This is Fate Friday Update 3 July 2020


This is Fate Friday Update 3 July 2020

3rd July 2020 Friday Update on This is Fate update: Prithvi says that he loves her and has always only loved her, he only tries to harm those who are his enemies so she must believe him however Sherlin is also confused and then he says that he cannot be forced to hold on to anyone and so will end everything and will leave her and take revenge on his own,.

Sherlin gets scared of leaving him and hugs him, he makes her emotional saying that he will leave her which break her down and she goes after him, saying that he is her true lover and so anything so small as these fights cannot make him get away from her.
He hugs her and when he backs away Karan is standing there, Prithvi seeing him gets scared and pushes her away saying that she must look when she is walking.
Samer asks Rakhi to hurry because Mahesh is waiting for his tea, she asks why he is so anxious. He says that he is like this because he is tensed and said that everyone in this family is suffering because of what happened to their family, Sarla also says that Preeta was about to get hurt and if it was not for him, Rakhi also praises him for always being their o help those in need, Shrishti gets very angry.

Karan is standing asking what is happening, they both start to make excuse and try to cover it up however Karan is not convinced and keeps on targeting him saying that he is not a good person and what he said regarding Manisha was all wrong as she came to hurt him and he is trying to hide something that has happened between them, Sherlin begs him to not make it an issue and leaves saying that she has to talk with Karina, Karan warns him to remain conscious because he is watching over him.

Bi jee is with some person who is saying that Janki will be very happy when he leaves Janki comes, she ask her if her drug has worn off ,s she say that she has, Janki asks who the person is she says that he came to fill the insurance which she is going to take on behalf of Janki, Janki gets very angry saying that she will not take it because she has no money and even though she leaves in their house still she gets no money and so she asks Janki to come out and explains that she has taken it from the prime minister policy and has to pay only 12 rupees per year so she has no reason to worry as she is also a member of their family, they both hug each other.
Rakhi and Sarla are in the kitchen, she is praising Prithvi saying that’s he even called his family to thank them for being In a relationship with them, Shrishti asks her to never do anything of the sort, Sarla asks her to scold it and Rakhi also agrees with her, they both leave when Shrishti ask Samer who also says that Prithvi saved the life of Preeta as Manisha was yelling that she will kill them both so Prithvi saved her life, Tanvi also comes and takes his side which angers Shrishti a lot.
Samer tries to explain to Shrishti that he would thank the person who has saved the life of someone which is close to him, however Shrishti does not listen and getting very angry leaves.
Prithvi is waiting for Preeta call, he gets a call and it is Sherlin, he says Preeta which angers her a lot and she argues with him, he explains that he thought that Karan would tell her everything and so was scared that she will question him so was waiting for her call.
Rishab and Preeta are going back, she thinks of what Manisha said to her, she questions her thinking that Prithvi got hurt because of her and she was the real target because Manisha hates her and she might have even come to kill Prithvi because he is engaged to her.
Rishab sees her confused and stops the car asking why is she getting so tensed after thinking of what Manish said to her because he said those things only to make her more nervous, he requests that she not worry of anything and he will make sure that she gets into jail for a long time, Preeta also agrees and so he ask her too smile.

Sherlin warns Prithvi that she cannot come because if Karan sees them together then he will make sure that they both are thrown out of the family. She asks him to come to her immediately as they will discuss what to do, he ends the call and thinks that he must go and meet her because he will then make him ad, also his day has gotten worse because of Karan.

Karan is in his room wondering what Chachi said regarding Sherlin and Prithvi, he remembers what they said and thinks that he has to prove that they both are treated so which will end Sherlin’s marriage with Rishab and also break the engagement of Preeta with Prithvi, he vows to do everything to prevent Preeta life from being ruined.
Prithvi is leaving when Karina stops him asking why is he leaving because the doctor is on his way,

he however makes an excuse and leaves, just after him Sherlin also comes and asks for her leave, Karan is waiting on the stairs and thinking that this is the most opportune moment as this will enable him to save not only Rishab but also Preeta.
He starts to follow Sherlin however she suspects him and turns back but he hides, he sees them both going together, he thinks that he will make them confess and will catch them while they are together so this will prove him right. Karan also leaves after them.
Rishab Is concerned for Preeta asking her to not worry, she says that she cannot comprehend what has happened to Prithvi however he says that he is okay and she must not worry, he says that she does not understand his position because everything is because of his fault, She remembers what Sherlin said and says her name, they are in front of them in their car, and they both are about to get into an accident, Rishab gets angry over their stupidity however Sherlin is praising him for his intelligence.
They move forward and again are about to get into an accident with Karan however he doesn’t stop and again moves forward with his chase which make Preeta and Rishab worry for his actions.
Sherlin and Prithvi are in their car and are thinking of what to do with Manisha, Karan is in his car and thinking that he will make sure that both of them get away from the lives of their family members.
Karina is on the phone, Rishab and Preeta come, and everyone asks if they have filed the FIR. They agree and also Rakhi says that Sarla has gone home because Bi jee called her back, Mahesh is worried for their safety and starts to discuss their plan however Rishab says that he will take care of everything, Rakhi is however concerned for his well being, he takes it as a joke and starts to tease her, Preeta starts to enjoy the moment with everyone else.
Sherlin and Prithvi reach her house and have a drink, he starts to act as if he is in love with her so that she does not get suspicious of his love for Preeta, he starts to romance with her all while acting
Karan reaches to Sherlin house and vows to not forgive them and record all the evidence and after that showing it to their family members and hence proving that something is fishy.
Prithvi start to laugh, Sherlin asks the reason, he explains that she should have seen his face when he made everyone realize that he was hurt while saving Preeta and he knew that he was lying but was unable to do anything furthermore she should have seen his face when Preeta was dressing his wounds, this mention of Preeta really angers Sherlin.

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