This is Fate Friday Update 21 August 2020 Karan finally marries Preeta


This is Fate Friday Update 21 August 2020 Karan finally marries Preeta

Preeta requests Rishab to stop as he means a lot to her, she has no words to explain him, she explains that it is the wish if her mother that she gets married and she cannot hurt her for anyone, he does not know that she met her mother after twenty years, he explains that he has not asked her to do this but he is leaving as he cannot see her like this, her friend Rishab is leaving forever without the possibility of coming back.’

Rishabh tells Preeta that her friend is leaving for ever. He won’t be back. He tells her to always be happy and starts walking away with teary eyes. She watches him leave and cries as well. He comes outside and says first time he came to Kumkum hall, everyone had become so close to him. He didn’t expect to go away from everyone. He wipes tears and says anything for his family. He will never be back to this place. He gets into his car and drives away.

Prithvi looks in mirror and praises himself. Rishabh couldn’t do anything to him. He gets shocked seeing Karan behind him. He asks Karan not to mess with him and get out from there. Karan puts hanky on his nose and makes him unconscious. He then ties him up with help of Sammy. He asks Sammy to go home. He looks at Prithvi and says it won’t be Prithvi who will get married to Preeta. It will be him (Karan). He comes outside with his face hiding behind sehra and sits in mandap. He says in his mind that his feelings for Preeta are increasing. First they were friends, now he has hatred and enmity for her. Sammy wonders why Karan sent him back. Karan is for sure up to something. Two people are marrying whose families don’t like each other at all.

Wedding ceremony starts. Karan says in his mind that Preeta is not marrying, she’s making biggest mistake of her life. First he couldn’t see her in pain, but now he feels he will be happy seeing her in pain. His wound will heal. Prithvi’s mother is relieved that she got free from Sherlyn. She feels bad for Luthra for getting bahu like Sherlyn despite not liking them.

Kareena asks Rakhi why she went to Preeta’s marriage when she knows it’s Preeta behind everything bad that’s happening in their house. Rakhi says she just went to give her blessing as she takes her as her daughter. Kareena says Preeta knew very well that Prithvi did the accident and still released Prithvi from jail. Preeta doesn’t care about anyone. Kareena further says she can’t forget insult they had to face in police station because of Preeta. If she really likes Preeta that much, then she can tell others to leave the house. Rakhi says her intentions weren’t wrong. She asks Dadi to say something. Dadi supports Kareena. Kareena says finally Preeta has gone from their lives. Sherlyn is glad and says now Preeta won’t come in her way.

Sarla wonders whether she took right decision to get Preeta married. Preeta should be happy after releasing Prithvi from police station, but she is not. Dadi says if there is any family that Preeta respects, then it’s Luthra. Sarla says then she would not have gone against them. Dadi says she just supported Prithvi because she thought he’s innocent, not because she loves him. Kareena asks Rakhi why she is silent now. Dadi tells Rakhi she has always stood with her in all matters, but this time she isn’t with Rakhi. Rakhi says she always held Preeta as a daughter and had feelings for her, she went to bless her on her wedding but she never knew Prithvi was behind the accident. She now hates Preeta. Dadi cries that her Mahesh is almost dead, and doesn’t move or speak. He told Prithvi’s name, but they are helpless and can’t get Prithvi punished only because of Preeta. Sherlin overhears this and thinks since now Rakhi hates Preeta, so will her son. Rishab comes to ladies and consoles them, promising to get punished whoever hurt his father. He wipes tears from Kareena, Dadi and hugs Rakhi. He says Rakhi isn’t mistake, she did anything with love; no one can have such a beautiful family. They must be happy to stand together with one another. He spots Sherlin at the corner, and tells her she doesn’t need to hide behind a pillar and hear everything. Sherlin explains everyone was emotional, and she didn’t know how to handle the situation. Rishab takes the ladies inside.

At the wedding, Sarla was emotional while she performs the Gathbandhan of Preeta. The past flashes in her mind. Sarla silently thinks she recognizes the difference of her tears, she knows Preeta isn’t happy. Shrishti silently thinks Sarla understands there is something wrong with Preeta, but doesn’t want to solve her problem. Preeta silently thinks she can’t believe their relationship with Luthra family has ended, she is no one to them anymore. Karan silently thinks there will be a new relationship between Preeta and him. She hates him, but will have to bear him for many lifetime; that’s the best revenge he could have.

Sherlin comes to Rishab and explains herself that she didn’t hear the conversation from behind the pillar. It was just that they were all emotional. Rishab asks Sherlin why she is overthinking. He knows she had a lot of pressure since their marriage, to prove herself better than Preeta. Preeta wasn’t a daughter or daughter in law of the house; but still she ruled everyone’s heart. But it was past. He realizes everyone in the family blamed Sherlin for many petty matters, and compared her with Preeta. He is sorry for not standing with her when she was wronged. Sherlin had understood him and came into his life. May be they were wrong and couldn’t help her adjust in the family and she had to overhear. He holds Sherlin’s arms and says she is the daughter in law of the family, and must take over her responsibility and her position as the one, rightfully. He doesn’t trust someone easily, and once done he doesn’t let it break as well. Sherlin goes to bring tea for Rishab.

On her way, Sherlin feels free and independent. Rishab is such a perfect man and trusted her. Its good Prithvi married Preeta, else Karan must have fallen for Preeta. She can’t bear Preeta anymore in the house. Now, she will rule the whole family and Luthra house all alone.

Preeta and Karan stand for wedding rounds. Karan gives his hand to Preeta which she holds. The Pandit ji explains the meaning of wedding rounds. It’s about trust, companionship, trust, family entrustment, and standing steadfastly for each other. During the wedding rounds, Preeta stops herself from looking into the past. Karan didn’t keep her friendship, then how can her dreams be fulfilled. The three rounds were complete and Preeta now takes the lead.

After the wedding rounds, Kara recalls a kinner had blessed their couple. And kinners prayers are never forgotten. But that blessing turned into a curse for Preeta.

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