This Is Fate Friday Update 24 December 2021


This Is Fate Friday Update 24 December 2021

Dadi asks everyone to leave and take the rest because they must be tired, Preeta tries to leave but Sherlin stops her.
Shristhi enters the house, Janki is tensed so asks what has happened because now Karan is released, Shristhi mentions that Preeta tried her best to help Karan but was not able to and Sherlin however brought the proof that Megha murdered Akshay thereby saving herself which is why she is tensed.

Sherlin questions Preeta what is she thinking, she warns her to never try and blame Sherlin as she can very easily snatch the person without whom she cannot live just as she snatched the position of the favorite daughter in law, Preeta answers she knows Sherlin is the real murderer, she accepts she was there when Akshay was murdered but it was all an accident, she says she went to meet him because he was blackmailing her with Kritika’s photos, Preeta was even right as the contact Bakra number 3 was none other then Sherlin, Preeta replies he was blackmailing her because of the pregnancy report, Sherlin is stunned, Preeta reveals she saw her pregnancy report in Akshay’s house so all that she has to do now is find the reason he was blackmailing her, she will reveal it to the entire Luthra family, Sherlin warns her to step back as she has just snatched the position from her but can also ruin her, Preeta is not scared by her threats, she leaves saying she would find the proof against her, Sherlin is tensed but then decides to call Prithvi and Mahira to her room as they both need to be taught a lesson for not helping her.

Janki takes up the telephone when Shrishti questions who is she calling, Janki apologizes to Preeta explaining she was not able to come in the court hearing, Preeta mentions there is no need to worry about because Karan is back with them, she ends the call as Karan came into the room, Janki says to Shrishti she felt Preeta was clam, Shrishti reveals she would says her husband came back before leaving for her room, Janki exclaims ever since Sherlin came into their lives they have not been able to live happily.

Karan exclaims she has changed a lot because she did not use to end the call when he used to come before, Karan sits on the couch so she asks what is he doing as she sleeps on to when Karan exclaims it is indeed a really nice couch, they both can sleep together, she gets tensed when he asks her to sti with him, she sits placing her hand over his hand, they both get nervous and after seeing each other in the eyes, Preeta takes back the hand, Kara recalls how she hugged him when he was finally evicted of the charged, they both slowly move their small finger closer to each other before finally locking it in, they are constantly smiling after looking at each other, Karan sits up against her, kissing her forehead, he exclaims he knew she is tensed after what happened in the court, Preeta however says she is not jealous because there is not any competition however there is only one problem because they both know the truth about Sherlin but she always manages to save herself while blaming others, they both get tensed.

Sherlin is sitting in her room, Mahira and Prithvi both come asking if she called them, Sherlin questions what has happened as they both have come to her room after just one text, Prithvi and Mahira exclaim they are glad she came back safely, she warns them to not be nice with her as Prithvi did not think of her when she was asking for his help, Mahira seeing the opportunity also mentions she saw her requesting him for his help but he declined, Prithvi warns Mahira to not interfere in their matters as she has no right, Mahira responds she is her friend when Sherlin stops her reviling she is no longer her friend because she did not help her, Mahira then explains herself before apologizing, Prithvi coming in front of her explains if he had helped her she would not have brought back Karan and become the best daughter in law of the house.

Prithvi reveals he did not help her because he knows that she would not have given her best if he helped him, Sherlin however push him away explaining that his dialogues would not work on her so he must not think of her, Prithvi and Mahira both try to explain themselves but Sherlin explains that she would not be there for them when they will need her help the most but they are both tensed, Rakhi enters the room asking what happened, Sherlin reveals both Prithvi and Mahira were worried about her health so came to inquire about it, Rakhi hands the glass of milk, Sherlin says she is feeling tried so needs to rest, Prithvi turns to leave when she asks if he has to talk of something but he leaves, she closing the door thinks that now everyone would have to prove their loyalty to her because her status is above Preeta in the house, which she must maintain.

In the morning Preeta wakes up, she then sits up on the sofa so Karan also wakes up, he exclaims that it might have been the first time he has seen her face after waking up, Preeta also says the same but he says she is lying as she always stares at him, Preeta starts laughing saying that it is a joke however Karan forces her to accept that she used to stare at him however she then thinks of leaving to prepare the breakfast because everyone would be waiting however Karan pulls her towards him demanding that she stay with him because he is really missing her. Mahira seeing them thinks she is only staying in the Luthra house because of Karna however he does not even look at her, she thinks she would have to take sure Preeta suffers as only then Karan would give her the attention she deserves.

Mahira is sitting on the table, prithvi comes with the black coffee and offers her some but she refuses, he questions what has happened when she says that she is tensed because Sherlin is mad with them however Prithvi assures her that he knows how to calm her down.
Karina also comes questioning where is everyone else when Mahesh along with Dadi enter from the front gate mentioning they were just fulfilling the vitamin D but Dadi scolds him explaining she only went because of him, Dadi shouts at Ganesh scolding him for not preparing the table, he brings the dishes and even apologizes, Rakhi however explains she would serve them as they made some extra dishes on the request of Preeta, she comes revealing she thought to make all the dishes which they like as Karan came back, Kritika jokes saying she would have surely made apples in the breakfast, Karan taunts her explaining they grow on trees, Kritika gets tensed so starts hitting him, and even complains to Mahesh, Dadi orders them to focus on the breakfast.

Sarla is massaging her head as she is suffering from extreme pain, Janki questions why did she come out as she was about to bring the breakfast in the room however Sarla reveals he was not feeling comfortable in the room so came out, Shristhi also comes, seeing her mother is tensed but Janki mentions that Sarla doesnot listen to them, Shristhi decides to call Preeta but is stopped by Sarla who assures the pain would go away in a day or two as she is suffering from high blood pressure, Shristhi is not convinced so agrees to not call Preeta is Sarla goes with them to the hospital and they have a complete medical check-up.

Rakhi makes Sherlin sit, Prithvi exclaim it is worthwhile to see the love that exists between them, Dadi reveals it is not the love of a mother-in-law but that of a grandmother as she is really existed to be one, Rakhi reveal she would be more delighted if the child is a girl. Karina announces that she feels they should get Prithvi and Kritika get married after three days as Karan has come back after a long time and even Rishab is coming back since most of the issues are going to be resolved, Rakhi has a suggestion to perform the ceremony performed for pregnancy after two days, Karina agrees explaining there is no need to seek her approval as it is a matter of joy.

Karan leaves saying that he would leave for the cricket practice, Prithvi also leaves saying he needs to leave for the office, he doesnot even have anything for the breakfast, Rakhi asks Preeta to invite Sarla for the ceremony explaining they would not listen to any excuses, Mahira thinks she is inviting everyone but has forgot about her so she feels her life is being destroyed in this house.

Sarla explains she knows she is not well but she is already having the medicine which the doctor will prescribe as she has been having so why should they go as he would prescribe the same medicine so what is the need to waste money, Shristhi exclaims that money is not more important then her so they have to go to the doctor, Shristhi explains that when she is tensed she goes for shopping so if Sarla doesnot want her to waste the money then should come with her to the hospital, Sarla agrees explaining it is better to go to the doctor otherwise she would waste the money, Shristhi mentions she would accept and will not tell Preeta, she even asks Janki to not say anything to anyone. Janki asks them to go while she would prepare the lunch.\

Sherlin enters her room, she feels pain so immediately calls for an appointment at the city hospital so a check-up can be performed.
Shristhi and Sarla reach the reception, she asks for the doctor explaining they have an appointment for her mother, the receptionist asks the name of her mother, Sarla immediately reveals her name, they are pointed towards the reception and Sarla starts scolding her asking who does she think they are as no one really knows them, they are not a superstar so have to reveal their name as they are the ethics, Shristhi says she is not that small, Sarla leans against the pillar as she is feeling dizzy and is about to fall, Shristhi asks the nurse to bring the wheelchair but Sarla refuses explaining she will feel better when Shristhi keeps on talking with her, they move towards the cabin.

Sherlin has her file in the and, she calls someone, Prithvi is in his cabin when he gets a call someone on whom he starts scolding saying they are good for nothing because the company is constantly suffering losses, Sherlin calls him but he ends it, she once again calls it but then he answers it saying she must end the call if she has dialed it for time pass, Sherlin mentions she needs him but he explains that only his business needs him, she however explains she is not feeling well, he asks if she is suffering from pain, Sherlin asks him to meet her at the reception of the city hospital.

Shristhi and Sarla are with the doctor who advises her to perform some tests as soon as possible, Preeta enters the room greeting the doctor then asks the doctor to speed up the process, Sarla scolds her questioning why did she call Preeta, however Preeta says that she was right to call her, the doctor asks Preeta to go to the first floor.

Shristhi and Prithvi enter the hospital, Prithvi explains if she is feeling well they should go back and come when she suffers from pain, Sherlin responds why does he want to wait for her to have some sort of pain, she will have the check-up now as they have come, Sherlin exclaims she has an appointment, the nurse asks the name of the patient, she reveals since she is pregnant she would be the patient, the nurse replies the normal doctor is off duty so they can consult with the consultation doctor who is Roshni Desai, Prithvi is shocked, Sherlin remembers she was his ex but Prithvi tries to disagree saying that Roshni was not so clever so cannot be a doctor, he feels she would have come children but Sherlin questions how does he know all of this, he calms her but she leaves.