This is Fate Friday Update 17 May 2019

Karan asks the waiter for a drink, Rishab starts to tease him, he says that he will make him drink so that he can tease him as it Is a happy day for them, He starts to think that why are they both happy and his baby is in the hospital, Rishab asks him what is happening to him, and what is he thinking of , he says that he is thinking of Sherlin as he cannot see her, Rishab gets angry, Karan says that he gets very angry when he sees him but he is for once happy today to see him because their plans will get busted today, everyone will know their plans today, Karan says that was he afraid of his father but he says that he is even more big them him, Rishab says hat someone who does not even respect his father how can he respect any girl,
Prithvi says that he respects only Preeta as she is about to be his wife, Karan says that he should eat and enjoy and after that leave, they get called away, Prithvi thinks that they both are very happy and now that he must think of what they are planning.

Manisha comes to the party and is thinking of what she will do, because Rithwik is no were to be founds eh bumps into Shrishti who asks where she is going, she say that she must make friends with her, Preeta comes and ask what the matter is, Shrishti says that she wants to make friend with here but she says that she has no class to be her friend, they start to taut each other and after that Manisha leaves.

Kartika come and asks Preeta the reason for not picking up the call, she looks and is amazed at see how she missed to hear the voice, Preeta notices calls from Babita, she immediately leaves and asks Shrishti to look after the party.
Rishab and Karan com e to the Bar, they both are talking about how Prithvi left when they were pulling his legs, Rishab says that he doesn’t understand that what they are doing with Sherlin is right, Karan says that they are of different types and he must be able to choose, Karan talks of Manisha, Rishab notices her coming from behind and gives her a signal.
They starts to act front of her, she after a time leaves, Karan asks what he will do if Sherlin’s reports come back positive, he says that he will get hurt because he didn’t force her, Karan leaves, Shrishti thinks that it is not fare that he to suffer the most he is the most humble guy.
Rishab is walking, Shrishti follows and stops him, she says that they must go to the police because s mothing from their house was stolen, he gets very amazed and decides to call the police, he asks what was stolen, she says his smile, he ends the call and they both share a happy moment, Rishab says that she us a mental case, Shrishti says that he must not feel bad for anything that happens.
Samer is walking by and is amazed to see how Shrishti is so close Rishab, he gets jealous, Rakhi comes and ask why is he jealous, If he doesn’t like their friendship he starts to make up his words, she understands and ask him to go and talk with Shrishti about his closeness with Rishab and hear wh\t she says, he thinks of what he will say to her, Rakhi leaves him taking the Thali. Shrishti sees Sameer, she calls him but he leaves, Shrishti thinks that he left without coming to her, Rishab also leaves but She follow him and asks him why was he scared if he did not love her, he says that he was scared for his family and espically Karina because if this happens then it will hurt because she was the one who brought the proposal, he leaves, Shrishti thinks that he is a very generous man and everything that happens to him is happy.
Preeta comes to the hospital and asks for Babita, the nurse says that she will call her and her patient is also shifted to the room, she foes to call the nurse herself and Preeta thinks that now she will go away from Rishab’s life and everything will be okay.