This Is Fate Monday Update 18 October 2021


This Is Fate Monday Update 18 October 2021

Sarla hands some clothes to Janki ordering her to have them pressed, there is someone on the door an when she opens it, Rakhi is standing there, Sarla immediately asks them to come in then scolds Shrishti for not informing her as she would have taken care of the house otherwise, Rakhi stops her saying that she should not be so formal as they are a single family and there is nothing to worry about, Sarla explains that when she heard Preeta was going to Manali she had taken out the clothes which is when she found some of the other clothes which they do not use and so she thought of having them pressed and given to those who are in need, Sarla exclaims that she started talking about the clothes and forgot to ask them what they would like to have however Rakhi mentions that they have had the breakfast, Janki mentions that she should have the tea made by Shrishti as she makes fine tea, Sarla exclaims that it would have been in their dream as it is not the case, Shrishti goes to make it when Sarla explains that Preeta used to take care of everything but now that she is gone Shrishti is starting to take responsibility but that is why she teases her. Rakhi asks why she not came to meet Preeta, Sarla mentions that she met Preeta just the day before yesterday and Rakhi even allowed Preeta to come with her, they had a lot of time to talk with each other, she therefor decided to meet with Preeta when she comes back. Rakhi ads that she should have come as Preeta was going out of town but Sarla is not able to answer, Rakhi mentions that she did not come because of some members of their family, Rakhi explains that they are not those who cannot take care of their daughter in law even when there are some people who have a different opinion of the society, but it is something that prevails in every household.
Mahira is packing her clothes when Sherlin comes asking her to come as they are ready, Mahira inquires about her suitcase at which Sherlin mentions that it is already in the car, Mahira gets a call from the mechanic Jadav who explains that the car broke down just as they planned and both of them are in front of him walking towards the resort, he explains how he assured them that the car would break down after reaching the bypass, he mentions that he would send the account number so they can transfer the money, Mahira exclaims that it was the right plan to call Jadav and spoil the car, Sherlin exclaims that she must not forget who made the plan before stating that now they would make sure that everything happens according to their plan and the countdown begins.

Rakhi exclaims that there might be some members in the family who have a different way of seeing the world but there is no family who doesnot have problems. She assures her that those would be sorted with time and they all would love Preeta with they have he same she asks if Sarla understands what she meant then Rakhi asks her to come into their house without any worries because she has married Preeta and not broken the relation, Rakhi then pleads with her to drink the water first because she ahs not have anything to eat, Rakhi explains that she will have the tea when Shristhi comes from the kitchen, Sameer also goes after her in the kitchen.
Preeta and Karan are walking when he explains that the scenery is a lot beautiful but Preeta mentions that she doesnot have the strength to walk and so cannot move as they have been walking for a lot of time and still have not been able to reach anywhere, karan explains that there are two options that it is that they either wait for the mechanic on the road or can go to some place and have dinner so that they are able to refresh themselves, Preeta mentions that there is a third option and it is that he can carry her as she is not able to walk anymore, karan exclaims that it cannot happen because he doesnot have the strength to walk as she is really heavy however Preeta mentions how he casually picks her in the house, Karan mentions that there is a difference but Preeta refuses to walk so sits on the road, karan is forced to turn and Picking her up walks on the road, he asks her to take off his glasses but then after walking for some time mentions that he can no longer lift her because she has gotten a lot fat, Preeta asks him to put her down because if he gets tired then they would be in a lot of trouble, she exclaims that she has gotten better so would be able to walk for some time.
Shrishti is in the kitchen preparing tea when she smells it to ascertain if it has prepared properly. she realizes that she forgt to put an ginger in the tea however she is not able to find it but then decides to call her mother as she would not be able to talk with her mother as she is with Rakhi, Sameer is smiling

however she scolds him saying that she ahs a lot of pressure so he must remain quiet, Sameer picks it from the basket but Shrishti seeing it blames that she has stolen it however Shrishti mentions that it is her time, he comes closer to her however she asks him to get back because she doesnot want him to come closer however he comes saying that tea would not be able to taste without any sugar, Shrishti asks him to not come close as she doesnot like it, he starts teasing that she doesnot like if any man comes closer, Shrishti is not able to answer then she stumbles and he catches her after that they both get in a romantic state when Janki comes saying that she would have to help making the tea, mentioning that this is how Karan and Preeta used to fight and that everyone is waiting for them and if they do not come out then everyone would come inside and they would not be able to do anything.
Janki leaves but they both are still standing, Shrishti is not able to say anything and gets mad when she realizes that tea is boiling, she starts pouring it out and after smelling it sees that Sameer is standing beside her, she signals him to come outside but he doesnot respond so she leaves.
Preeta is relieved to reach the restaurant and she orders one plate of every single item, karan exclaims that he would taste something from her but she explains that he Is the one who said she is always eating so she would focus on it, they see that a group of dancers have come and they began to perform so Karan also starts dancing after which they are forced to join them, Karan and Preeta are in the middle when he says that he will watch her, then they both start a competition of dancing to see who is better than the other.
The competition starts with both of them doing their best to beat the other however the competition proceeds ad everyone who is sitting also starts to enjoy their dance ends both of them come close to each other, karan pulls her closer and they are looking into each others eyes when they realize that it is a public place.

Rakhi stands to leave when Sarla mentions that it felt really nice, Rakhi exclaims that she should also give her a chance to say the same, Sarla explains that she would give her the chance as Rakhi is saying this to her. Rakhi prays that both Karan and Preeta have gone as two but should come as one and that their relation remains strong all their lives, Sarla explains that she is a mother and so her prayer would surely be accepted as the marriage happened under depressing circumstances.
The mechanic hands the car back after fixing it, Preeta exclaims that she is really happy to see the car and they both sit in the car.
Sarla also says something but Shrishti is not able to understand so Rakhi explains what she meant and then they both take their leave, Shrishti is also signalling, Sarla stops her, Shrishti explains how she was quiet because of Sarla and prays that Preeta and karan come back from the honeymoon with a baby, Janki is confused as how can they have a baby just after a few days, Sarla wonders why all the mad people have gathered in her house.
The receptionist of the resort is applying makeup when the waiter explains how he knows why she is doing this, Karan and Preeta enter, every girl rushes to have a selfie and the receptionist mentions how he has come into her heart, however clarifies that she welcomes him in the resort, Karan exclaims that he loves the craziness of the fans but when they ask for the room she refuses as she first wants a selfie, Karan prepares himself to take the selfie when Preeta sees Mahira and is wondering what she is doing here.

Karan takes selfies with some fans. Preeta tries to speak to him but he ignores. Preeta whispers to him that she spotted Mahira. Karan says she got crazy, as Mahira is home. Preeta was pushed to a side as Karan keeps on posing with the crowd. Preeta thinks about following Mahira in the corridor.

Kareena hears the doorbell ring. She deliberately mentions to Rakhi that Mahira is not feeling well, she said no one must disturb her or knock her room. Sameer thinks Mahira must have heart ache. Rakhi goes to see her, but Kareena says Sherlin is there to take care of her. She asks about Rishab’s meeting. Rakhi tells them that Rishab said there are multiple problems, he will try to be back soon. Rakhi says she feels sad, as both her sons are not at home. Sameer hugs Rakhi in consolation. Karina tells him to go and sleep now, he has to take care of office. Rakhi goes to her room.

Preeta follows Mahira in the corridor. She hits a waiter and a couple in hurry but miss the track of Mahira. She thinks the girl felt like Mahira. She calls Sameer and asks him to check if Mahira is home. Preeta says she felt she spotted Mahira in the resort. Sameer says Mahira has a headache, she is in the room with Sherlin. He says it must be her daydreaming, and advices her to spend time with Karan there. Preeta smiles that Karan is no less a devil. Sameer teases that a smile emerges as soon as she hears his name. Preeta taunts that this all comes from his friendship with Shrishti. Sameer blushes and greets Preeta.

There, Shrishti was unable to sleep. She was bored, then decides to call Sameer. Sameer asks how she is doing. Shrishti says she was bored. Sameer gives her an idea to talk about them. Shrishti was not in a mood. Shrishti was upset for Preeta. Sameer says he talked to Preeta and boasts that Preeta is now his sister in law first. He says Preeta felt she saw Mahira in the resort. Shrishti asks if he confirmed himself if Mahira is really there. Sameer says Karina told this all and forbid them to go to her room. Shrishti asks him to go and check at once. Shrishti says Preeta must have seen them there.

Sameer goes outside Mahira’s room. He knocks the door, but it was flung open. Sameer whispers to Shrishti that he is really afraid. Shrishti was sure Mahira was in Manali. Sameer spots someone under the blanket, he goes to remove it on Shrishti’s insistence and was taken aback when he sees the pillows. Shrishti was now sure that they were in Manali.

Mahira comes to the lobby which Preeta had just left. She calls Sherlin to inquire about her room. Preeta was upstairs but could not spot Mahira.

Shrishti asks Sameer if he knows a friend who can take them to Manali. She plans with Sameer to leave at once.

Mahira comes to the corridor. Preeta again hit someone and her phone fall. Sherlin comes to drag her aside, while Preeta runs towards the corridor. Before she could find the girls, Karan came to the corridor. Karan was still in disbelief that Mahira could be here. He says they are here to spend time with each other, she must stop thinking about Mahira. A receptionist runs to Karan for autograph. The receptionist was shocked to see the signature. Karan says that is his new signature. Preeta asks what is new in his signature. Karan says he wrote, Karan Preeta Luthra; he can add her name in his when she did the same. Mahira was angry at the receptionist and jealous of her. They go to the room right in front of Karan and Preeta’s room.

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