The Promise Zee World Tv Sunday Update 11th November

The Promise Zee World Tv Sunday Update

11th November

The show starts with Daadi trying to feed Aditya, he says he can’t eat anything as her friends always scare him and the food goes everywhere.. When Aditya goes to have the cake Daadis friends arrive and she goes off..

Aditya talks to Jai about some business.. he tells Ganga to receive the guests. Ganga says Rishi should do this instead.. Rishi says he can’t as his staff have gone on strike.. then its down to Ganga again who goes off after giving the evil eye to Rishi lol

Daadi call Bani and Pronita goes fwd.. Jai watches. Pronita explains herself then all the boxes fall and Jai holds Pronitas arm/hand and we hear suna suna.. then finally jai helps with Daadis gifts.

Outside Ganga is waiting for the guest. Rishi comes to stir things up.. he gives a board with the name Mr Mittal on it.. Ganga goes to hit Rishi but the new guy Pritesh enters..

Ganga introduces herself and then says i wonder what the mitals are like, must be horrible.. Rishi saves Ganga but she goes on and on about how they will come about India..

Rishi tells Ganga that he is Mital and Ganga closes her eyes.. Rishi goes indoors when he was called..

Pritesh (or pretioush i really can’t spell that lol) walks inside and Aditya greets him, he compliments how he was greeted and says Ganga is the best. Rishi gets his foot stamped on by Ganga.. he insults Gangas way of introducing people and walks off with a grin.

Vicky eyes up some ladies and asks his friend who are they.. Daadis friends pull his ears and says we are much sexier than them..

Daadi says Vickys generation is such that likes women with small clothes etc .. Daadi says in her time they were the beauties..

Vicky then says i will show you how its done.. he dances to BILLOOOOO RANIIIIIIII… he dances with all the daadis.. blooming heck.. Raashi dances FULL OUT Bangra!!!! DAMN!

Then Pronita goes to meera and says you must be feeling bad that no one is talking to you. Pronita reminds her about her dance and calls her Miss hawa hawaii..

Ganga is regretting what she said to Pritesh.. she then sees him hugging another woman and waving her off.. she gets cheesed off.

He stops her from leaving and asks what happen, he says so what i hugged her.. he grabs her hand and says that lady was his.. Ganga stops him halfway and he continues saying its his sister.

He then says if you think that’s the relationship you like.. she stops him from talking. He blocks her way and asks why she was jealous and what relationship do they wish to have..she says bye and leaves

Pronita is looking for Jai.. then Ganga bumps into Pronita. Jai asks what happen to Ganga.. Pronita says there is always a time when all this happens, she tells Jai to figure it out and smiles happily whilst jai is confused as ever!

Ganga remembers all the misunderstanding with the new guy and runs upstairs..read daily update @tellyfeed.

Aditya says he wants to share something with everyone.. all the children dance with daadi and basically have a good time with meri dunita playing in the background

Meera then says tomorrow happy days will be over.. she says she is going make Pronita realise who the master of this game is

Pronita tlking to jai. Jai didnt understand Pronita’s words before, he asks Pronita to tell him properly. Pronita says at this age you think everything is better.. jai says i felt this for Bani.. when i loved her.. Jai then gets up and shouts that i wanna meet this guy. Pronita says let Ganga spend some time with the guy.. and now go to Ganga and speak to her she will tell u eventually. Jai thinks about it and then leaves sighing Ganga in her room is thinking of Prityush (the rich lad) then her mobile rings and its him. Ganga says she wasn’t doing anything anyway and the dude apologizes for grabbing her arm in such way and says he respects their friendship a lot. He then asks her for a date, Ganga says theres an orphanage in ali bag that she visits for Janmastrami so she will be goin there, they talk for a little while and then cut off. Ganga says why do i feel bad rejecting him.. in the morning everyone talks about the religious event and then you see Meera all dolled up lighting diyas.. she says she has done the preparation Rano says we will continue the rest. Aditya also praises meera.. Ganga comes to say go goodbye as she’s going to the orphanage, Ganga says she’s grateful to have Jai and MEera in her life (is this a thing for??) ADitya says she’s proud of her and she leaves Aditya then turns his attention to Meera and says like every yr she will do the pooja. Jai wonders when Meera will be exposed.

Pronita says soon Pronita calls Jigs and wishes her and then says what happen in the house, how meera prepared everything, jigs is heavily cheesed off that the whole family is believing her again, she says that she will not let meera do this she is gna come to the house to whup  meeera  Pronita says dnt do that, i will do the pooja, i have a plan.. so she tells her everything

Ganga turns she sees Prityush (OMG! Stalker!!!) he tells her that he has a meetin at the same destination and he will drop her off.. that way they get to know eachother Then a song from Jab we met (i think) hum tho chalnelage plays and they are in a car not talking so they can get to know eachother but staring at eachother so they can mark where each make up spec is… guess this is how you get to know a person Pronita tells Daadi that there is meant to be a specific flower for the pooja. Meera asks what happen? Daadi tells her about the flower dilema and Pronita says that their is a place where you can the flower.. Daadi says shes such a good child and then meera says she will get the flowers Dadi leaves and Meera says she will get the flower as she doesnt want Pronita to take the credit for makin the pooja perfect. Pronita calls Jigs saying the plan is working, Jigs says she will now take over..

This segment kicks off with Prityush being a gentleman and opens the door for Ganga.. she asks where the meeting is.. he says his meeting is with her (Flirt!) Kids come running from outside and they all say we were missing you.. then the teacher says how every child was excited. Ganga then goes in and Prityush gets the bags from the car and that song is back, Ganga is acting as the teacher and all the kids draw, Prityush admires (Read stares lol update at tellyfeed) from the back of class.. he then sits down next to Ganga and tells her that she has yellow paint on her face. He then wipes the mark from her face and helps another child out As meera hasnt arrived home, Pronita does the pooja for janmashtrami (im soo sorry if thats spelt wrng) back in the wold meera is looking for that specific flower.. then jigs appears she grabs the rope thats connected to a bucket of something Everyone prays at home..