The Rules Of Love Zeeworld Full Story


The Rules Of Love Zeeworld Full Story

Maitree and Nandini are best friends since childhood but when they grow up, Maitree feels betrayed by Nandini due to some unknown reasons and a rift gets created between the friendship of the duo.

The Rules of love will be Replacing Twist Of Fate on Zeeworld.

The Rules Of Love Full Story

Maitree and Nandini are best friends and, to avoid being separated from each other, hope to marry into the same house.

15 years later

Nandini and Maitree are now grown up. Nandini is married to Aashish. They are also expecting their first child. Aashish is an advocate by profession. Eventually Maitree marries Saransh, Aashish’s younger cousin. Unknown to anyone, Saransh is a drug addict. Saransh and Maitree; Nandini and Aashish get into a car accident. Aashish and Maitree luckily survive the accident. Nandini falls into a coma after delivering a baby boy while Saransh succumbs to his injuries and dies. Saransh’s mother, Sona Tiwari blames Maitree for Saransh’s death. Nandini’s mother, Advocate Vasundhara Singh Rathore accidentally mentions in front of Aashish that Saransh was a drug addict, which shocks him. Maitree decides to take care of Nandini and Aashish’s son. Vasundhara informs Maitree that Saransh was a drug addict. Maitree is devastated and confronts Aashish. Aashish tries to conceal the truth but fails as Vasundhara had sent Saransh’s reports to Maitree.

Aashish gets arrested and Vasundhara uses false evidences in court against him to prove that he is a drug dealer. But later, he gets bail and attends his son’s naming ceremony. Aashish and Nandini’s son is named Nandish ( a combination of their name). Maitree and Aashish decide to raise Nandish.

6 years later

Nandini comes out of coma and tries to bond with Nandish, who doesn’t want to get rid of Maitree. As a result, Nandini turns against Maitree and starts to think that she is snatching Nandish from her. She tries to create difficulties in Maitree’s life and turns her enemy. After a series of events, Nandish accepts Nandini as his mother but still continues to refer to Maitree as “maa” (mother). For Nandini’s happiness, Maitree leaves Tiwari Mansion. She meets a fun-loving man, Harsh, and marries him. Later, it’s revealed that Harsh is actually the half-brother of Saransh from his father’s side. Both Maitree and Harsh move into the Tiwari Mansion again. Harsh’s mother, Kamna, tries to torture and kill Maitree but is exposed. Aashish dies, in an attempt to save Nandini from a fire. Saransh who is actually alive turns furious when he discovers that Maitree has remarried. He returns back, and pretends to be Aashish, to seek revenge on Maitree.

Maitree gets pregnant and gives birth to a boy child. Saransh steals the child and misinforms the family that he has murdered him. Harsh blames Maitree for the possible death of their son and throws her out of the Tiwari house. Saransh hands Maitree’s child to a greedy woman, who, leaves the child in the trash. Maitree finds her child and decides to raise him, but she is unaware that it’s her biological child.

7 years later

Maitree lives with her son, Swayam. On the other hand, Harsh still blames Maitree for their son’s death and has adopted a girl, Juhi. For the sake of the family, Harsh and Nandini get married. Maitree is eventually engaged to her boss, Yash. Saransh comes back and tells Maitree and Harsh that Swayam is their son. But due to Swayam’s illness, the doctor tells Harsh and Maitree that they have to produce Swayam’s sibling who will donate bone marrow to Swayam. Maitree and Harsh reconcile for saving Swayam’s life. Maitree breaks her engagement with Yash and Nandini breaks her marriage with Harsh. Nandini gradually realizes that she committed a grave mistake by breaking her marriage with Harsh for saving Swayam’s life. She turns revengeful and join hands with Saransh to kill Maitree. Sona learns about Nandini and Saransh’s plan to kill Maitree. As Sona calls Maitree to expose Nandini and Saransh, Nandini pushes her from the terrace and she dies.

Brief Information and Details on The Rules Of Love Zee World 

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode: 28 February, 2024
  • Total number of episodes: 225
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Maitree
  • Tele Country: Indian

Main Casts and Real Names of The Rules Of Love Zeeworld

  • Shrenu Parikh as Maitree Tiwari (nee Mishra): Dinesh and Sadhna’s daughter; Sachin’s sister; Princey’s sister-in-law; Saransh’s ex-wife; Harsh’s wife; Swayam and Vedika’s mother; Juhi’s adoptive mother; Yash’s former fiancée (2023)
    • Zara Khan as Child Maitree Mishra (2023)
  • Samarth Jurel as Harsh Tiwari: Madan and Kamna’s son; Sona’s step son; Saransh’s step brother; Aashish’s cousin; Maitree’s second husband; Nandini’s ex-husband; Swayam and Vedika’s father; Juhi’s adoptive father (2023)
  • Bhaweeka Chaudhary as Nandini Tiwari (nee Singh Rathore): Vasundhara’s daughter, Rajkumar and Princey’s cousin sister; Sachin’s sister-in-law; Aashish’s widow; Harsh’s ex–wife; Nandish’s mother; Sona’s murderer (2023)
    • Urvi Upadhyay as Child Nandini Singh Rathore (2023)
  • Namish Taneja as Advocate Aashish Tiwari: Omprakash and Kusum’s son; Saransh and Harsh’s cousin; Nandini’s husband; Nandish’s father (2023) (Dead)
  • Saksham Shringirushi as Nandish Tiwari: Aashish and Nandini’s son; Maitree’s nephew; Harsh’s stepson; Vasundhara’s maternal grandson; Omprakash, Kusum, Sona and Madan’s grandson; Swayam and Vedika’s elder cousin; Juhi’s adoptive cousin (2023)
    • Gantavya Sharma as Child Nandish Tiwari (2023)
    • Azima Shaikh as Baby Nandish Tiwari (2023)
  • Zaan Khan / Kunal Karan Kapoor as Saransh Tiwari: Sona and Madan’s son; Aashish’s cousin and murderer; Maitree’s ex–husband; Harsh’s step-brother; Kamna’s step-son (2023) / (2023)
  • Ishita Ganguly as Swarnmani: An Ichchadhari Naagin; Rani’s daughter; Harsh’s one sided obsessive lover (2023)
  • Aadesh Chaudhary as Yash Thakur: Maitree’s boss turned ex-fiancée; Swayam’s father-figure (2023)
  • Ananya Khare as Sona Tiwari: Madan’s late wife; Saransh’s mother; Harsh’s step-mother; Swayam’s step-grandmother; Juhi’s adoptive step-grandmother (2023) (Dead)
  • Manish Khanna as Madan Tiwari: Sona’s widower; Kamna’s husband; Saransh and Harsh’s father; Swayam and Vedika’s grandfather; Juhi’s adoptive grandfather (2023)
  • Maleeka Ghai as Kamna Tiwari: Madan’s second wife; Harsh’s mother; Saransh’s stepmother; Swayam and Vedika’s grandmother; Juhi’s adoptive grandmother (2023)
  • Khalida Jan as Advocate Vasundhara Singh Rathore: Nandini’s mother; Nandish’s maternal grandmother; a famous advocate; Rajkumar and Princey’s aunt; Neelu’s sister–in–law; Chakramani’s sister (2023)
  • Ranav Sharma as Swayam Tiwari: Harsh and Maitree’s son; Vedika’s brother; Aashish and Nandini’s nephew; Nandish’s younger cousin; Madan and Kamna’s grandson; Sona’s stepgrandson (2023)
  • Trisha Bisht as Juhi Tiwari: Harsh’s adopted daughter (2023)
  • Amit Kapoor as DSP Dinesh Mishra: Sadhna’s husband; Maitree and Sachin’s father; a police officer; Saransh’s ex-father-in-law; Harsh and Princey’s father-in-law; Swayam and Vedika’s maternal grandfather; Juhi’s adoptive maternal grandfather (2023)
  • Vijaylaxmi Singh as Sadhna Mishra: Dinesh’s wife; Maitree and Sachin’s mother; Saransh’s ex-mother-in-law; Harsh and Princey’s mother-in-law; Swayam and Vedika’s maternal grandmother; Juhi’s adoptive maternal grandmother (2023)
  • Chirag Kapoor as Sachin Mishra: Sadhna and Dinesh’s son; Maitree’s brother; Princey’s husband; Saransh’s ex-brother-in-law; Harsh’s brother-in-law; Chakramani and Neelu’s son-in-law; Swayam and Vedika’s maternal uncle; Juhi’s adoptive maternal uncle (2023)
  • Diksha Tiwari as Princey Mishra (née Singh Rathore): Neelu and Chakramani’s daughter; Nandini’s cousin; Rajkumar’s sister; Maitree’s sister–in–law; Sachin’s wife; Swayam and Vedika’s aunt; Juhi’s adoptive aunt (2023)
  • Pratish Vora as Omprakash Tiwari: Aashish’s father; Madan’s brother; Kusum’s husband; Nandini’s father–in–law; Nandish’s grandfather; Harsh and Saransh’s uncle (2023–present)
  • Sunny Saini as Kabootar: A Drugs Peddler (2023)
  • Naman Arora as Rajkumar: Nandini’s cousin; Princey’s brother; Chakramani and Neelu’s son (2023)
  • Govind Khatri as Chakramani: Vasundhara’s brother; Princey and Rajkumar’s father; Nandini’s uncle; Neelu’s husband; Sachin’s father–in–law (2023)
  • Smita Gupta as Kusum Omprakash Tiwari: Omprakash’s wife; Aashish’s mother; Nandini’s mother–in–law; Nandish’s grandmother; Saransh’s and Harsh’s aunt (2023)
  • Sangeeta Adhikari as Neelu Singh: Princey and Rajkumar’s mother; Vasundhara’s sister–in–law; Nandini’s aunt; Chakramani’s wife; Sachin’s mother–in–law (2023)
  • Maitree’s sister–in–law; Sachin’s wife (2023)
  • Sapan Chaudhary as Vivek Oberoi (2023)
  • Vishal Kotian as Bajrangi: An autorickshaw driver (2023)
  • Ram Awana as Trikaal: A tantik (2023) (Dead)
  • Hemant Choudhary as Nageshwar: A Shiv Bhakt (2023) (Dead)
  • Shweta Dadhich as Rani: An Ichchadhari Naagin; Swarnmani’s mother (2023)