The Promise Zee World Tv Monday Update 12th November

The Promise Zee World Tv Monday Update

12th November

Pronita says please save my family from evil eye Jigs pulls the bucket and the gunge water falls NEAR not on top of Meera.. Meera complains and says she has to go home to change.

Baba talking to Pronita and says theres bangles sent by jjigs to Ganga. Pronita thanks Jigs on the phone.. Ganga is trying to find somehting to wear out her wardrobe but she gets stuck, so she calls Krishna and Vidya. Krishna says i already get confused you sort it yourself.. then Vidya persuades Krishna and they agree.. so they start tlking about other dresses… Vidya sees Pronita in the background and Pronita directs Vidya to take out a yellow dress.. Ganga checks the dress against herself and she likes it.. They then look about for jewellery. Pronita gives the bangles to Vidya and tells her to give it to Ganga. Ganga instantly loves em and then she notices the door open and goes to close it. Woh asha hain instramental plays in the background. Ganga gets out her room all dolled up and she bumps into Pronita, Pronita does the kajol thing but Ganga turns her face..

Pronita then cries a bit when Ganga leaves and Jai watches and smiles. Downstairs Mr Mital has arrived and Jai turns into the host for the night. Rano and Raashi pass some food around and then Mrs Mital asks where Ganga is. Krishna says she will get her sister..

Ganga walks the stairs (of death Hehehe okay sorry) and everyone is smiling when they see her.. Mrs Mital says whatever you said about Ganga was wrong shes more beautiful then you said.



Ganga and Prityush talk and Ganga asks if everything is okay, he says if not we can run away. Mrs Mital says they are happy and want to go ahead with the wedding. Mr Mital agrees.. he says for good occasions they shouldn’t delay.. Jai agrees and then you hear some dhols going off and Jo Bole Sonihaaaaaaal in the background..

Pronita gives some bangles..Krishna tells Ganga to take Prityush outside in the garden.. Mr Mital says he will get the right date and time. Mrs Mital says she is grateful to have Meera and Jai’s children in the house..

Jai is shocked listening to the false information and Ranvir smiles a little.. the couple leave and Jai says how come they think Jai and Meera are a couple.. Ranvir says why are you getting emotional.. let things be otherwise the marriage could break up.. esp when they find out that Jai is living with his past and present wife.. Jai says he has to tell the family that he isn’t with Meera, what happens if along the lines when Ganga is married she is sent home? He says he must tell them the truth.. Pronita is his wife NOT Meera Jai gets in his car and drives TERRIBLY! who the heck steers like that?! Jai tells Mr Mital the truth and he’s shocked to know that Jai remarried.. Mr Mital says if the kids get married what will the world think? Jais daughter is the daughter in law of a person who’s married twice.. They call off the marriage

At home Aditya tells Jai he knew this would happen and then the whooooooooooooole family rush to Ganga’s side when she locks herself in the room.. Jai aditya and everyone asks Ganga to open the door.. but she stand there crying at her fate.. she sees a knife on the table and, Jai Vicky Aditya open the door..

When they open the door Ganga is on her bed with blood pouring out her arm.. but it seems like a dream.. BOOO! Pronita says i know what you are thinking, we have to tell the truth but sometimes we have to lie.. Jai says he hates meera.. Pronita says its a matter involving Ganga, once the marriage goes thru they will then tell the truth.. but for now they have to lie. Jai says how will meera play along with it, she hates ganga! Meera tells Ganga that Jai has gne to tell the Mitals the truth.. Ganga gets upset and then when Jai enters she says u did what you wanted to? Ganga says you broke my marriage just because the simple fact was mixed up? Pronita tells Ganga that nothing has been said, Meerais shocked and Jai says they think meera n jai are married and he is happy to play along with it. Meera says she is happy to play the wife.. Meera hugs Ganga and smiles cannivingly..