The Promise Zee World Tv Compilations of the Best Jai and Bani scenes

The Promise Zee World Tv Compilations of the Best Jai and Bani scenes

  1. The very first scene at the Walia House where Jai meets Bani for the first time. I think I fell in love with Jai’s character right there and then. Jokes apart, it was a great entry for the most important male character of the show and it immediately laid the foundation of Jai’s role in the series and his would be relationship with the three sisters, especially with Bani.
  2. The scene where Jai and Bani are driving down to their Office and Jai talks about Bani’s mother and then tells Aditya that he sees the same beauty and dignity in Bani, which he had seen and admired so much in Kiran Singhania (Bani’s mom) Please note, he only compares Bani with her Mother and not Pia or Rano!
  3. The scene in the Restaurant where a guest shouts on Bani and insults the Restaurant. Jai enters and gives the most impressive “Shut-up” speech to the lady and tells Bani to meet him after her duty is over. He gives her a royal dressing-down in his calm, cold manner leaving poor Bani completely dumbstruck. Jai was awesome in this screen, as he always looks when he is angry with Bani (Which incidentally he is most of the time)
  4. The scene where Bani goes to Jai’s study to apologize for Pia’s incident at the Night Club and Jai tells her furiously that she and her sisters are not his responsibility (Oh, what did he know poor guy, atleast one of the sisters has become one of his biggest responsibility!).
  5. One of the best scenes from the promise till date. The whole money appropriation incident. Jai accuses Bani of pilfering money, without losing his temper, but Bani answers him back confidently and calmly and questions his accusations. Jai and Bani shared an awesome chemistry in this scene and it was one of the rare scenes where Bani actually gives it back to Jai as good as it gets!
  6. Again one of my personal favourites…the scene where Bani goes to Jai’s office to pay him the rent for the Outhouse! It was one of the most sparkling, subtly romantic scenes between Jai and Bani! I loved the part when Bani smiles rather endearingly and tells Jai that she had misunderstood him and that he is the most wonderful person she has ever known…the embarassed and flattered look on Jai. Jai doesn’t even bother to look at Bani! Except of course when he is flinging files on her face or telling her to get out of his room!
  7. This was a very short scene, the one where Bani goes to Jai’s Office to tell him that she has found a house and would be shifting out with her sisters. Jai is shown engrossed in his Laptop and when Bani enters, the Camera focuses only on his eyes looking at Bani….it was such a sweet scene, I don’t know why, but I simply loved the way he looked at her!

  8. The scene where Jai gets Bani, Pia and Rano to his house and tells Bani that once she had commented that his house is only a building and not a home, but now that she has come, it will become a house finally! Omg. it seems like Mr. Walia has telepathy going on, he already knew that even though he would fall in love with Dorky Pia, he would be lucky enough to marry the lovely Bani!
  9. The whole marriage sequence was awesome…gosh the way Jai stares at Bani while putting Wedding chain was chilling…he looks as if he is ready to eat her raw!!!
  10. Jai refusing to divorce Bani and telling her that he will leave her only when he wishes to and only after he has made Pia pay for what she did to him. The look of incredulity and helpless on Bani’s face and the tragic triumph of Jai’s anger and revenge made a perfect foil for one another.
  11. The entire “Muh Dikhaiy” episode was awesome….OMG, Ram Kapoor added so much life to that episode, he was incredible in it! The one where Jai comes close to Bani, as she mistakes his expression for sympathy, he breaks into a malicious grin and tells her sneeringly. “I hope you have a fantastic married life, my darling wife”….the expression of terror, dread, shock and fright on Bani’s face had to be seen to be believed!
  12. The Office sequence post-marriage was incredible, especially the part where Jai breaks down and Bani’s walks out of his Office in a death-defying silence! Very emotional and heart-wrenching sequence! One of the best Jai-Bani scenes!
  13. I loved the scene where Bani is all decked up to leave for Mohan Khandelwal’s party and goes to Jai’s study to leave with him…I think that this scene has got to be one of the most natural ones I have seen on Television. The way Jai gives one disinterested look at Bani and ignores her coldly while telling her in a terse and rude manner to go alone and he might join later if he feels like….was acted superbly by both Ram and Prachi! The way Bani walks off in a resigned manner really wrenched your heart!

Over to you guys? Which scene was the most compilation ever?

Feel free to add yours?

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