This is Fate Friday Update 7 August 2020 Preeta wedding ceremony starts


This is Fate Friday Update 7 August 2020 Preeta wedding ceremony starts

Sherlin is driving her car and listening music she gets a call from Prithvi who mentions that he is coming to meet her in fifteen minutes, She pleads him to watch a movie with her as they both need a break from the drama that is in their lives, he asks her to immediately come, after ending the call he says that they both would love the movie and must watch it.
Preeta says that she wants to explain something to her, Sarla calls Rakhi but when she says anything Sarla says that she is ashamed of herself because she was not able to give the love to her and that Preeta still cares for them, she knows that they would have insulted her even when she came to invite them to her weddings so she is taking back the invitation and requesting that they do not come and spoil the wedding function.
Rakhi says to Mahesh that they have no relation with Preeta anymore, even the last string which was the reason of their attachment broke.

This is Fate Thursday Update 6 August 2020

Prithvi is left shocked to see all the preparation that Sherlin has made for him, they both sit on the couch, He ask her where her mother is, she replies that they day Mahesh got into the accident she left the country, they both drink wine on the celebration of their victory, she starts to have romance with him, he ask why is she doing this even when she is a married woman, she explains that he has no interest in her and always thinks of his business so she also stays away from and wants to be with him.

Prithvi also says that he loves her, mentioning that he got scared after Preeta went to the Luthra house, as they might accept her but now she was thrown out and will only think of him.
She mentions that he only belongs to her, he asks what she wanted to talk about, she says that he wants him to end the marriage as she does not want him to marry, she wants that Preeta be left alone.
Preeta tells Shrishti that Karan warned everyone that if they come to her marriage, he will have no relation with them, so they will not do anything against their mothers wishes and will marry Prithvi, Shrishti says that she will think for ruining their marriage if she says to, Preeta says that Karan also said the same thing but she will not listen to him, she adds that the relation she has with his family she earned it by herself without his help so he has no right to stop them from coming to her marriage. Shrishti gets angry saying that she doesn’t feel that it is the right time to get married and she will not help her in any matter.
Preeta is adamant in her decision and vows to not back out, Preeta says that she hates him, Shrishti asks her to calm down requesting that she think of what he said because he might still have feelings for her, Preeta slams her hand saying that she is an idiot to think that he has feelings for her which he did this by throwing her out, she also hates him before leaving, when she leaves Shrishti think why does she not understand why he is angry with her maybe it was because he wants to come closer to her.

Prithvi asks her why he would end the marriage, she orders him to not marry, he asks the reason because she was the one who forced him to get married and now is asking to end it so casually, she tries to explain that there is no reason to remain with her because she is not a threat anymore, they have achieved all that they wanted.
Sherlin asks him to go home and think of the reason which he will give, he refuses to break the marriage, saying that everyone does not work by her orders, he has his own self-respect and will not do it, Sherlin threatens that if he does not do it then she will leave him, she tries to explain to him that she wants to be with him each and every night, she has not allowed Rishab to touch her and wants to go with him on her honeymoon.
Preeta is crying thinking of all the bad things that Karan said to her and also threatened her

Janki asks Preeta to remain calm and not cry because she has done nothing wrong and relations should not broke just like that, also that it takes a lifetime to make a relation but a second to break them. Preeta explains that she only went to meet Mahesh but seeing them thought of inviting them , also Bi jee said this to her but Karan again misbehaved with her, she leaves crying, Janki prays to god asking him to make her see some way, she thinks of sending them a card as they might the come to the wedding.
Sarla is asking the workers to complete the work, Bi jee asks her why the work is not complete because the guests will soon come to their house, Janki also comes but Sarla gets paranoid asking Janki to go back without listening to what she has to say, she explains that the cook has come and is asking for the menu, Sarla says that she told him the entire thing and she must go back to check the preparations, she asks them to go also requesting Bi jee ton go and check the cook.,
Sarla sees her contractor and warns that if the work is not completed she will not give him to contract anymore, he apologizes assuring that he will compete the work. The guests start to arrive she request that they take the seats.
Maria is on the phone she apologizes saying that she will not be able to come and has some work, Kartika comes she ask if she is free saying that they must go to see the movie and so she books the ticket.
The ceremony begins and everyone comes to put the haldi on her face, one by one her family members perform the function, then her friends come and tease her before doing it, she sees Karan coming to her, he sits in front of her when she asks why he came he says that he came to her function as she is his friend, they both stare into each other eyes, she tries to get up but he stops her saying that she cannot run from him, she tries to break free, he says that he is her love and will remain with her In each and every worry, she says that she is getting married but he asks her to refuse and not marry Prithvi, she refuses saying that her haldi has been completed, he pulls her closer explain that she knows that he is her love and should not marry Prithvi. Preeta refuses to do what he says but he makes her feel that she only loves him and has no place for any other person, they both love each other and are made for each other.
She refuses to do anything saying that she is helpless, ordering that he leave Karan starts to take his step backwards and leaves she ask if he is really going, Shrishti gets confused and comes to ask her who was the person she was talking to, Preeta leaves the room, Shrishti is left confused.
Sherlin ask dadi who is the massage, she taunts her by saying that she is not good at it, Kartika and Maira come thinking that she is not liking it but cannot say anything, Karina comes asking her to go and prepare the breakfast leaving her to take care of her mother, dadi thanks her saying that Sherlin would have broken her bones, Karin a sys that she is new and will eventually learn.

Rakhi ask everyone to come and have the breakfast, Maria asks if they are all so rude or are pretending in front of her, Samer says that it is nothing like this, she helps Karan who is thinking of what Preeta said and that Prithvi is a good person, he gets frustrated shouting that he is not a good person, everyone is left shocked. Karina asks Karan what he meant, he says that it was the food, asking Karina to stop Sherlin from entering the kitchen because she doesn’t make god food, shelling says that it was not her but the Chef and she was just supervising it, he blames her for everything and leaves without listening to anyone. Rakhi assures that she will talk to Karan.
The doctor comes Rakhi asks if he came to check on Mahesh, she takes him to his room, Samer says that he is angry ion someone else, he is taking out his frustration out on them.

Shrishti asks Preeta why she is not talking to her, as she has begun to daydream about Karan asking what he did this time, Preeta explains that she is her elder and must inform something that never consider the relations to be long lasting as sometimes the relations end and those who they love tend to do things that harm them.

Shrishti explains that nothing is wrong in a relation and circumstances can change, Preeta doesn’t pay heed to her saying that she is younger, Preeta explains that she had a very close relation with him which is why she is hurt but she does not have feelings for him, he even taught her a lesson proving that he has not changed since the first time they met, he is arrogant and foolish, Shrishti questions that her feelings are not the same as her words, Preeta doesn’t listen to anything asking her to go away because she has to get ready, Shrishti starts to cry for her sister.

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