This is Fate Monday Update 2 November 2020


This is Fate Monday Update 2 November 2020

This is Fate Monday Update 2 November 2020: Preeta is walking on the road when she sees a gift roll towards her. She looks up and finds a man loading gifts in his car. She looks closer and sees it is Rishabh. She tries to walk towards him but finds

someone attacking him and kidnapping him in a car. Preeta runs out and finds a car door open, she tries to steal the car to save Rishabh.

Preeta remembers that morning, how Mahira came to her house and confessed the truth. She is still shocked that Mahira tried to kill Mahesh. Srishti asked Preeta to come with her and stop the wedding from happening but, Preeta refused. Sarla also tells Srishti to stop bothering Preeta if she doesn’t want to go.

Karan and Preeta miss each other during his wedding.

However, Preeta cannot stop thinking about Karan at home. When the haldi falls in her kitchen she thinks about Karan’s haldi ceremony.

Rishabh also asks Karan if he really thinks Preeta tried to kill Mahesh. Karan says he is not sure. Rakhi also tells Rishabh that Preeta couldn’t attack Mahesh but she doesn’t know who really did it.

Mahira is worried that Rishabh will find out the truth. Sherlyn also sees Rishabh as a threat and decides to find a way to get him away from the house until the wedding is complete. Prithvi meanwhile, plots a revenge plan for both Karan and Rishabh.  Sherlyn first tries to irritate Rishabh to make him upset, before unknowingly helping Prithvi with his plan.  Sherlyn tries to divert Rishabh’s attention away from proving Preeta’s innocence. She tries to convince him that his family is against Preeta so he should join them and get Preeta arrested. Rishabh refuses to listen to her but Sherlyn continues to argue with him. In the end, Rishabh loses his cool and scolds her for always being against Preeta who is clearly innocent.

Kareena notices Rishabh shouting at Sherlyn and gets upset. Sherlyn cries and tells Kareena that everything is fine. However, Kareena wants to take Rishabh and speak to everyone about his actions. Rakhi and Sanjana both feel Rishabh was wrong without hearing him out and ask him to apologise but she refuses to do so.

Mahira messages Preeta photos from her wedding ceremony to make her jealous. Preeta asks Srishti to read her horoscope which says it will be a memorable day where she will either be killed or she will save someone’s life. Even Rishabh is about to leave the house when he sees his horoscope in the newspaper which says he will get killed or someone will die saving him.

Prithvi calls up Sherlyn and asks her why she is ignoring his calls. She tells him that she had created some drama in the Luthra House. She also reveals that Rishabh will be going out of the house soon. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to stay away from Rishabh for a while. Prithvi cuts the call and says he has come up with the perfect plan. What is Prithvi’s plan for Rishabh? Find out in the upcoming episodes.

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