This is Fate Friday Update 10 July 2020


This is Fate Friday Update 10 July 2020

10th July 2020 Friday on This is Fate Update: Rishab and Karan discuss Preeta was being a little over-friendly with the guy. He is a little concerned as he never saw Preeta get over franked. Karan looked upset, then accepts his mistake.

Karna says that it is his fault, he made Preeta realize that she was not interested in any boy because she didn’t wear makeup, Rishab gets really annoyed and says that he must apologize to her. He speaks really well for preeta mentioning that she is mature but this docent mean that she does not get hurt.
Sarla asks the driver to hurry, he explains that they are travelling on the link road and cannot go any faster. The hired goons puts pins on the road and then hurriedly go into the bushes and hide the auto, Sarla ask him what the matter is he says that the auto got punctured, Sarla says that she has to gets to a place, and giving him money leaves.
Prithvi’s goons decided to call and inform Prithvi that they have done their part of the work and his Mother in law is coming on foot.
Prithvi is in the party and very angry, he calls Sherlin, saying that Sarla is still stuck on the way, she gets angry and says that he must do something to kill Sara, Prithvi explains that he is thinking of a plan but doesn’t know what is happening, Sherlin sees her mother and ask him to end the call, the waiter comes asking him for his phone but he says that he is going from the party so he will not give his phone.
She comes asking Sherlin what is happening in her life, she also fells that something is going which is really bad, she questions her but Sherlin makes her mother nervous asking her to smile and forget about it because she will not like it. She ask that her mother lie about higher being in the party all the time and she was not able to recognize her. She ask what has happened in the party in her absence.

Shrishti and Samer are both in the car, she does not speak to him and he starts to make her nervous by playing a song, she however gets angry and stops it, she says that she thought if not speaking to him but by the speed of huis car she feels that they will not reach the store in time, so he must speed up, Samer however gets jealous saying that he knows she doesn’t know how to drive, She says that she has a friend who will help her and take her to the store, he stops the car and she taking the keys goes to the store, so she taking the car drives very fast.
Preeta is drinking water when Karan’s friend comes and tries to take advantage of her, Preeta gets nervous and tries to break free, Karan comes and slaps him, he tries to say bad things for Preeta but Karan keep on slapping him, He gets back speaking ill of Preeta, Rishab comes and they both drag him out of the house and warn him that he must not do anything of the sort, he says that Preeta was already interested in him, Karan gets really frustrated and again slaps him, he takes her top Preeta making him apologize to her forcefully, Preeta says Thank you and goes back crying.
The party is in full swing, Prithvi enters as a guest and bumps into Mahesh, he says that he did not see him, he compliments that all the girls will run after him, he also asks dadi to wear such clothes more often because she looks young, Sherlin comes saying that she was dancing with the dancers,
He mentions that she was looking very good while dancing with the dancers, dadi asks where he was because she didn’t feel his presence, he explains that he was not able to get space on the stage so was standing far away while cheering for her, dadi gets tired and leaves saying to Mahesh that she is done. He also decides to join her.
Prithvi compliments Mahesh even more, he also shows more steps, Mahesh goes away, Janki thinks that’s he did not see Prithvi in the party and he is telling everyone that he was here for quite some time. Sherlin and Prithvi come closer, Janki wonders what is going on between them.

Preeta is crying and sits on the bench, Karan and Rishab both come ad seeing her get very tensed, Rishab sits with her saying that she must not cry because they’re with them, she mentions if they had not come then she would have not been safe, eh assures that they are always with her and will be there for her like a friend, he explains that he is and will always remain with her no matter the situation. Karan gets tensed and frustrated and also leaves. Rishab goes after him.

Janki is walking when Ganesh greets her, she stops and wondering thinks that when Ganesh recognized her then why did Sherlin was not recognizable, Janki from the corner listen to the words of Sanjana, she wonders why they are lying because she was the one sitting at the corner table. She wonders why they are lying so she

decides to call her.
Rishab stops Karan asking why did he act like this and the reason for being rude, he says that she must forget all that happened with her as they did what any person should do, Rishab ask him to calm down but he says that he will go and talk with Preeta himself he leaves and Rishab gets annoyed wondering why Karan never listens to him.
The goons are seeing Sarla and are amazed to see her speed, they both talk of how their plans were spoiled and then go after Sarla.
Shrishti is with Sameer, he is very scared and asks her to calm down but she does not listen and tries to scare her by threatening that he will talk to Preeta, she however doers not listen to him and starts to drive even more rashly.

Karan goes to Preeta and starts to scold her by saying that she talked with him for making him jealous, he explains that she must not do this and have some sense, she however starts to weep even more and just when he says that he will be with her all the time and try to protect her at any given point in time,

Rishab comes asking him to remain quiet otherwise eh will lock him in the room. he explain to Karan that he must not be so rude with Preeta, she has a heart and feels pain, he asks her to calm down and correct his error, he agrees and then goes after Preeta.

Prithvi is in the room and very angry as to why was his people not able to stop Sarla, just then Sherlin comes in asking what happened and what is his plan, he says that he has his followers after her, she is stuck on a road that will cayuse her great difficulty and she will come well after the party. She starts to argue with him, he gets really frustrated saying that she always makes mistakes and then he has to correct them. She must start to take responsibility for her actions. She again threaten him and starts to shout, which makes him go against her.

Preeta goes to the balcony and is still weeping, Karan comes and tries to wipe out her tears however she pushes him away making him fell that she is not interested in his help. He warns her to not talk like this with him, she says that she does not want to talk to him, he is not a nice person because she followed his challenge and went to talk with a guy who she did not even knew, she also wants him to not boast himself because she feels that eh is important but this doesn’t mean that she likes him, she also wants to talk to him and be his friend but does not like him at all, he also says that he does not like her but want her to remain his friend.

She turns her face away, he gets curious asking what has happened, she says that she does not want to talk with him, she is already very angry and if she gets more angry then he will not be able to remain her friend, he walks around her and then holding his ears apologizes also assuring that it will not happen again, she forgives him, he hold her face.

Preeta wonders and ask Karan what will happen to him, he explains that he is a good cricketer and his coach will never throw him out for this reason, but if he misses he practice then he will be thrown out. Preeta asks him why he gets angry whenever someone tries to harm her, she explains all the incidents of him ,he asks if she notices him, he mentions that he gets protective for her because she is special and that is a complete idiot and moron, he makes fun of her but she gets angry and leaves.
Shrishti is driving very fast, Samer asks her to slow down but she taunts him if he is scared and looks at him, he says that he is not scared, she starts to drive very rashly, he tries to 0opul the handbrake but she asks him to accept the fact that he is scared, he refuses to accept it, even when Samer

warns that they will get into trouble if he continuous to drive like this,
Sarla is still running, she says that the person who she is talking off is Mahush, he the one who taught her to drive and he is only 15 but still much better than him, he wonders that now that he knows who Mahush is there is no problem, she asks him what he is thinking and then puts her foot on the gas, she is abbot to smash but Samer yells and she stops the car.

Sarla is really scared, the driver comes out and ask if she is okay, she accepts his apology and asks if he could give her a lift because she needs to reach Bandra and then she gets into his car and they both leave.

Prithvi and Sherlin are together, they are wondering what is about to happen, they get call from the goons who says that it is now out of their hands and she has gotten into a car and left for the house, Sherlin takes the phone asking hat he kill Sarla, but Prithvi stops her and then asks that she never do what she has just done Janki comes and ask her why she is beating Prithvi and what is happening.

Shrishti and Samer both get out and apologize to the vendors but they do not listen to them and adamant that they give them money, they ask for a lot of sum and when both Shrishti and Samer argue, they starts to misbehave which angers Samer, he starts to fight and then the fight quickly escalates into which both Samer and Shrishti are involved, one of the vendors comes from behind Shrishti with a knife, just when he is about to hit her, Samer catches it and prevents Shrishti from getting hurt, the police come and start chasing the venders and flee from the scene, Shrishti starts to cry and apologizes to him accepting g that it was all her fault but he assures that it was not her fault.

Janki asks Sherlin why was she beating him, she asks Prithvi why was Sherlin bearing her because a girl only beats a person when she feels that the person has done something wrong with her, she decides to call Preeta which makes Prithvi and Sherlin feel really nervous,. He stops her and says that she loves Preeta really much and that is the same case with him because she insulted Preeta by saying that she is interested in Rishab, Sherlin also counters her by saying that he said that Rishab is interested in Preeta, they both try to defend themselves in front of Janki, by assuming that they will not talk each other anymore and not even want to but were forced to do so because of the Bachelors party.

Prithvi explains that Preeta is very nice and Karina always says and things for them, he however says that he will not look weather it is a girl or a boy he will man handle them, they both signal each other and then they try to make Janki go away, she says that she hates him and leaves, he starts to shout from her back, he explains to Janki that he cannot listen anything against Preeta because he loves her a lot. When he leaves Janki thinks of going and informing Preeta.


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