This is Fate Monday Update 29 April 2019

Preeta is about to leave when Manisha stops her and says that eh will make Rishab and Karan go to jail and there is nothing that she can do about this,she then leaves and Preeta is left worried.

Rishab and Karan are with the lawyer he says that they have to be conscious about everything,
Preeta comes and ask the lawyer and says that they have to be very careful,Preeta says that Manisha called her and tied to offer money,Rishab gets angry,The lawyer says that this is the reason that the witness are not answering his phone, they all get worried as t what will happen next because this is very serious case,.
Prithvi gives money to the door seeking his permission to not say anything and take back what he said,Preeta says that Manisha went to the room because he promised her to marry her and this is the reason she went with him, Preeta says that they can use this as a weapon, Preeta apologizes him in advance, and says that he should marry Manisha.

Prithvi enters the car and says that he has bought the doctor, Sherlin gets worried says that what will happen if he gives money like this, Prithvi says that he doesn’t care for anything and only wants Karan and Rishab to go to jail.

Everyone is looking at Preeta but Karan says that he will not do this, Rishab also says that he feels she is wrong this time, the lawyer however is with her and understands her plan,saying hat she is right and they must also listen. Karan gets angry saying that he will not marry anyone and leaves, everyone follows him, Preeta says that he must listen as if he does this then he will be free as this is the only way, she tries to explain that he is on the edge of his career claiming that if he doesn’t do anything then will be destroyed.

Prithvi comes to Manisha house and meets with the l;lawyer, he ask him what Manisha did as Luthra’s want to meet, Prithvi says that they are not going to meet and only want him to win the case for them,
the lawyer says that he wishes that they should meet with them and they agree,wondering what they could do with another evidence in their bag, Prithvi asks Manisha to reject any offer and also record their reactions
because they want to see them suffer.

The reporters are waiting for Karan thinking why did he call them there, he comes and says that they have been with him through all his times and has called them to make an announcement that he and Manisha, just then she walks in and the reporters start to take her photos, he goes to hug her and brings her forward,he says that he is sorry, saying that she came because he promised to marry her but he is drunk at that time and now he proposes to her in front of the reporters who are left shocked, she is also stunned when he gets down on his knees, he says that he knows it very well that she love him and he also wants to marry her, he asks if he can make her wear this ring,she says that he is stupid, Karan turns to the reporters asking them to make her realize and even announces the dates, she remembers

she was proposed by her boyfriend and now what she can do, when he again asks she says that she will not marry him and will never think like this, she is about to leave when he pulls her and apologizes to her.
The reporters also turn on her and ask if she is creating a drama,he further indulges the reporters and ask them to make her get ready to marry him, they respond and ask everyone, Manisha thinks that it is because of Preeta, she gets angry and after yelling leaves,the reporters state that he is right and Manisha is the one who is wrong. Manisha is walking when the lawyer comes and tries to explain that what she did was wrong but she is really angry and leaves.

When they leave all of them are really happy and congratulate Preeta for her plan,they also apologize to her saying that she was really the one who was adamant and made hem realize how they an do everything to prove himself innocent,
she walks says that this will lead to a big advantage for them that they can use, she says that when Manisha will know that this massage proposal was a fake idea, Karan says that she judged her with very true eyes, he says that
she already had a ring on her hands, Preeta says that this means that she will fail in every matter that she plans from now on and they will do all that they can to trap her and make her say the truth.


Every news channel is favoring Karan, Prithvi gets angry seeing this, they are not able to understand what to do when every channel is speaking on his behalf, they start to blame Mansiha as she is the one who rejected his proposal,
they start to wonder if her story is false and what she said in front of the court was a lie, they says that she is a very clever girl as it is a publicity stunt for her, Prithvi gets angry saying that she is the reason that this plan is failing
Manisha says that she will consult her boyfriend but Prithvi says that this is not possible as he is very far away,working in london, she is adamant to first consult him. Manisha says that prithvi is crazy, he says that he is but he only wants her to say yes and not marry him,he says that he knows the family and just like him she will also be not married to Karan, she says that she must just say yes, Manisha says that she will not marry him no matter what and leaves, she doesn’t listen and Prithvi says that she will marry her no matter what.

Rishab and Karan are praying when their family comes, all of them are worried and ask why he is marrying Manisha after she did such bad things to him, everyone is blaming him he says that he is doing this because Preta told him, Sarla starts to scold her without listening to what she has to say, Rishab then steps in saying that they don’t have to worry, he asks why KLara is doing this, he says that it is his right.

Preeta tries to explain to Rakhi that this is all just a plan and Karan will not marry Manisha, they say that what will happen if she really agree and then he leaves, Rishab and Karan try to reassure her, Preeta is standing worried Karan asks her the reason, she says that she also feels worried that what will happen if he does not marry any girl and leaves Manisha, the society will think that he is the culprit and the one to blame, he also gets worried and then standing says that what happens if no other girl will marry him then he has her and will marry her, she gets tensed and he starts to laugh, she says that she knew that he is just kidding and will not marry her, she leaves when he pulls her, asking what will she do, she says that she will slap him if he does something like this, he says

that he is ready and will any punishment that she gives, she pretends that she will slap him but leaves saying that she has to go somewhere important and leaves.

Karina also agrees that she is satisfied with the plan, and what more can they want that Karan be released, Rakhi and everyone else is relieved, she asks Mahesh to call their decorator wo is coming for the Ganapati.

Sherlin asks Prithvi to be calm ,he says that how can he remain calm and if she does not agree then the police will interrogate and will reach them which will result in their capture, she asks him to talk with Manisha with and polite manner and she is sure that she will agree, HE says that he will not talk, Manisha comes out and asks If he has another phone, Prithvi says that he will call him when he lands, he then tries tro convince her saying that he has no more money to give to anyone and so she must agree, she says that she will do what he says but only because she wants to save her boyfriend and that he must do all that he can to save her.

Shrishti asks Dadi to turn the TV as she wants to hear the news, Sarla asks her to com e and help, Dadi says that she feels that there is something wrong with this plan, Sarla also agrees with this, Preeta thinks of what he said, Shrishti says that she really wants to hurt Manisha so bad and will do what no one has ever thought, Manisha comes and is hearing what she says, she says that she will talk now, Shrishti also makes fun of her, she says that she wants to marry Karan and will become his wife, when she leaves Preeta says that this will be their win.
In the Luthra mansion their bring Ganapati and call the decorator, their bring him and he says that he will make it a lot better and decorate it, they show him the place, Rishab asks Karan to o and get read as he has to leave.
Prithvi is waiting when Manisha comes, he ask where she was and she says that she went to Preeta house as she is doing what he wants her to do and nothing should happen to her boyfriend, Prithvi says that they will win and nothing will come between their plan.

Karan is with the host and the sponsors who all greet him warmly, the reporter is a thief and thanks Karan for granting him the pass, he gets ready, Karan inaugurates the exhibition and they all enter.
The reporters what Manisha said, he says that he is still waiting and they start to ask him questions and the host say that they must not get personal, he says that he has invited them all to his Roka and they can come, he moves forward.

The thief moves and beats any guard that come s in the way, he gets to the diamond, checking foe the security he comes to know of the lasers and also overcomes them all without any hurdle, he moves forward.
Karan is surprised to hear of the diamond and says that he must see it without any delay, he even asks them to delay the photo-shoot, they agree and move towards the diamond, the thief is trying to lift the diamond but sees the alarm, he very carefully lifts it, Karan and everyone head there, he throws the ribbon and just as they all enter he makes it out with the Diamond, they start to shout but he escapes
And the guards are also not able to do anything, when he reaches the Parking lot he changes and moves away from the compound, he throws the diamond in Karan car and then go to pretend as if he just came there, Karan falls for it and asks them to release him. He asks if Karan can take him to the hospital, he agrees and they reach the hospital, he takes the diamond from his car.