This Is Fate Monday Update 20 September 2021


This Is Fate Monday Update 20 September 2021

Pawan is hitting his men explaining that they should never threaten Preeta as she is his sister in law, Pawan exclaims that she doesnot understand the situation so he is going to explain it, he mentions that the world always says that those who love are rewarded with love but her family ruined his brother life and even threw him out of her house, she doesnot believe him but he answers that his mother told him and she never lies, Pawan points at Prithvi explaining that his brother is acting like a drunk person and is no longer a gentleman so he would get his love when he wakes up.

Preeta orders that he shut up because she is married to Karan Luthra and cannot marry his brother, he exclaims that she should marry Prithvi as he even loves her when she is married so she should also leave Karan and come to marry Prithvi but Preeta doesnot agree which irritates Pawan and he doesnot know how to explain the situation, she thinks that is all because of Maira who is trying to ruin her life because of her own agenda so she doesnot know what she wants.
Maira is in the room when karan enters, she quickly puts the veil so when he enters he asks what has happened to her because she is trying to come closer to him, he backs out and then mentions that Dadi told her that she doesnot want anything to happen that causes a problem for their family, Kartika comes calling karan who is forced to leave and she even calls Preeta to come downstairs.
Preeta mentions that he seems someone who is clever so knows that when two people do not want to live together then they cannot be forced to stay, but Pawan mentions that she can be forced to stay with Prithvi as she has been kidnapped, then she starts yelling at him mentioning that her house is the Luthra mansion and she needs to go back as there is a function where she has to be, Pawan also yells exclaiming that she must tell him what will happen to his brother who loves her a lot. He asks Gochu to bring some water.

Karan and Maira come down to the function where Karan asks her to not do anything stupid as it would be a shameful act for their family, Sarla is worried when Sanjana comes saying that she should not worry as Preeta might be acting different because of stress, Sherlin comes calling her and asks what is wrong with her as she is being so nice with Sarla, Sanjana asks if she really doesnot know anything then answers that it is Maira underneath the veil and not Preeta, Sherlin gets worried hearing this, Ramona also gets tensed when Maira is with the guests, Sherlin takes her away from the function.
Shrishti gets in an auto where she once again gets a message from Janki whom she calls, Janki is adamant to go inside alone but is stopped when Shrishti asks her to wait until she comes as otherwise it would create a lot of problem for them both, Shrishti looses the network, the auto driver suggests that she restart the mobile, she is relieved when the suggestion pays off and the network issue is resolved.
Preeta is sitting pleading with Pawan to let her leave, He sits with her apologizing that he is not able to control himself in anger, then tries to start a fresh conversation asking Preeta is his brother has ever misbehaved with her, Preeta in return asks him if he thinks that Prithvi would have also kidnapped her if he was awake, Pawan mentions that it was his idea, Preeta answers that then she would never marry someone like him as the Prithvi Malhotra she knew would never do such a thing, Pawan starts laughing exclaiming that then she doesnot know his brother at all as if he doesnot get anything that he desires he has a habit of snatching it from others.

Pawan exclaims that his brother takes what he desires without caring for the means with which the objective is accomplished, and the things which he does not by asking he takes it forcefully. Pawan asks if he should assume that she would marry his brother. Preeta replies she is already Karan’s wife and cannot marry his brother so she is not his sister in law.

Pawan sits back exclaiming that she is right. She has not married his brother so how can he call her sister in law. First he will get her married and then call her the name. Preeta pushes him mentioning that she will not marry Prithvi again as she has been married to Karan however he says that she will marry until it is his brother who is her husband. Gochu brings the water but Preeta drops the glass. Pawan asks him to take Prithvi away and get him dressed with in the same clothes he wore on the day of his wedding. Gochu takes him away but is confused as he did not see Prithvi, Pawan exclaims that the suit is still in the room.
Pawan mentions that it is a sign of obsession, Prithvi still loves her a lot so has kept the clothes, he asks her to rest assured as he has brought the mangal sooter filled with diamonds, he warns her to never try to escape as there are a lot of people outside who will catch her so she must be ready and come out with a smile.

Pawan is sitting when Gochu comes, He had dressed Prithvi who looked really nice, Pawan orders him to talk less, then he calls one of his men to bring the essentials of the pooja, he gets worried by Pawan orders that he leave as they will get both Preeta and Prithvi married. He also orders Gochu to leave and bring a Pandit but he constantly forgets something which irritates Pawan who orders that he hurry.


Sherlin is pulling Maira when she pulls her hand, Sherlin says she knows that is Maira under the veil. She asks what is Maira doing, it is not the right thing because Preeta is Karan’s wife. Maira exclaims that she is the doing what was supposed to be her. Ramona also comes mentioning that she should not do this as it is madness, Maira breaks a vase demanding that has she gotten her answer, Ramona says she can do what she desires but is on her own, Sherlin is also forced to leave.

Preeta is in the room thinking that she will not stay as she is married to Karan. She looks at the window but is not able to leave as they are on the top floor, she walks out the door thinking that she will face them all and leave.

Pawan is sitting while everyone else is preparing for the wedding, Gochu brings a Pandit who tries to explain them something however they threaten him with his life and so the Pandit is forced to sit. Preeta tries to leave but Gochu stops her and explain that they are doing all the preparations for her so she cannot leave. Pawan warns that she is forcing them to get angry, she cannot leave. Janki is shocked to see that they kidnapped Preeta from the party so she must do anything and everything that they can to rescue her. She cannot think the name of the person whom Pawan is calling his brother but is shocked when he explains that it is Prithvi.

Sherlin questions Maira about the whereabouts of Preeta, Maira answers that she always used to say that she is the Seeta however it is not he case. Karan is also not Ram but Krishna, who is love of a lot of women but there is only one wife and she is like that for Karan. Sherlin tells Maira to be practical as both Lord Krishna and Ram were gods, but in this life everyone is a human. It is not right to compare them both. Maira exclaims that she only desires that she marry Karan and the one who calls herself Seeta is not there to create problem. Sherlin does not understand. Maira says where there is Ram there is Seeta, and with her is Rawan who will do SeetaHaran; and it has happened. Sherlin does not understand so. Maira tells her that she has called Pawan Malhotra who came to take her for his brother. It is all sorted now. Sherlin slaps her shouting she does not know what she has done. Pawan is like a fire which will burn everything that comes in its way, she is really tensed about their future.

There, Janki enters the house in an attempt to save Preeta. She attacks Pawan but beforehand Gabbar uses chloroform to make her unconscious. Preeta was worried for Janki now.

Ramona shares her worry with Sanjana that it will be embarrassing if someone finds out about Maira.

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