalized the treatment and so now Dadi will feel all better when she wakes up in the morning, so she has to leave, Rakhi insists that Risahb should be the one to drop her but Preeta does not agree, at last when Karan is determined to be the one to drop her off she agrees. Karan and Preeta are in the car they both are not talking but are not able to stop their memories from reoccurring, the car stops and Preeta asks what has happened, Karan points at her house saying that they have arrived, she gets ready to leave but stops wondering that he called her but he refuses, when she leaves he thinks of weather he should give it to her, then he wonders how she would feel.
Karan calls Preeta but she doesn’t stop wondering that it is just her memories, he comes from behind pulling her dupatta, he says that he was calling her and so hands her the bag, she looks and there are 5 dupattas in it, she ask why is he giving her 5 of them when he tore only four, he explains that the fifth one tear the present day, so he is giving her the gift as before it he felt awkward, after presenting her the gift karan sits in his car but stops it just Infront of where Preeta is standing, he drives off, Maira is spying on them both, she is left heartbroken seeing how close they both have gotten in such a short period as before they would not have dared to see each other.

Janki gives Bi jee her medicine, Sarla is constantly looking at the door, Bi jee mentions that Preeta texted her that she will come back as soon as possible, Sarla says that she is worried about Shrishti as she is still not back, Janki wonder if she should tell everyone that Shrishti was with Sameer, Bi jee asks if she knows then should inform them both, Preeta enters the house, Sarla immediately asks her if she was not teased, Preeta mentions that everyone respected her and they did not say anything to her, she explains that Dadi is feeling a lot better but she might have to go for the treatment tomorrow as well. Shrishti is standing outside wondering what was in the bag.
Karan is driving his car, he is constantly thinking of the moments that were spent with Preeta, then he removes the seatbelt and enters the house, Ganesh is on the phone and hands karan asking that he talk with it, Karan is still in his own thoughts so starts to dance with him, then leaves after kissing his forehead, Ganesh is really happy to see that karan is relaxed and knows hat it is all because of Preeta.
Sherlin is in her room, Maira enters explaining that she heard both karan and Preeta talking and it seemed that there was nothing wrong between them both, she is really worried and so feels that she will kill her before the tensions between them both end, she takes the glass and empties the water, Sherlin explains that she ahs taken the right decision, Maira is adamant to make sure that Preeta is dead so asks Sherlin for the plan, she explains that they will need someone’s help, Maira says that she can do anything that she wants but it should seem like an accident, she explains that everyone will feel sad after Preeta dies and cry for her but will all end, Karan will also feel bad and would need a shoulder to lean on which she will provide and so make her mark on his heart, She thinks of planning a road accident, Sherlin assures her of her help and they discuss that they will do it tomorrow when Preeta is coming for the treatment.

Preeta is in the kitchen eating ice cream, Shrishti comes and scares her from behind asking where the bag is, as she ahs searched the entire room but is not able to find it, Preeta tries to deny it but Shrishti says that she will call Sarla, then Preeta gets tensed saying that Karan gave her the bag and there is nothing but some Dupattas, Shrishti says that this is good news as he is trying to correct his mistakes, She asks how everyone treated her at the house, Preeta mentions that everyone was nice, Dadi even hugged her which made her feel welcomed, Shrishti teases her saying that she should ask karan to gift her a new mobile as Sameer broke her’s Preeta asks if she wants tea, Shrishti wonders that everything will soon be alright.
Sherlin and Maira are in the car, Maria asks what they are doing here, A man comes and greets them which makes Maira nervous as he is really scary, Sherlin orders that he move ahead and they will follow him, Sherlin hands him the money and when they confirm that it is Preeta he explains that he will make it look like an accident and so has to wait.
Bi jee is asking Sarla where the newspaper is, Preeta brings it explaining that Shrishti took it so that she could see that signs, Bi jee says that she can say it and knows that it would be that those belonging to her star would be scolded by their mother, Bi jee asks where she is going, she explains that she is going to Dadi, Sarla comes asking Preeta to eat yogurt as it would be beneficial and she also asks that Preeta send Shrishti back as she might be in the local market eating snacks, she is adamant to scold and hit Shrishti, hearing this both Preeta and Bi jee burst into laughter, Sarla asks the reason she is laughing, Bi jee does not reply which angers her and when Bi jee asks the reason she is tensed, she explains that she is worried the Luthra’s will not treat her accordingly as she is aware of at least three people there who might try to harm her including Karina, Sherlin and now Maira.
Sherlin is with Maira in the car, Sherlin asks why Maira is looking at her like this, Maira explains that she is not related to her so why is she doing this, Sherlin explains that this is because she doesn’t want anyone to share the love that she gets, Maira pleads her to tell the story and explains that she doesn’t want her to come in between Karan and her life as she has destroyed her life even when she asked if Preeta wanted to stay with karan, Sherlin says that she wants to harm Preeta as her husband is madly in love with her, Maira backs off at which Sherlin feels that there is no value of truth, She pleads with Maira to let her concentrate explaining that the time to kill Preeta has finally arrived.

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