This is Fate Friday Update 26 April 2019

Rishab says to Shrishti that she can come with him and he will pick her once he comes back, Sarla comes back and she forgot the bill, when she reaches she sees Rishab and then wonders what she is doing, she says that Preeta is her good child but she is not obeying her and keeping in touch with the Luthra’s.
Mahesh and Sameer collect the money, Rishab comes and they ask him, he syas that he has made a deal and will bring Karan back, he says that they must all remain quiet and not do anything that can harm this plan of his. He is about to leave when he bangs into Sherlin, she asks him where he is going but he says that he has a business deal; and so wants to hurry.

Rishab takes the last bundle from Sherlin goes away, she wonders from whom will she ask about the plan, she thinks that it will be Karana, she goes to meet her.
Dadi and Sherlin try to convince Preeta to go and tell Karan about the good news that Masnisha has agreed to make a deal with Rishab, she eventually agrees to go, Sarla is listening and wonders why she is doing this and what will happen to her life if she helps Karan and why is she not understanding trhis, Sala follows her and wonder why she is being so stubborn, Preeta enters the room and ask the inspector to let her meet Karan, he says that he will not let her meet him again but she insists and he agrees.

Kirana is putting the things back when Sherlin comes and wonders what would have happened, Karana sees her and ask her

to come in she comes in and asks her why Rishab was taking so much cash, she at first is about to tell her but then she thinks of what Rishab said and then says to her that it is nt anything important, Sherlin acts emotional and leaves, she calls Prithvi who is very happy but she says that Rishab has something in his mind and will try to make a deal with Manisha, hearing this Prithvi gets angry and so tries to shout at her, she then says that as if some oje is behind her, he says that she must save his number as mom, she goes to check on it and finds Kritika hiding behind the curtain, she yells at he r for listening to her calls, she says that she was listening because she believes that Sherlin is not right for her brother, she then leaves, Sherlin thinks of a plan to make her get out of the way of her plan.
Karan says that his brother will do anything for him and now has agreed to give money to Manisha for him, he says that he will be so out and they will be together, she gets scared and when he asks her she says that she came without her permission, he says that this is the problem with good people and thwey have to choose between mother and friends. She says that she would have said to her mother rand she would have been convinced but Prithvi has said a lot of things to her and now she will not listen to what Preeta says , she says that she will now not meet him even when she wishes and will only agree to meet him when Sarla says , he also says that this is the right choice as Sarla is her mother an dhwta she will says will go and he also agrees to this and then she says that she will go and never meet him or his family again, Sarla hears this and starts to cry.
Manisha asks Rishab how was he able to arrange this money in such a short time, he says that it is not her concern and she must say the truth, she asks him to call his lawyer or will she record it, Shrishti starts to record it and then she very carefully says everything that is to make them fall in her trap, Shrishti gets doubtful and just then Manisha says that he wants to say it on record that he is giving her money to say that the charges were false and she was given money for it.
Rishab does not understand what she is saying, she then says that she will not take e the case back against the person who Molested her, she says that she will not take the money and will not be sold, Rishab says that she has gone mad, the police enters and he makes Shrishti run away, the police arrest him and take him away, Manisha goes to Shrishti and says that she did not make her go with Rishab because now she will tell Preeta that if she tries to fight her then Manisha will destroy her.
Mahesh says that something is wrong as Rishab has not called her, Rakhi gets very emotional saying that she knows that something is not right, Mahesh says that she must calm down as this kind of work takes time,Kirtika comes and asks them to follow her as it is a very bad news, they open the door and listen to the news that the police have arrested Rishab for giving Bribe to Manisha, hey say that Rishab wanted to pay her to take back the case fir ,money, Rakhi gets emotional and starts to cry, Mahesh calms her down.
The police are taking Rishab, Shrishti enters tan rise to talk some sense into the police, thy do not listen and Rishab asks her to stay away from this matter, and the police take him into their custody and push Shrishti out of the way.