This is Fate Monday Update 31 August 2020 Karan calls Police


This is Fate Monday Update 31 August 2020 Karan calls Police

The hostages ask Harshwardan if he really has diamonds worth millions, he exclaims that he has to which they say that his money will ruin them all, the manager asks if he has told them that he has the key also advising him to not given them the key under any circumstance, Roanoke’s son explains to Preeta that he got scared but now is happy as his mother said that good people always win over the bad ones.

The robbers are trying to open the locker but are not able to and then the girl accomplice comes who starts to shoot at the locker but still it does not open, after that they decide that he will go to check what is happening.
Karan is in the corridor, he gets a call from the police, they ask if he is in the hotel, they ask him to tell them what is happening, he explains that he does not know but it is really bad so they must come quickly, they assure that he must hide and they will come as soon as possible.
Sherlin is with Prithvi in the dressing room, she scolds him saying that he must not have followed her, -0prithvi say that he had to come as he is her lover and so cannot bear that she gets angry, She says that she is as he completely ignores her which makes her feel that she has no importance in his life.
Karina is standing in front of the dressing room, when she gets a call from Rishab, she asks him to come to the dressing room, he comes requesting Sherlin to hurry up as they are waiting, Prithvi asks her to lie and send them away, she says that the dress has got stuck and so she must bring her the larger size, Rishab says that he will call the worker and they might be able to open he door.

Everyone is sitting when the robber comes with his friend, they explain the someone came from the back and hit him, then he took everything including the gun and walkie takie, the leader slaps him for being a coward, he says that he wants the person who is responsible for doing this, Preeta starts to smile, Ranouka asks her the reason she explains that she thought she was the only one who could be fooled but now knows that Karan can do it to anyone, she say that she was called by him to meet at the corridor number two but she was not able to and feels that the robber went who got beaten,
The manager says that he needs to go to the restroom, when he tries to go, they stop him asking what he came to know, he says that the girl told the women beside her that Karan is the one waiting for her at the corridor, he also came to know the harsh warden has kept the keys at his own room.
Karan is in his room waiting anxiously for the police to arrive, as soon as they come he calls them explaining the entire situation, they thank him and end the call, the robbers leader delegates the job saying that they must get the keys from harshwardan’s room meanwhile he will track out Karan. One of his accomplice sees the police, he goes to tell him at which he explains that they do not stand a chance with the police and will get caught. The leader gets frustrated saying that he wants them to fight.
Prithvi is with Sherlin in the room, he pleads with her to check if there is anyone waiting, she leans against the door but is not able to listen to anything she ask him to leave first but he declines suggesting that she leave first and go away with Karina so he will leave after her, she does not think that the plan is suitable but is forced by Prithvi, she leaves and is relied when she does not see anyone, then after turning sees Karina standing, she advises that they leave the mall and go back, Karina refuses saying that she has not bought anything for anyone, she then asks if the dress was the right size, Sherlin explains that it was a single size smaller, Karina doesn’t believe it responding that she checked it herself, Karan goes inside the dressing, Prithvi immediately hides, Karina is not able to see him, Sherlin takes both the dress saying that it might be her own fault, she again goes into the same dressing room, Karina asks why she went as the door might get stuck again, she mentions that she is apologetic for her Actions but the door has got stuck again.
The police enters the hotel, the robbers pretend as if everything is okay, they ask what has happened, the robbers dressed as the guess say that everything is okay, the police explain that they must leave as they never wanted to ruin the birthday party, Preeta comes saying that they should stay until the cake cutting if they have come. Everyone gets frustrated hearing what she has said.

Preeta interrupts requesting the police the stay till the cake cutting ceremony, the robbers try to hint that they will kill Ayush but Preeta makes tries to request them to stay as then they will all feel really nice, Preeta tries to hint them to stay however the accomplice of the robbers send them away.

The police are leaving, when they reach the can Karan sees them and is worried, he tries to call them, the inspector is saying to his men that they had a lot of work but were misguided, they leave and so Karan tries to call them but it is not reachable.

The police inspector calls his senior explaining that they were misguided explaining that there was no case of any robbery, the senior says that he should not waste the time on anything except the robbers, who have run from the jail, he orders that he should find them now.

The robbers scold Preeta for trying to hint the police inspector of their plans, he says that no one can leave the hotel alive with out his permission, he sends his men to get the keys, also saying that he will find Karan so asks the manager for the corridor number two, Preeta tries to stop them but they threaten to kill the old lady which forces Preeta to stop.

Karan is in his room thinking why the police went without doing anything, he thinks of calling Rishab as then he would surely come with help, but then thinks that it would cause tension, so he decides to act by himself as he has brains and so can take all of them, there is someone coming, he hides, there is someone who looks for someone and then comes ahead to drink water, Karan points the gun at him saying that he will kill them, he tries to act saying that he is also one of the hostage, Karan says that he will not kill him so turns back, the robber also takes out his gun, they both are standing with their guns pointed at each other, the robber explains that the gun which Karan has is empty, so then he looks which gives the opportunity to the robber to threaten Karan,

Karan also fights back and they both indulge in a heated fight, Karan eventually give sin when the robber says that he will kill Preeta, Karan then walks with him.

The inspector is with his men, he is worried as to why Harshwardan was looking at him with shock, even though he was smiling, he thinks of why Preeta was requesting him to stay, he then remembers that Preeta was signaling him to stay because they were being kept hostage, he requests for more backup before ordering his subordinate to turn back towards the hotel.

Karina asks Sherlin if she has tried to dress, Sherlin responds that the dress is still not the right size and is tight the door has also jammed again, Rishab arrives, asking Karina about the situation she explains top which he says that he has brought Oum with him who will open the door, oum arrives and opens the door, Prithvi and Sherlin both wonder what will happen, Prithvi thinks that now that the door has opened his life will be ruined.

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