This is Fate Monday Update 27th May 2019

The robbers leader thinks of why his demands are still not met, he asks his partner to show the dead body of the guard to make their demands meet, he say that he will kill another person who is the aunt of Karan, they all get confused regarding whom the robber is referring to, Rakhi starts to make him understand but Sherlin stops her,Pretea says that he cannot kill the lady, he yells at Preeta both Rishab and Karan start to fight with him, asking him to talk in a polite manner, he warns that he will kill her, Karan is protected when Preeta comes in front of him.

The partners say that they have found the lady, he leaves, Sherlin thinks that he will then kill Janki and her and Prithvi’s problems will end, he goes to Janki and says that he will mow kill her, just then he gets a call from Inspector who warns him that he will not get into any bargain with the robber as it is not his style. He makes the robbers fell cornered and the ends the call.

The reporters start to ask the questions again, inspector says to his subordinate that questions are getting a lot harder and he is really afraid because he has no action plan, he says hat they have to go inside and fight them.

Prithvi thanks the ladies because that is wy he will be alive, he thinks that it is because of Sherlin because she hid in a good place. He leaves to find Sherlin.

Sherlin is also thinking that Prithvi will be safe Janki because now she will be dead, Sarla is really worried regarding Janki and says that she is not confident of what Prithvi made told them.

The robber asks Janki who she is to Karan, she says that she is none to him and has only one request that they must let her talk with Preeta because she has something very important to tell her, she wants to make her realize that the person whom she is marrying is really bad and has tried to kill her. Robber says that he also wants to kill her, Janki says that he attacks from the front while the other person attacks from behind and is a very bad guy. She starts to plead in front of him requesting to meet Preeta, she says that she loves Sarla a lot who is really her master and so will not let Preeta marry that bad guy. She says that he will again try to kill her so she is better off dying from his hands, she again starts to request him to let her meet Preeta.

Prithvi is walking when he sees everyone in the shop and immediately hides, the robber ask Janki about the name of the girl, he calls his partner saying that Janki wants to meet Preeta ordering him to bring her to the announcement area.

Prithvi is thinking that god once again cheated with him, he wonders what will happen to him now.The robber says that they must bring Preeta t the hall, everyone gets worried and what if it is Janki, Rakhi gets curious wondering if it is some sort of trap, Sherlin also thinks that she has said something right, Rakhi says that it can be some issue and she should go, Karan stops her from going, the robbers get very mad threatening him, Prithvi tries to escape but nearly escapes from getting caught, he thinks that he is in a lot of problems and if his wish were to com e true he would ask Janki to become a fish.
The police gets a blueprint of the mall and think of how they would have planned and are in the mall, the Luthras are seeing the news and get much tensed, Dadi says that she has to go to the mall, Karina stops her from going, Kartika also pressurizes to Karina to go.
Rishab and Karan also start to fight, Preeta requests them to stop saying that she feels it is Janki, Shrishti says that she will come with her but Sarla insists that she will also go, they start to argue, Sherlin says that they cannot go to meet them as they cannot trust the robbers, they agree and the robber informs his leader, Janki says that they must say it is Preeta’s Janki.

Prithvi hearing the news gets very excited and says that if god kills Janki today he would not ask for the help when he is about to kill Rithwik.
Rithwik and Manisha are having coffee, they see the news regarding Luthra’s and have different opinions, she wonders what is happening because he has gone against her and she must do to make everything right.
Janki requests the robbers to take her to the rest of them, the leader goes against everyone and takes her.
The inspector asks if his force is prepared to go with him inside the mall, they all agree and move towards the mall preparing to keep everyone safe.
Preeta is saying that she does not know who the lady is and what she wants with him, just then the leader comes and is followed by Janki, everyone is very happy to see her and they all start to hug each other and rejoice, the robbers partner says that they should kill Janki to make terror, he says that he is after such a long time seeing happiness and wants to witness such a moment.
They all cannot remain and burst into tears, Janki says that she wants to say something important to them, as the doctor said that she is only try to walk on her own steps because she is motivated by a thought or event, she says that she has to tell the truth regarding Prithvi as it is because of him she is able to walk. Prithvi thinks of what he can do to make her stop talking.
Karan and Rishab ask her to say everything clearly and tell what she means, she says she is standing because of him so that she can tell the truth regarding Prithvi, she is s about to say it when Prithvi comes shouting and points a fake gun on his back, when everyone takes their gun he purposefully falls and then the fight begins, everyone is beating the robbers, Janki tries to tell the truth but is stopped by Sherlin.
Prithvi sees Janki going towards Sarla to tell the truth, he gets angry and thinks of what he can do to make her stop telling the truth.
The police come into the mall and are scouting, the spot the robbers and one by one take them down, Janki is asking Sarla to listen to what she has to say, Prithvi hits the robber who turns to Sarla, he shoots her but Janki pushes her away and takes the bullet, everyone is shocked, they all get nervous, they cannot understand what to do after seeing her on the floor.
The police take the corners and Karan attacks the robber, the police also comes, they all take Janki to the van. Shrishti sees Sarla asking her to come with them.
Prithvi comes out, he sees Sherlin and they both share a smile.