This is Fate Monday Update 23 November 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 23 November 2020

Shrishti inquires if Janki is alright than also goes to Sarla asking if her hand is alright.
Sherlin asks if they all; think that Preeta is true but Karan responds that those who say that she is true has lost his or her mind, Kartika exclaims that she knew what Preeta was trying to do when she saw her with the people of NGO, Dadi says that she is someone who only desires money as why did she not say anything when Karina was trying to throw her out of the house, she said that she would listen to what Rakhi said yet still she is trying to enter their house, Karan leaves, Rishab tries to go after him, Sherlin asks him where he si going he says that she must not ask him as he will tell her when it is something important.

Sherlin sees Prithvi outside the house and leaves the hall to go after him, Maira turns to Dadi mentioning that both karan and Rishab are the member of her family so nothing will happen to them but what will become of her, Dadi assures her that nothing wrong will happen as no one will accept Preeta because she is still in the house while Preeta is outside.
Rishab runs to karan mentioning that he must stop this as if the police arrive they would take the side of Preeta, Karan exclaims that the inspector is his fan so there is no need to worry, Samer asks Rishab if this means that Preeta would not get justice, Rishab says that she would surely get justice however he is tried to trying to convince each and everyone.
Gaitari assures Preeta that the police will take their side, they hint to another case where the girl was wrong as she only desired wealth, but this is not the case with Preeta and they would surely win the case.

Sherlin is walking in the hall way, she checks out the window wondering that she thought that it si was Prithvi however when she turns she is shocked to find that Prithvi is standing behind her, she asks him what he is doing in the house, he mentions that he came to fulfil what she was not able to as she told him that Preeta’s was thrown out of the house but she is still present in the house, She asks her questions which makes Sherlin suspicious and she asks him who throw him out, he responds that no one ahs the power to do this to him, he hugs her asking that she should never leave him with his plans as she is all that he has got. He hug her, when Sherlin asks what has happened, he mentions that he will ruin the Auroras and make them realize that he was the person who wanted to accept their daughter and whom they rejected which he cannot bear, Sherlin is tensed when they hear the police coming which makes him nervous and he asks her why they have come, she mentions that they have come for Preeta as no one wants that she come into their house so Karan has called the police on her.
The police enter the house, the inspector exclaims that Karan has called them here, Karan enters the hall and the inspector is not able to take her eyes off him as she is a big fan of him, she also takes a selfie with him before being serious as she asks the reason, Maira jumps in exclaiming that Preeta is claiming to be the wife of karan but it is not the case as even the family members are not accepting Preeta, then Gaitri mentions that he has himself accepted that he married Preeta.
Karan stops them mentioning that he has called the police to tell them what kind of a girl Preeta actually is, he mentions that Preeta tried to kill his father and also tried to make sure that he did not get out of coma and she even tried to kidnap Rishab so she should be arrested for the both of these crimes, Preeta exclaims that both the crimes that have happened are true but it is not the case as she has no relation to it, she says that he always blames her for everything that is wrong with his family, she mentions that he married her with all the rituals while being in disguise, Karan says that she should forget that wedding as no one from his family was there, Preeta explains that her mother was present there and she even gave them her blessings, he is still adamant to refuse the wedding.
Preeta stops him saying that they both have been married twice and once she did not know who the groom was and this time, he was the one who did not know she was the bride. Preeta explains that this time his family tried to object to the wedding, but they all know that once the wedding happens no one can change it.
Sherlin refuses to accept that she has been married and tries to make an excuse by saying that there was only a party in their house, Preeta asks her then why did they setup a Mandap, all of them try to refute her but she stops Maira by saying that her sister was also present and she made a video of both their weddings which they are trying to refuse so she has been married to him, the inspector after

seeing the video informs him that he has been married to her twice and so he cannot throw Preeta out of the house for which she can arrest his entire family, all of them are shocked and say that she cannot do this but the inspector mentions that according to all the articles she has been married and so they cannot do anything against her.
The inspector asks Karan to show her the proof that Preeta was the one behind each and everything wrong that has happened with his family, she asks him what proof does he have the Preeta got his brother kidnapped, Rishab jumps in mentioning that she was not behind his kidnapping as he knows that she is not capable of doing something so heinous, he explains that Karan is saying this as he loves him but this doesnot mean that it is the truth, Karan pulls him aside asking what he is doing, he explains that Karan should be the one to remove the misconception from his eyes as what he is doing is wrong.

family, Karan exclaims that he is feeling bad because ever since Preeta has come into his life since their first meeting she pretended to be nice in front of him however he refused to accept her lies as he knows how to distinguish between what is right and wrong, he starts doubting Rishab, Preeta also says that he cannot even trust Rishab so how can he trust her.
Karan pulls her aside ordering that she should not talk in between as he was talking with his brother, Preeta explains that they both were talking about her, so she had every right to talk. She mentions that she tried to explain what she tried to do however he refused to accept that she is right and she could not convince him, she mentions that the entire period of their friendship was lost in trying to explain to him that she was right and so she has decided to do what she feels like and not beg in front of him anymore, the inspector asks that they talk in front of them, karan goes to the inspector saying that he ahs no right and refuses to accept Preeta as his wife, Preeta mentions that he has taken vows at the time of their marriage so he should accept his responsibilities as she needs him to stand by her side for the sake of the betterment of the family, Karan exclaims that she would never get the satisfaction of the doubt.

Karina, Dadi and Sherlin all mention that Karan is right for refusing to give Preeta the satisfaction, Gaitra stops Sherlin mentioning that she should not say anything like this and if they do not stop torturing Preeta then they would have to spend the rest of their lives in jail as when they would break the news in the media they would take the side of Preeta and it would cause a lot of problems for Karan Luthra and his family. They all start blaming Preeta, but she mentions that she has given Karan one whole year to decide but he was not able to so was forced to take the support of the law and take back the right which she deserves.
She mentions that he left her stranded on the road in the middle of the night the first time they were married and now once again he is trying to do the same however she will not let him as she has not got any spare time. Karan exclaims that he knows what kind of a person she is and after some time she will demand alimony from him as this is her nature, Preeta exclaims that she has informed him even before that she never sent any notice. He says that he loves his family a lot and for the sake of removing the mask that Preeta is wearing he is going to accept Preeta as his wife, everyone is in shock to hear the confession, he exclaims that she is now the wife of Karan Luthra, everyone is amazed with the decision, Rishab smiles as he never wanted him to marry Maira.
Preeta thanks god that he ahs finally accepted the truth, Karan mentions that she has gotten what she wanted but now will see what happens when the truth unfolds, The inspector says that she will leave but would come back from time to time in order to check with Preeta so that she is able to see that nothing wrong happens to her, Sameer gets a call from Shrishti.
Maira leaves into her room, Sherlin also follows her, Maira is not able to control, herself saying that she is the one who is to marry Karan, Sherlin also comes in trying to calm her down but Maira says that she was challenged by Preeta and still they were not able to stop her, Sherlin still tries to calm her down, Maira mentions that she was not able to stop Preeta who has been able to come into the Luthra house even when they all have refused to accept her as their daughter in law.
Sherlin explains that Maira has not lost the fight and should at least fight with them as they cannot let Preeta get into the room of Karan as otherwise they would not be able to stop anything from happening.

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