This is Fate Monday Update 20 May 2019

The Pandit starts the function, Rakhi asks Sarla if she thinks that Manisha will back out, she agrees Rakhi starts to praise her, Shrishti asks Preeta if she got the reports, she reacts by shouting when she hears that they did not get the reports, she has to explain herself for this, the Pandit again resumes the ritual, Manisha thinks that she cannot handle this and gets up,. Kartika asks where she is going, she says that he has to get the engagement ring, Kartika offers that she will get it for her but Manisha leaves, Shrishti steps in and tell she that she has only 20 minutes to get the ring otherwise they will not get engaged, she leaves after the permission.

Karan and Preeta leave to get the reports, Rishab is not able to understand where they are going, and Pandit asks Dadi to get the Chunri which is for Manisha she says that she will not go.
Manisha is yelling at Prithvi, she thinks that Prithvi is cheating on her because he does not want to give her the property, Prithvi is walking with a lot of care, he gets a call from Manisha who says that she will back out from the engagement because he did not came, she needs he call, he finds her and explains all that has happened, she remembers that Rishab was the one who had her mobile, he gets very amazed because his name would have been made visible, she starts to laugh and shows him that she saved his number by the name of Mushabiat. Dadi comes, Prithvi hides and also pulls Manisha, Kartika comes asking Dadi to hurry, and she informs her that the Chunni is in the middle drawer, Dadi also nodes in agreement.

Dadi goes into her room, Manisha asks Prithvi to come out, she asks him what he is doing, he says that it is because they all are keeping a very strict eye on him, he asks her to go and get engaged, she asks what is the surety that he will come, he says that he will surely come as he is give her the property to her.
Mahesh and everyone are looking for the reports, the waiter comes asking for the paper where he had written the invoice, he says that he has forgotten it somewhere and will give it to him after sometime, he gets angry ion Karina because she was not able to keep a single report safe.

Preeta and Karan bump into each other while looking for the report, they starts to argue when Rakhi comes and says that Manisha has come back with the ring< The Pandit has asked Karan to also come. Shrishti is constantly saying to Rishab that he should have taken the number and it is because of him that they are doing nothing worth mention otherwise they would have caught Manisha, Rishab says that sometimes she is rally irritating, Shrishti gets nervous at this Karan asks Preeta to come with him because he is ready, they all leave, Manisha is very nervous and worried, and Prithvi asks her to smile. Karan and Preeta come together to the party, Prithvi gets very jealous after seeing them together, it is very difficult for him to control his emotions. Karan goes to the stage and is prepared for her.

Engagement, Rakhi start to cry, Mahesh clams her down saying that nothing will happen to Karan. Manisha also asks her what the matter is and why she is crying, she makes an excuse saying that they are the tears of joy, everyone calms her down, the engagement then proceeds. Prithvi comes to the Preeta and make her wear the ring, he starts to explain that he has bought this only for her, Janki is thinking that something might be wrong because she feels that Manisha is just playing a game with Karan, Prithvi sees that Karna is looking at them, he wonders that he would let Karan gets jealous. Pandit asks Karan to make Manisha wear the ring, he does not listen e and then he asks Manisha to do the same, Karan reaches for the ring, it drops from Manisha hand, he apologizes and goes to pick it up, there he and Preeta both reach for the ring and get very close, they start to go into the romantic zone thinking of the times they both have spent together.

Prithvi reaches for Preeta, Karan gets very jealous at this and is very angry. The driver advises Sherlin that thy can a take a shortcut if she wants to reach the house early, she agrees only demanding to reach the mansion as soon as possible, she prays that none should see the reports. She remembers what eh saw and wonder that if Rithwik is working with Luthras then the engagement and will never succeed, which will land Prithvi in jail, Sherlin is very worried, thinking that the engagement should be on time. Preeta is worried about why is Karan smiling, she makes him wear the ring, the Pandit asks him to also give her the ring, Everyone starts to cheer, Kartika after seeing the ring is amazed to see that it is not the ring which she gave it to him.

Rakhi says to Mahesh that Karan must have got very sad after the engagement and as they says that someone may get excited if they are really depressed, Sarla also says that she agrees because if he was in his senses then he would never be so happy, Dadi says that this is not the case because he has done something which is full of suspicion. They all get confused, Dadi makes them stop.

 Rishab asks Shrishti to go and announce the dance, she invites Karan and Manisha and also Prithvi and Preeta, Karan asks her why she called Prithvi, she explains that she did this to make her sister come and dance with Karan after he shifts Manisha towards Prithvi, when the dance begins Prithvi is sure that Karan has taken the ring because of his cleverness Preeta asks Karan why he is smiling, he says that they should make Prithvi get engaged with Manisha, she ask him to stop because he is to marry her.

Rishab says that Karan should not dance like this with Karan, Dadi asks him why to which he says that he was fighting and that is the only reason he said this, she wonders why he cannot see that Karan likes Preeta which is because he also like her. Preeta ask him to stop saying bad things regarding Prithvi because he is to be her husband, Karan asks for proof, she says that she has the ring which Prithvi gave him, and Karan says that she no longer the same ring, Preeta is shocked to see that Karan changed the ring.

Preeta is shocked to see the ring, she asks that where her ring is, he says that her engagement with Prithvi is now broken because he has taken the ring and given it to Manisha, she ask him how he did it, he says that when he slipped from the floor was actually all planned and he made it
Karan comes to Preeta, he says sorry, she is very angry, he however starts to tease her, he answers that it is a brand new ring, she says that it is not hers but he says that it Is a ring, he says that she is overreacting, she says that he took her ring and now she is wearing someone else ring, she says that it cannot be nothing, he asks ig she found the reports, she says that she was not able to but has taken a screenshot and has it in her mobile, she is about to show it to hi but sees that her phone is

broke, she remembers that it was because of Karan and the they are again about to have a fight, just then she hears that Sherlin has come.

Everyone is shocked to see that Sherlin came to the party and they make her sit, Shrishti asks Preeta why their mother is so caring, She says that she is a mother and must have not been able to bear the fight , they all look after her and Rishab asks her why did she came, she says that she has an important work to take care of, Preeta tries to pressurize her, she yells at her that she got hurt because iof her, Karina asks her what she meant buy this, she says that what she really meant was that Preeta us getting hurt because of her because she has to do all the tings which were her responsibility, she asks to use the washroom and leaves for the room refusing anyone’s help.

Manisha hugs Sherlin and praise her for coming to her engagement even in this condition, they all share a happy moment, and Sherlin leaves for the washroom, and Manisha says to Rishab that he has a beautiful wife. He says that she is still his finance and has not become his wife, Manisha also agrees with what he is saying.

Sherlin says to Prithvi that Preeta has seen her pregnancy report, he gets realty angry starting to blame her for the mistake, she says that it is because he did not pick her call, she says that when Preeta will tell Rishab then they both will be thrown out of the lives, he gets really sacred.