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These Streets June Teasers 2021

Shantanu is upset on learning that he is going to be adopted. Puchki finds him crying and tries to console him. He shares his reluctance to leave her which prompts her to make him pray with her so that they stay together forever. Coming up on These Streets June 2021 Teasers:

Zeeworld These Streets June 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 1

Arpita comes to Kolkata with her husband, Shubhankar, to meet her in-laws. Having married without their consent, a pregnant Arpita hopes to be accepted by them. In a temple, she prays to Goddess Durga to bless her with a baby girl when she meets a little boy named Shantanu.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 2

When Beauty hurts Shantanu, a livid Puchki avenges her friend. While at Ganga Ghat, a pandit addresses Puchki as illegitimate and calls her wretched. She then asks Arpita the meaning of the word ‘father’. Puchki notices the foreigners from the room and manages to come out, in spite of Shantanu’s warnings. However, Beauty has her own plans for Puchki and locks her up in a dark room.

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 3

Later that night, Puchki does as Shantanu says and is happy to have her prayers answers the next day, while inspector Daroga shows Arpita about the video that Beauty made. Puchki insists on seeing Shantanu. The minute she steps out to meet him, Beauty’s goons try to kidnap her.

Monday 7 June 2021

Episode 4

Arpita later begins to worry when she cannot find her daughter. Thakur Maa grabs hold of Puchki and Arpita and punishes the latter for escaping from Pari Mahal. Arpita then challenges Thakur Maa. Arpita notices Chanda secretly meeting a man, and questions her.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode 5

When Chanda reveals the reason behind her meetings with the man, Arpita gets excited. She is filled with hopes for Puchki’s future. As Shantanu’s birthday arrives, he is startled to learn about his adoption. Shantanu is upset on learning that he is going to be adopted.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode 6

Puchki finds him crying and tries to console him. He shares his reluctance to leave her which prompts her to make him pray with her so that they stay together forever. Shantanu and Puchki’s hideaway is eventually discovered by Beauty but Puchki refuses to surrender. In her bid to avoid being caught, Puchki fails to notice the terrible fate that lies ahead.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode 7

While trying to escape Beauty’s wrath, Puchki falls off the railing. Puchki then regains her consciousness and questions Arpita regarding Shantanu. To this, Arpita informs her that he has gone and will never return. Shantanu leaves with Arindam in his car while Puchki cries and calls out his name.

Friday 11 June 2021

Episode 8

Arindam’s father scolds him for adopting a ten-year-old child. Despite Ravindra’s orders, Nilambar brings Shantanu to the wedding and introduces him to the former’s friends. Chanda seeks permission from Thaku Ma to send Puchki to school but she refuses. Beauty then explains to her that if Puchki receives education, she can help them to get more business, thus convincing Thaku Ma.

Monday 14 June 2021

Episode 9

Shantanu, now known as Shaan Majumdar, embarks on a new journey with his foster parents. As Shantanu playfully twirls Nivedita around, she feels dizzy and faints. Though initially anxious about her health, the Majumdar family is immensely excited by the doctor’s announcement.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Episode 10

On the other hand, Pari Mahal is engulfed in grief with an untimely death. Puchki escapes for a while and asks a midget to save her from Beauty’s grasp. Thereafter, the midget vows to help Puchki. Shantanu returns home and sheds tears because of his failure to meet Puchki.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Episode 11

Just then, Puchki enters his room and surprises him.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Episode 12

Chanda urges Thaku Ma to punish Beauty for being irresponsible with Puchki.  Afterwards, Nivedita questions Arindam about Shantanu’s background.

Friday 18 June 2021

Episode 13

A furious Nivedita later slams Chanda for trying to seduce Arindam. Just as she is about to raise her hand on Chanda, Thaku Ma intervenes between the duo and makes a stunning revelation about Arindam’s relationship with Chanda. When Shantanu comes home with a trophy, he gets upset as Nivedita tries to ignore him.

Monday 21 June 2021

Episode 14

Shantanu sees a broken photo frame and senses that Puchki could be in danger. Later, Rana and Bibi plan to acquire Pari Mahal, but Chanda overhears them. Nivedita asks Ravindra to send Shantanu away, but he refuses. Nilambar arrives with the NGO women to take Puchki away, but Thaku Ma objects.

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Episode 15

Nilambar acts on a tip about an auction of girls and reaches a hotel with Shantanu and the police. However, Beauty and Rana cover their tracks in time and hide Puchki. The Majumdars celebrate Janmashtami with much pomp and many guests. Meanwhile, Puchki escapes and reunites with Shantanu.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Episode 16

Despite the guests’ protests, Vivaan and Meera let Shantanu and Puchki perform the first ritual of the puja. As per Beauty and Rana’s plan, someone shoots at Shantanu and Puchki. TV journalists arrive at the hospital and question Ravindra for stopping Chanda from donating blood. He tells them that he doubts Chanda’s involvement in the shootings.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Episode 17

Nivedita reveals her desire of making Shantanu handicap while Neel cunningly makes Ravindra admit in front of the journalists that he’ll fund all of Puchki’s expenses.

Friday 25 June 2021

Episode 18

Pathan helps Puchki sneak into Arindham’s house during the baby’s naming ceremony. Nivedita is shocked upon not finding Junior in the cradle. Chanda reveals herself in front of the Majumdars and threatens to push Junior down the stairs if they don’t agree to give Shantanu his rights. Chanda accidentally loses her grip, and the cradle goes down the stairs.

Monday 28 June 2021

Episode 19

Nivedita fakes affection towards Shantanu. On seeing this, Arindham hopes that it’s not a game. When Puchki complains to Shantanu about Thaku Maa not letting her go to school, he tells her that even he doesn’t want her to go to school. He further tells her that he wants to break all ties with her and Sonagachi.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Episode 20

A drunk Arindham and Nivedita have an altercation, post which, he points a gun at her. Thaku Maa blackmails Puchki to dance at ‘Pari Mahal’ by threatening to throw boiling water on Chanda. Later, Chhoti Maa’s spirit arrives and asks Puchki not to dance and to have trust in goddess Durga. Afterwards, Puchki manages to trick Beauty and escape.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Episode 21

Thaku Maa whips Chanda mercilessly and asks her to reveal where Puchki is. Next, she commands Rana to kill Puchki on sight. At Sonagachi, Beauty doesn’t believe Rana when he tells her that Puchki has been killed. Later, Neel comes to Sonagachi to rescue Chanda.

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These Streets First Episode

Arpita comes to Calcutta with her husband. she says did you tell at home? Did ma baba agree? He says don’t worry. My ma baba will love you like I do. She says I am pregnant with your baby. They have to love me. They come out of the boat. She says lets go to temple. They come to temple and pray.
A kid next to arpta says no one is there to play with me. Arpita looks for shagu.. He is no where. She is about to fall.. The boy and his mom hold her. She is scared. She says thanks them. She says whats your name? He says Shantanu. Arpita says your son is really nice. She says in heart my son is from a place where there is no childhood. He is born out of wrongdoings.

Beauty says to tailor take measurements for my new blouse. He comes close. SHe shoves him an says please spend thousands to touch me.
Arpita and Shagu stop there. He says come in. She says where are we? This place looks dangerous. please tell me where we are. Beauty says this is pari mehel. Your husband brought you here to sell you. Arpita says are you crazy? We are going to my in laws. He loves me. Arpita says what is she saying? Shagu says she is right. She says what joke is this. Please tell me its a lie. He says this is your reality now. She cries. Shantanu and his mom sees them. He asys mom its the same woman. She says go in.

Beauty says she is useless. She is pregnant. Chanda says do you know what are you doing. Beauty says thakur will decide what happens here. Thakur does her pooja.
Chanda says to thakur we can keep her. she is pregnant we will get the baby too.
Arpita says shagu please don’t do this. Please think about our baby. Chanda slaps him and says people like you don’t deserve anything. You are selling your wife. You disgusting man. She gives him money. Shagu leaves. Arpita sits down and cries. Chanda says lets go.
Thakur asks whats your name.. She does answer. Thakur slaps er and breaks all her bangles.. Arpita screams and cries. Thakur sayas you will become like us. She feels labor pain. They take her to dai.

Shantanu says ma will that aunty live here? Arpita gives birth to a baby. She cries. Shantanu says my friend puchki.

The pindal is set. All women dance there. Shantanu says to puchki ask ma for what you want. Pucki says ma looks so pretty. Santanu says just like you. He says you are idiot. Chand comes and says what happened? She says shantanu said I am idiot. Chanda says he is iditot.
Beauty screams and says white hair. She says to damini my hair.. I have one white hair.

Puchki and Shantau eat together. She says see there. so many colors. Lets go there. Shananu loses Puchki. He get worried. He looks for puchki. A man sees puchki and calls his friends. They surround her. She cries and says shantanu.. He sees her and hugs her. Shantanu says don’t ever leave my hand again. She says sorry. Lets go. Chanda says always be that good friends.
Puchki says to Arpita I got this ribbon. I had so much fun with bari ma and santanu.

Arpita recalls what shagu did. She says happy birthday and gives her chocolate. She hugs arpita. Arpita says let me do your hair. She asys I will look so pretty with this ribbon like damini and kajri. I will do makeup. Arpita says little girls don’t do makeup. She says I will. Boys will whistle at me. she slaps her and says I will teach you a lesson. She says I will cut your hair I will make yu look like a boy. she runs out. Arpita cuts her hair. She says how dare you put on makeup. How dare you look like damini and kajri. She cuts all her hair. Puchki cries.

Shantanu says what happened? He asys what happened to your hair? She says choti ma cut my hair. He says why? She says I don’t know why. She said I will dress like this. I had pretty hair. Kaka says you look good in these too. She says don’t lie. I dont’ wann talk to anyone.
Chanda says its her birthday and you did this to her? She says don’t you understand my worry for her? Her birthdays tell me she is growing old. she will have to work here. Can you promise her they wont let her work? Chanda says I wont ever leave you and puchki alone. I will get you both out of here. don’t you ever make my daughter cry again. Arpita hugs her.

Shantau ties ribbon on puchki’s hair. She says I look so good. SHantanu asys I had to get hair colors for beauty. Beauty tears his books. He says please dont’ do this. She says you didn’t get me hair color. You deserve this. You wont do this again. He cries. She burns all his books. Shantanu cries. Puchki consoles Shantanu. She says don’t cry.
Puchki comes to beauty’s room and says you burned his books now see what I do. She cuts her new dress. Beauty screams Puchki..

Beauty screams Puchki.. You wanted to cut my clothes? Now see what I do. Puchki runs and beauty runs after her. Shantanu stops her. Pucki says move aside. She catches Puchki and says why you did this? She says you burned shantanu’s books. Beauty says now you will tell me how to do justice. She says raise your hand and picks a rod. Shantanu stands in front of Puchki. Beauty says so your body guard came. She hits Shantanu’s hand. Shantanu takes puchki from there.
Beaut says to Mamoni I wont leave that little thing puchki. Mamoni says she is just 5 and she made you dance? Beauty says she is evil. She says go and sleep. Mamoni says take revenge but on right time when she gets older. Beauty says I will sell her myself. She says I will get her on auction.

Shantanu says to puchki see I got juice for you. He says sit and drink. She says no. Shnatanu says why? She says I can’t sit. He says drink before someone comes. She says you drink too.. He says no I got it for you. Puchki says we will both drink half half. Chanda comes and says lets go its sleeping time. she reads Puchki story. She says there was a princess and she was locked in the castle. Shantanu says prince will come and save the princess. Puchki says princess doesn’t need anyone. She can save herself. Chanda says you are right.

Scene 2
Next morning, Chanda says to puchki stay with shantanu. Arpita says stay with pathan kaka as well. She says okay i will but please don’t cut my hair. I like them. Arpita says I wont. Chanda says to Arpita why you do this? Se says I dont’ want to be like us. My husband left us here and ruined my life but he also ruined Puchki’s. I dont know how to hide her from these people.

Shantanu studies. Puchki sits with him. Chanda says puchki you study too. Puchki comes to lake. She goes on the tree. Shantanu says what are you doing here? Come down. If choti ma sees she will be angry. Come down. Puchki jumps and falls in the water. Shantanu screams puchki.. He jumps in the water. Puchki comes out laughing. She says look at you scared one. He says come out. Its not a joke. He pulls her out.
Puchki says should we take pandit’s clothes from here? He says no dont even dare. She picks his clothes and runs. Pandit screams.. He says puchki stop. Leave my clothes. Don’t you have any shame. Puchki says you are so old and you bath here. Don’t you have shame? He says didn’t your father and mother teach you anything?
Chanda says to arpita you have to get ready puchki wont leave you. A woman says to arpita both kids aren’t there. They run.

Pandit says where are you from? He says pari mehal. Pandit says I will have to shower again. You both are dirts. He says you made the water impure too. Puchki says what is impure? He says don’t even come near me or the water. Puchki says bari ma says ganga jal cleans everything.
Pathan kaka says arpita and chanda are looking for you? PAndit says take these sins from here. Puchki says what is sin? Puchki asks what is sin? ANd impure means? Why said water is impure?
Chanda says you are not well arpita. Arpita says beauty wont let me sit home. Puchki comes home. Arpita says where were you? She says went to ganga and learned new things. Three words sins father and impure. What do they mean? what is father?

Puchki says who is my father? Who is shantanu’s father? Arpita recalls what happened to her. She slaps Puchki and faints. Puchki screams. Chanda comes. She puts her in bed and says puchki please rest. Puchki is crying. Puchki says I will sleep with her. She is not well. chanda kisses her forehead and says sleep. Puchki sleeps with Arpita.
Arpita wakes up and says you dont’ deserve to be here. I don’t know how to save Puchki.

Scene 2
Next morning, Chanda says to kids go and study. Beauty says they wont go. They wont go to school. CHanda says why? Beauty says we have big clients coming here? THey can’t be left outside. They will be locked here. We don’t need to study here. Chanda says what if Thakur ma gets to know. Beauty says I will tell her myself.
Clients come. THey say to beauty if we find a good kid we will buy her and take her abroad.
Puchki and shantanu are locked in the room. She peeks out. Shantanu says cme out. I want to go out. I want to see those foreigners. Shantanu says please don’t do this. Come down.

Thakur comes to meet the clients. She says sorry inspector we earn here. We don’t sell them. Inspector says beauty has taken advance from them. Beauty says did you ask me? We can’t sell this girls. Beauty says we have to get more profits. Thakur says don’t tell me how to do my work. I wont let you do this in pari mehal. Thakru says inspector please send them back and return their advance. Don’t ever break the rules again beauty.
Beauty says to chanda you did this. You ruined my plan. Chanda shoves her and leaves.

Shantanu is studying. Puchki sneaks out and falls from from the door. The clients see her and smile. She says hi. The kids smile and say hi back. Chanda says puchki lets go from here. They leave. Chanda says pucki stay here. Beauty comes and says stop. Puchki hides behind shantanu. Puchki says move. Shantanu says sorry. Chanda says she came by mistake. Beauty says I will decide what happens with her. SHe takes her to store and locks her there. Puchki says I am sorry. I wont do this again. Beauty ropes her there. Beauty says no one should be seen near this store. Beauty says to Murli now you see what I do wit this girl. She will go away.

Arpita says to thakur please get puchki out. She is scared of darkness. Thakur says she should know what her future will be. stop crying. Women shouldn’t cry here. Thakur says go and do the work. Arpita says please.