This is Fate Monday Update 26 October 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 26 October 2020

This is Fate Update 26 October 2020: Preeta says to that she and karan were meant for each other and he was written In her Kundali Bhagya, Maira asks her the world of dreams in which she is living as she should forget karan because the entire Luthra family hates her to the extent that she cannot think off, and they will never accept

her as their daughter in law, Preeta replies that she is mistaken and she did not come to tell anyone that since she has been married to karan so she wants a share in the house or to taunt her that she is not the wife of Karan, Preeta explains that she came to inform Maira that she will never be married to karan and even knows what she is planning, Preeta explains that she knows Maira will go to any low so as to get Karan, Maira says that she thinks that she can stop her even when she knows her intentions, Maira challenges her to do anything that she can to stop her and they will know who wins, she pleads with Preeta to not go to Karan seeking his help and she must do it on her own, Preeta mentions that it was never about winning or losing but what is right or wrong, even then she knows that she will win, Maira asks her to calm down to which Preeta says that she does not think that Maira is capable of the Luthra family and so she will do all that she can to stop her marriage to Karan. Maira asks her to do all that she can but once they are married she will never let him near Preeta, Preeta says that what they both share Maira can never understand, Preeta exclaims to Maira that Karan came to her and saved her from the case.

Shrishti comes and asks Preeta to come with her as she should never say anything to Maira because otherwise she will know about their intentions and they will not be able to save Karan from falling in their trap, they both leave and Sherlin comes to Maira asking what has happened, she refuses to say anything, Sherlin takes her away as they have to fulfil their plan.
Shrishti is looking at Risahb when Sameer comes asking her what ahs happened but she doesn’t say anything then gets scared, he asks her why is she looking at Rishab because he doesn’t like it when she sees someone else, she explains that she has no intentions but was seeing him because she felt sorry for him as he is a nice person and got married to Sherlin, Sameer says that her sister in lucky as she did not marry Prithvi.
Prithvi sees them then thinks that he will do all that he can to hurt them when he is able to get the property, then Preeta is constantly looking at Karan, he goes to her asking if she came to call Rakhi, they both start to ask question then she asks if he wanted to apply the colour on her first, then they are asking question when Maira and Sherlin give the waiter the drink with the medicine, Preeta seeing it knows that Maira sent it and then prevents Karan from drinking it, Karan is not able to realize what is happening with Preeta and leaves.
Maira is thrashing everything in the room, Sherlin comes to her saying that she must not do this as they must do all that they can to execute their plan, Maira asks what they will do as Preeta knows their plan, then Sherlin says that she has another plan and she will send a tray full of Bhang which they will give to Karan and even Preeta will not be able to stop it, they both leave to execute their plan.
Karan is walking in the house when Preeta is following him, he catches her when she tries to act as if she had a call, he takes the phone then asks why is she following him, Preeta explains that it is not the case and she is not following him.
Maira and Sherlin are watching when Maira says that she feels that their plan will never be completed because Preeta is constantly with Karan, then she ahs an idea on which they both agree, then Sherlin sees Prithvi so goes to him asking that he come and meet her in the guest room,
Maira goes to say to Ganesh that he must say to Preeta that Kartika is calling her in the washroom of the guest room, then when Preeta leaves, Maira also follows her, Shrishti seeing this is wondering what Maira is up to.
Sherlin is waiting when Prithvi comes asking why did she call him as it would create a problem, Sherlin asks if he loves her or cares for her and when she knows that he does then she asks why was he looking at Preeta, he says that it was because of love but then retracts his statement saying that he only looks at her with love, Sherlin mentions that all the men are after Preeta and she is facing a lot of trouble because she ahs not been able to get the property papers and even her husband does not love her, she has no idea what she will do, and even Mahesh would soon come out of the coma and when he gets healthy then it will be her last day in the mansion as he knows the truth about her. Prithvi calms her down and they both hugs, Risahb is walking in the hall and sees them which makes them both nervous.

Prithvi promises to Sherlin that he will not let anything happen to her and she will stay in the mansion, they both hug each other, Rishab passes by the room and seeing them both gets curious, Prithvi then hides, he comes to the room asking what has happened to her and why is she crying, he says that it is because of him and even when it is their first Holi he has not even played the game with her, Rishab apologizes to her explaining that it was because he was occupied with the guests then immediately applies the colour on her face, Prithvi gets up then wonders when the two brothers will leave his Sherlin baby alone, he drops something, Risahb gets curious that there is someone else in the room, Sherlin explains that there is no one beside them and takes him away. Prithvi seeing that there is no one comes out, he wonders how crocked Rishab is as he even came to check behind the bed, he applies the colour then hearing the sound hides under the cloth. Preeta enters the room to check in the washroom for Preeta, Maira also comes after her and locks her inside, Shrishti then also enters the room asking her about Preeta but she runs after pushing Shrishti aside, Preeta pleads with her to open the door of the bathroom.
Rakhi is with Mahesh, she applies the colour on his face then also pleads with him to wake up as everyone is distress because of his condition, she also wants to him to be the one to apply the colour, then she takes his hand, she starts to weep asking why is he not waking up as everyone needs him, even she wants to hear him say Rakhi jee, he starts to move then asks for both of his sons, she immediately runs to call them both.
Shrishti is calling for someone, then lets Preeta out of the bathroom, Shrishti asks why has she locked her inside the room, Shrishti says that she came after following Maira and it was because she was planning to lock Preeta in the room but she even locked her and now they both are trapped, Preeta exclaims that she doesn’t know anything but wants that get out as she must help Karan so starts to yell, Shrishti stops her explaining that no one will come as they all are busy in playing Holi, Prithvi wonders what is the matter between them both, he plans to act as being a table and hear their conversation, he listens that they both are saying that they will not Maira get near karan as her intentions are not correct, he is really happy with plan of Maira, Shrishti has to plan to escape after opening the latch of the window, Preeta says that they cannot do it as it is really big, Shrishti exclaims that they can use the table, this makes Prithvi nervous as he is acting as if he is the table.
Kartika comes to Sameer, she explains that something has changed with Maira as she is no longer the friend that they knew in their childhood, Sameer responds that her company ahs changed as she has started to be with Sherlin, he points that even now they both are arriving together.

Maira sends the waiter to take the glass to Karan, he takes it but Risahb picks one of the glass, Sherlin immediately runs to push the glass which makes it fall, both the boys wonder what is the matter, she explains that he must not drink it as she has something to talk to him and takes him aside, Maira immediately goes to karan and makes him drink the entire glass of the drink,
Risahb is with Sherlin asking why has she called him aside, she says that he was being called by Karina and Dadi, Rakhi immediately come asking both Karan and Risahb to come as their father is waking up and remembering them both, they all rush to Mahesh Luthra.
Shrishti stands up on Prithvi to open the latch of the window, he very painstakingly controls his emotions but even still moves, Shrishti asks Preeta to hold it then when she finally opens the window, they both push it aside and run out of the room, Prithvi drops on the floor.
Rakhi reaches the room with everyone in the family, they all plead with Mahesh to wake up as it has been a lot of time since he has been in coma so he should now wake up as they all need him, Rishab goes beside his bedside, then, Mahesh finally opens his eyes, seeing the entire family in Mahesh’s room they also enter, Maira wonders how she came out and if she will tell everyone the truth about her, Mahesh opens his eyes then starts to go in shock after seeing Sherlin, karan immediately looks at Sherlin and even the entire family is looking at her, she is nervous about what she will do, then Risahb plans to call the doctor, Preeta takes the phone from him and after asking about the mediation, she im mediately seeks the injections and applies them, Mahesh finally relaxes

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