The Promise Zee World Tv Saturday Update 10th November

The Promise Zee World Tv Saturday Update

10th November

Pronita tells Jigyasa outside that she wants Jigyasa to enter the house in a costume, Jigyasa tells her she can’t do it, Pronita asks she has to tie the rakhi and then she says jigyasa knows what happen in the 16 years, she is determined to get jigyasa to tie the rakhi. Jigyasa enters the house slowly and she touches things to feel its texture, she watches how her family is interacting with one another, she cries and Pronita says she knws how she is feeling. Jigs says this is the 1st time in 16 years when she is happy, Jigyasa says as long as Meera the kaam wali bhai, is in the house, the interiors will be cheap.

Pronita smiles and says when you enter the house you can change the furnishing. Jigyasa enters and the pandit tells to do the pooja.. Pronita directs Jigyasa upstairs to Aditya’s room. Jigyasa looks at the room and says what is this, his habit hasn’t changed! what horrible colours and then she goes to talk about the photoframes. Aditya enters and then asks the lady (Jigyasa) to bless his wife as she isn’t here, but he wishes she is very happy in life. Although she never let anyone live their life, she was a very nice lady from the heart. When Jigyasa blesses the picture, Aditya cutely says thank you and then leaves, Jigyasa cries a little and then goes to Pronita again who directs her to Ranvir’s room. Back in the other rooms, Vicky and Varun get VIP treatment, the girls ask for their gifts and Varun and Vicky say this year we plan to give you our love as you have everything. Krishna says if you don’t give the gifts she will tell everyone downstairs.

Krishna looks at a rakhi and then walks off, Ganga does the same. In a draw the sisters leave the rakhi as a reminder of Atharva. Krishna says she is sure her twin will be back, she can feel it in her bones. Ganga says if you pray for anything it will happen and says our dreams will come true. Vidya asks why they haven’t put the rakhis in a box, Varun says these girls are planning to bombared Atharva when he arrives and then they give the gifts. Meera arrives and calls for Krishna, Krishna says she doesnt want to hurt anyones feelings today and Meera walks off. Ganga shouts at krishna for the way she behaved.

Krishna says Pronita is the right one, Vicky tells Ganga to stop trusting Meera as one day she will fall BAD! Ganga says leave me alone and she says she will be with Meera till the end. Jigyasa comes out of the room and starts crying, Pronita says she knows how she feels now that she has saw her son. Pronita reminds her about Meera and Jigyasa gets directed to Meeras room, jigyasa tells her to wait she will be back.

Meera complaining of a headache and Jigs in her red disguise walks in. Jigs says you are lucky i am here i can help with your head pain, i know how to massage your head in a indian style.

Jigs tells Meera to cover her eyes so she is relaxed (hahaha) Meera listens (meera cant recognise Jigs voice?)

Jigs takes off her head cover and tucks it at the side.. she then gives meera something to drink.. she says now that you have drank the medication i will help your headache. She slaps Meera and pulls her hair twists her arms.. gets the curtain pole and then hits her a few dozen times! Jigs tells her to rest well and goes to Pronita who have a laugh about everything..

Ganga calls Trishi (the new guy) and he gives her the address at the place he is working (hes a manager at a place i think under the food court)

Pronita shows Jigs Jai’s room and wishes her well in tying the rakhi. Pronita indicates where the thali for the event is.. Jigs gets out her own personal rakhi and very emotionally shows it to Pronita.. she then takes her thali and walks into Jai’s room..

The lights go out with the help of Pronita.

Jigs enters the room and Jai is waiting for Rashi, he extends his arm out and Jigs hands a handkerchief, Jai remembers Jigs and says for Jai to be Jai Walia she helped alot, now she is in jail for something she hasn’t done. I wonder how she is esp on this day.

Jai says sorry and they carry on the traditional ceremony.

Jai gets up to give the gift and Jigs walks out the room, raashi walks in and says she will tie the rakhi now. Jai realises after looking at his rakhi that Jigs had entered the premises. he runs off to look for her.

Pronita is worried that Jai will find her.

Jai tells the family that jigs came to the house, Jai proves his point by showing his rakhi, Pronita then makes up a lie that Daadi was the one to tie a rakhi on jai.. daadi says she never did.. Pronita keeps saying you went into Mr Walias room..

Jigs on the steps is crying.. Daadi says i must’ve i cant remember. Daadi walks off and Jai says he’s sorry and he was sure it was Jigyasa

The new guy tells every chef how to serve and to do their job.

By accident he tells Ganga to wash the dishes, being quick tongued as she is she trash Trishi (or Rishi) to fix up and then he tells her to wait for 2 mins..

Ganga shouts really loudly the chef drops his items and Trishi says what problem have you got? Ganga walks off and he goes back to his work

Pronita tells Jigs that they were almost caught. Jigs says nothing of the sort will happen.. she kept everything running smoothly for 16 years”read daily update @tellyfeed.

She thanks Pronita for letting her visit her Jai bhaiya.  Pronita says now this is a site seeing her smile.

In the house, everyone is telling Meera to open the door. Jai asks what’s happening? Rano fills Jai in.. Jai then attempts the door and Meera shouts nothing is wrong she is fine.

The door opens and Meera hiccups a lot and she says shes got a lot of bodily pain. Pronita says it may be a side effect to the medication.

Jai and Pronita look at each other and then smile knowing what had just happened.