This is Fate Friday Update 31th May 2019

Prithvi is taking a bubble bath and then he gets a call from Luthra’s landline, he picks it up and it is Sherlin who warns him that he must go to the hotel in a hurry to stops Rithwik from telling Rishab the truth because if his happens then their plans will fail and Rishab’s also agreed to make Rithwik their partner, she sees someone coming, but when she puts the phone it is Karan who asks her who she was talking to, she defends herself, Karan in an attempt to know of the person tries to redial the number but she quickly wends the call making Karan suspicious, he calls Karina asking her to come to help Sherlin so he can leave, when he is going he wonders what is wrong with Sherlin.

Preeta and Shrishti are trying to take a ride in an auto but no one is stopping and they both start to have a fight, Shrishti says that she knows why Preeta is angry and it is because of the lemonade, she starts to scold her, Shrishti seeing he anger gets away from her by making an excuse that she will get the auto from some other place.
Preeta thinks of what is happening to her and why she is being so jealous, Karan was only caring for Sherlin so that he can make Rishab go away and even if they have something then why is she being so protective.

Preeta calls Rishab asking if has reached he says that he has just parked the car, he ask her why she is on the road, she says hat she was saying to Shrishti to not hurry but she insisted and thy had to come, he says that he has to talk with Karan and must end the call, Preeta says that he has to say sorry to him because she was the one who told him to sign the contract an now he his Rishab partner. He says that it is because of her mistake that they are close to finding the name of the mastermind, Shrishti starts to pull his leg, Preeta scolds her, requesting Rishab to pay no heed to her words, she says that they have got the auto and will reach soon. Rishab after ending the call gets frustrated and enjoys how beautiful Preeta is and how much he likes talking to her.

Preeta turns to Shrishti and is running after her to beat her, she stops her, Shrishti says that she is not able to understand why Rishab loves her because she is rally fat, Preeta gets really annoyed, She says that she feels that Rishab loves Preeta and Karan also has feelings for her, Shrishti is not able to comprehend what Preeta wants, She tries to put the blame on Shrishti but she ask her to not involve Sameer, they enter the auto, he also praises their sister bond.
Prithvi gets a call from the hired Person who is going to kill Rithwik, he gives instructions to in to make it like an accident and leave no trace of the person, and Prithvi also identifies the car and the make and model.

Prithvi is talking with the hired gun making him realize that he must do his job correctly and not kill the person, he must just get injured, Prithvi ask him what he is seeing at he says that he is just looking at Prithvi and his guts, he puts on his clothes and then thy resume, he again asks for the orders. Prithvi then ells him and just then Rishab comes and ask for directions, he gets really scared hearing it, The Driver says that Rithwik is coming and he must leave.
Karina ask Sherlin why she never showed any care for Rishab and that will make him feel better, she says that she wanted her to take care of him but instead she is caring for her, she has a lot of hopes from her and she must never tell anyone of her health and must come to her room secretly. She wants her to take responsibilityof the house but is just a liability for them.

Sherlin is thinking of Rithwik and Prithvi and leaves, Karan also gets a call, she goes outside and calls Prithvi but he does not pick it up. She then calls Manisha, Manisha gets afraid to see it, Sherlin is wondering that she will kill Manisha if she does not pick the [hone and is thinking of haw5ts he can do to make her come 0n her side, Manish threatens her to say something as soon as possible otherwise she will ned the call, Sherlin asks her to tell her the whereabouts of Rithwik, she tries to make excuses of his whereabouts, Sherlin is not convinced and asks her again, Manisha getting nervous cancels the call.

Rithwik is driving is car and is very annoyed by the driver of the truck, he tries to pass him but nearly misses him and tries to escape, the driver again comes behind his car, he tries to escape for the driver and r3each the café but is unable to.
Preeta calls Karan asking where he is saying that she and Shrishti are about to reach the café and he must get before Rithwik.
Ritwik tries to get away from the mad truck driver and when he asks what his intentions are, he says that he is going to kill him, Rithwik gets scared and then his car slams not a tree. Preeta says that she will end the call but then as she is about to cancel it she sees Rithwik injured, they both go to his aid, Karan also comes.

Prithvi is very worried and wondering if the driver did his job and killed Rithwik, he picks up the phone and is wondering why Sherlin is calling him, he decides that he will call her first but then calls the driver, asking if he did his job, he says that he has killed Rithwik but there are a lot of people near him and he will not be able to escape.
Karan takes Rithwik out of the car ensuring that he does not get hurt, they try to keep him awake, he also tries to tell them something, Karan sees the driver and goes to catch him, Preeta yells at Karan asking him to come and they both deduce that he is dead, Shrishti is not able to catch the driver, she asks a motorcyclist to help her and leaves with him to catch the driver,
Karna and Preeta try to stop him but she doesn’t listen and she leaves off with him leaving the both of them scared.
Prithvi says that his luck is really bad, Rithwik got into the Accident but the driver was caught and he does not understand what they of people walk around at this time of night, he tries to call his mother but calms him down thinking that the driver will call him once he is saved and there is nothing to worry about.
The driver is trying to escape but is not able to get away from Sherlin, he shouts at her saying that’s he must go back,. She asks the motorcyclist to drive fast as they have to catch him. He gets more fast and slams his truck into a tree.

Shrishti asks the driver to stop the bike, she goes and tries to get the driver to waken he does not wake no matter what she does, and the driver also comes and asks if he is dead but Shrishti says that they must take him to the tea stall.

Rishab is in the café and wondering what happened and why Rithwik is not coming, he gets a call from Karan asking why Ritwik did not come and what has happened, Karna sys that he will never come as he is dead, Rishab asks him to stay and he will come, Preeta wonders if Shrishti was right and the accident was because of the mastermind.