This Is Fate Friday Update 3 December 2021


This Is Fate Friday Update 3 December 2021

Rakhi mentions that Karina has realized that everything that has happened in their house, Preeta has nothing to do with it which is why she went to the police station and has also apologized to Preeta for blaming her, what else do they need because Mata Rani has listened to their prayers so the few relations which had some problems in them have also been sorted so this is what they would celebrate together, Sarla starts crying so Rakhi says that she feels Sarla has gotten emotional, Sarla mentions that they are

the tears of love which is because ever since they both know each other Karina never liked Preeta, who cares for everyone and considers Kritika as her daughter so she is felling delighted that both the families are together, Sarla explains that they would celebrate the party with full zest, Sarla and Rakhi both pray that Preeta comes back as soon as possible, Rakhi ends the call praying for Preeta.

Janki is really worried and standing when Sarla questions what the problem is, Janki mentions that Karina can never mend her ways and she only apologized because Preeta helped her daughter so she felt a sense of motherhood but can never be nice, Sarla asks her to speak nicely but she leaves saying that she said what she felt was right.

Preeta is lying in her cell, Karan comes and calls her, she asks how he was able to meet her, Sushila comes explaining she cannot give them much time, Karan mentions that he went to meet Ruchika and she told them who the real murderer is and it is Megha, Preeta questions if this means Akshay did not die because of her blow, Karan explains she has also agreed to give a statement in favour of her and she would be freed now, Karan explains he would bring Megha so Preeta would be proven innocent and will come back with them, Preeta explains she cannot wait to meet the family members because she really misses them all so is dying to meet them, karan assures that he had promised to get her evicted of the charges against her so would surely fulfill his promise because he cannot live without her, he kisses her forehead exclaiming his love for her before leaving.

Shristhi and Sameer both are pleading with the constable to allow them to meet Preeta for just five minutes however he declines explaining that they with a lot of difficulty allowed Karan to meet her, they even request him to just give them permission for one minute but he declines, Karan comes out thanking him for his help, he advises them all to leave before the other constable arrives as then his job would be in danger, Karan asks Shristhi and Sameer to bring Ruchika meanwhile he would bring Megha, Shristhi however says that she would like to bring her as if Karan gets mad then it might cause a lot of problems, karan is however adamant but Shristhi makes him swear on Preeta’s life, he explains that even when he can break the promise he would not so she can bring Megha with Sameer, Shristhi hugs him thanking him, he leaves, Sameer also says that he would make sure Preeta comes back safely, Shristhi leaves explaining that she knows, Sameer is amazed she did not kiss him when she kissed Karan.

In the morning Karan goes to meet the lawyer who is worried asking why did Karan come to meet him three hours before the hearing, Karan reveals that he has found out the real killer and it is Megha the girlfriend of Akshay, the lawyer asks if Karan is sure that Megha is the killer because if this is the case then why did they find the bracelet of Ruchika in the factory as this means that Ruchika was the one blackmailing Prithvi and if he speaks from experience then would say that she is the real killer, Karan mentions that he would bring them both then he can find out the truth to which the lawyer agrees.

Megha is instructing the person to wait while she completes her packing and they can leave, Shristhi and Sameer enter and stand Infront of her, she questions what they both are doing, Shristhi asks if she is trying to leave the city, Megha asks why would she leave as she has not done anything, Megha says that she was asked to vacate the house, Megha asks what is their need, Shristhi mentions that everyone has been blackmailing them, at first it was Akshay and now even Ruchika is blackmailing them saying that she has some video for which they had to give some money to her so that she doesnot say anything but now they have also come to her with the hope of giving her some money because they are tired of this blackmailing so need her to keep quiet if she needs then they can give her two million rupees which she can take and keep her mouth closed, they then act as if they will leave saying that the offer is only valid for one day because they do not know if Karan will change his mind so they try to leave but Megha agrees saying she would surely come with them as she needs the money, Megha goes to place her bag, Sameer is amazed that she agreed to come with them, Shristhi mentions that it is because of the money for which anyone will agree to do anything possible. Megha comes out so they all leave for the court.

Rakhi is with Karina and Pammi explaining that Karan and Sameer have already left for the court while the driver is also waiting for them, they walk down but are amazed to see Mahesh laughing with Dadi at the table, Dadi comes explaining that he has forgot that Preeta has been arrested and is instead laughing on the past events, Mahesh asks them to come and sit as he cannot eat alone and even call Rishab and Karan, Karina signals Rakhi to go, they all are really worried.

Karan is standing with Ruchika outside the court, she is really tensed about what would Megha do when she comes to meet them, Shristhi steps out of the auto with Megha, Karan questions why she is alone, Shristhi explains they got into an accident and Karan is dealing with the traffic police, Shristhi mentions they would both get the two million promised but just after the court hearing is finished, the police arrive with Preeta, Shristhi feels like meeting her sister but thinks she has to first handle them both so stays behind whole Karan leaves, Shristhi asks them to come inside however Megha points out that she said the money would be given outside the court however Shristhi says they cannot give the money standing on the road.

Karan stands in front of Preeta and is about to talk when the ACP stops them saying they are not allowed to talk, Karan requests some time to talk with his wife, the ACP allows it and orders the constable to bring her inside as soon as they are finished talking.

Karan and Preeta both are hugging each other, she steps back and they both are weeping, Karan explains that he has brought Megha and Ruchika so there is nothing to worry about, he says that he desires to say he is doing everything for himself because the room also misses her a lot and even he cannot live without her, Preeta mentions they would talk about it later but Karan asks why could he say it now because he thought he would say how much he and the room is missing her, she needs to come back and take care of everything, Karan explains that he has not come to sit and listen to the hearing without saying a word but instead wants to inform her how much everyone was missing her, she explains that even the heart of their room was beating for her, he even allows her to sleep with him on their bed, Preeta says that he only exclaims he cannot do anything but she knows he is capable for anything which he desires, Karan mentions it is because he is The Karan Luthra, both of them once again hug each other.

Rakhi is with the doctor who says he has informed them at the Holi event that the memory of Mahesh has not recovered so they must all be really careful because this is a really tense situation, Rakhi explains that what has happened today never happened because he forgot what he was saying just a moment ago, the doctor once again says that he informed them that they must stop Mahesh from taking any sort of tense because otherwise it might deteriorate his health even more, Rakhi is really worried, the doctor explains the memory of Mahesh might take some months to fully come back, he leaves to check Mahesh.

Rakhi is standing, Karina and Dadi come asking what the doctor said, Rakhi replies that there is nothing to worry about, she explains to Karina the doctor explained Mahesh might not be able to remember everything for a couple of months so they all must keep him away from any sort of stress, Dadi advises her to leave for the court hearing while she would stay to take care of Mahesh, Karina also desires to stay back, she explain that she knows Preeta means a lot to her so she must leave for the court hearing without any worries for Mahesh as she along with Pammi and Suresh and Dadi would take good care of him.

Karan and Preeta are both hugging, Rakhi walks along with Kritika, they both get nervous seeing them both, Kritika even signals them but they do not listen, Rakhi then calls Karan’s name after which he steps back, Rakhi explains that Dadi is not feeling well so Mahesh decided to stay back, Karina also explained that it was not right to leave them both alone as they are both patients, Rakhi asks her to never think that her family is not there to support her because she has come for her, Preeta explains she never thought like that, Rakhi hugs Preeta.

karan explain she is hugging her like a mother and so there is nothing for her to worry about because Sarla has also considered him as her son, Sarla says he is her son and there is nothing to consider about, he asks Rakhi if she is feeling jealous, Rakhi holds him by his ears, he asks what has happened, Preeta exclaims that it is the love, everyone gets worried, Preeta mentions it is because he is loved by everyone, Karina also says that she is also loved by everyone now, he promises that he would make sure Preeta is with them at the dinner, ACP comes explaining it is time for the hearing and they have to take Preeta, she starts walking when Karan calls the ACP thanking him for allowing the meeting.

The court hearing begins, Preeta walks to the witness box, Prithvi is anxiously waiting for her to look at him but then thinks that it is not fair because he is really worried for Preeta still she did not even look at him, Rakhi and Kritika also sit down when Shristhi sits in front of Megha and Ruchika.