This Is Fate Monday Update 4 October 2021


This Is Fate Monday Update 4 October 2021

Preeta and Karan are in the room when the glass breaks, Karan thinks why did he do this as he made such a big promise that he only belongs to Karan, even he doesnot know why he cannot see Preeta in pain but cannot understand the reason when he is about to leave Preeta stops him, he inquires why did she stop him, Preeta asks him to assure her that whatever he said was just to calm her or does he actually feel it, Karna asks what he wants to say, Preeta mentions that he said that he cares for her because he feels something, Karan is not able to express his feelings for her and is mummering, Sherlin comes explaining that she brought the medicine for Mahira, Karna answers that he has already given her the medicine, Sherlin explains that she is saying that she would only take the medicine form him, Karan leaves saying that he would come back after giving her the medicine. Preeta thinks that Mahira has come between them but she would not let her come in their relationship.
Karan comes to her room asking why did she not take the medicine, she exclaims that she is scared so Karan exclaims that she should not worry as they all are with her, Mahira hugs him and when Sherlin tries to console her, she lifts her hand. Preeta is also standing at the window and is not able to see that Mair ais hugging Karan, Mahira exclaims that she went against her mother only because she cannot say anything against karan and would always remain with him, Sherlin gets a call from Prithvi so walking out sees that Preeta is standing there, she is happy that Mahira who is the outsider has made Preeta stand outside the room while she is with Karan then leaves, Preeta thinks that she cannot see this so when is about to leave listens that Karan is saying the same thing that Ramona would come back as she is angry with her, Preeta is relaxed that Karan is only trying to calm her down and there is nothing to worry about, Karan asks her to take the medicine but when she insists her gives her the medicine by his own hands, then he asks her to take some rest, when he is about to leave she asks him to sit with her

for some time, he after some hesitation agrees to sit with her, Preeta thinks that she would not let anything like this happen, then enters the room explaining that Karan has to leave as there his phone is ringing, he inquires who it is.
Sherlin calls Prithvi, he is happy to see that she has called, then he inquires about her feet, she explains that she would never be angry with him when he talks about her, Prithvi mentions that she purposefully fell in order to save him, he gets angry with Mahira saying that she caused him to loose her love, Sherlin mentions that she is really in pain, Prithvi explains that Mahira acted in order to make everyone believe that she actually tried to attempt suicide but in actual she was just acting to get into the Luthra house once again, Sherlin mentions that she could not even see her plan, Prithvi mentions that she is just playing a game and now would ruin the entire Luthra family step by step but the first one would be Preeta and when she is thrown out he would come to comment how they have treated her. Sherlin explains that Mahira is really smart as even when she is not the daughter in law of the Luthra house she made them perform the Greh Perwash and is really smart.
Prithvi ends the call, he prays that god make both Karan and Mahira closer as then he would say to Preeta that she has made a mistake by rejecting a lover like him because he only has the right to reject himself.
Karan leaves then Preeta sits with Mahira who asks her to leave but Preeta mentions that she is just a guest and so would not act to be smart because she would not be followed then makes her so frustrated that she tries throwing Preeta out from the room, Preeta stops her saying that how can she pull her when her hand is cut so she should have first consulted her before doing such a thing as she would have informed her from where she should cut the vein that would cause her to die. She makes her sit mentioning that she is a physiotherapist by profession so has complete knowledge about the anatomy of a person.

Preeta mentions that she attempted a suicide so they would now recreate it, Mahira tries to leave saying that she should leave her hand, Preeta mentions that she promised Karan to sit while holding her hand, Preeta removes the bandage after which is shocked to see the injury, Mahira tries to run away, Preeta mentions that there is no injury so she should once again wear her bandage otherwise the entire family would be against her actions. Preeta mentions that she does not care for the family as Karan is not her love but obsession. Preeta exclaims that she prays that no one attempts suicide because after them the family is left in ruins, Preeta exclaims that she was also shocked when she heard that Mahira was faking her suicide attempt.
Preeta remembers how Sameer and Shrishti called her when she was cleaning the Sindoor, they both mentioned how Mahira was faking everything, Shrishti exclaims that Mahira was just faking it and even Sameer informed her that Mahira just cut herself to the extent that she just gets injured and not die, Preeta exclaims that she knows Mahira is well, she would now inform everyone about her truth, Preeta warns her that she would never become Karan’s wife and would not even be able to remain his friend when he comes to know of her truth, Preeta is about to leave, Mahira closes the door threatening that if she tells anyone of the truth she would have to pay for what she has done, Preeta exclaims that she is not afraid of anyone.
Preeta walks in the hall where everyone is discussing something, Karina orders her to leave as they are discussing something important regarding Mahria’s health, Dadi advises that they should send her to a hill station as she would be able to calm down and enjoy the weather, Preeta mentions that this is what she is trying to say that Mahira has not attempted any suicide as it was all just fake, karan cannot

comprehend it, Mahira stops her blaming that she doesnot want her family to care for her as she hates her, Preeta exclaims that she hates her but now they are talking about what is right and wrong, she says that Mahira cut her wrist but only to the point that everyone believes that she has attempted suicide but there is no injury, she asks karan to think how can she have the strength to fight with her when she was so weak just a moment ago, Preeta mentions that Mahira is manipulating everyone by attempting a suicide, Mahira says that she married Karan in disguise and even came into their house by force, Mahira says that she loves Karan a lot and cannot live without him so if she says that she can cut her wrist once again, karan takes her away when Karina pushes her asking why did she do this. Preeta wakes up from her dream, Mahira asks why she is so shocked because now is thinking that if she tells the truth then doesnot know that Mahira might also do this again. Sherlin also comes into the room, Mahira advises Preeta that if she informs anyone of the truth then they both would send the entire Luthra family to jail. Sherlin also says that she would help Mahira because she has the upper hand, Preeta explains that she can laugh because today she has the upper hand but she would make sure that Mahira is not able to live peacefully in this house. Sherlin asks her to stop threatening her as they are not affected, Sherlin says she feels Preeta might have to leave the house really soon, however Preeta exclaims that she is just an outsider as everyone knows who the real daughter in law of Luthra family is.
Preeta refutes her statement saying that she would not be able to remain friends with Karan when he realizes about her truth as she should not be mistaken as when they realize the truth then there is nothing which they can do, she leaves warning her that she would never be the wife of Karan.
Mahira exclaims that she is really frustrated with Preeta and has no idea what she must do to make Preeta leave the house, Sherlin advises that she should play mind games with her as if she constantly tells her that she is the wife of Karan, Preeta would not be able to do anything, Sherlin says she should consult her mother as she was the one to make the entire plan after which she got into the house. Mahira gets amazed on how she knows the reality then leaves to meet her mother.
Ramona inquires why Mahira challenged her because when they have to defeat the enemy they do not have to challenge them, Mahira exclaims that how did she come to know of their plan, Ramona exclaims that she should not be worried because Preeta would not be able to throw her out of he house as she would make sure that Preeta suffers just the same as Gaitri.

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