The Promise Zee World Series Full story (Returns)


The Promise Zee World Series Full story (Returns)

The Promise returns on your TV screen soon


Premiere date: 2nd April


The Promise Zee World is the story of three young women who are sisters, but very different from each other in nature. Bani(Prachi Desai / Gurdeep Kohli) is the eldest, mature and responsible. Pia(Roshni Chopra / Mansi Verma) is the middle child, modern and glamorous. Rano(Arunima Sharma / Pallavi Purohit) is the youngest, studious and intelligent. After their father’s death, the sisters go to Mumbai to live with the family of middle-aged, wealthy business tycoon, Jai Walia (Ram Kapoor). Bani falls in love with Jai’s young employee, Pushkar (Naman Shaw). But Pushkar and Pia love each other, so Bani sacrifices her love for the sake of her sister. Jai falls in love with Pia and proposes to her. She agrees to marry him for his wealth. However, moments before the wedding, Pia elopes with Pushkar and Pushkar marries Pia. Jai’s domineering young sister Jigyasa(Ashwini Kalsekar / Jaya Bhattacharya ) doesn’t want the Walia family to be humiliated. So, she forces Bani to take Pia’s place as the bride. Jai ends up marrying Bani. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start but, with time, they become friends. Jigyasa’s unmarried daughter, Anu(Dilnaz Shroff), has a boyfriend named Rohit(Karan Patel / Saurabh Raj Jain) and she is expecting his child. Bani tries to arrange their marriage. But Rohit’s father has a condition: his son will marry Anu, only if Jigyasa’s younger son Sahil(Prashant Ranyal) marries Rohit’s young sister Rashi(Swati Anand) at the same time. The Walia family accepts this proposal. Unknown to everyone, Sahil and Rano love each other. Sahil gets engaged to Rashi, but he and Rano are unable to forget their mutual love. They elope and get married. Sahil’s elder brother Ranvir(Siddharth Vasudev) then agrees to marry Rashi. Everybody is happy about this. In the meantime, Bani and Jai are attracted to each other and consummate their relationship.


More Summary 
Later, a dark secret comes out-it is revealed that, 7 years ago, Bani’s mother was killed in a road accident by Jai. He is filled with remorse. Bani, who is expecting Jai’s child, leaves the Walia mansion. However, in time, she realizes how much she loves her husband. Then, she learns that Jigyasa and Ranvir want to take over Jai’s properties. To protect Jai, Bani asks him for a divorce and a large share of his wealth. Meanwhile, Pia, who has broken off with Pushkar because Pushkar throws out Pia out of his house because Pia has aborted his child, gets interested in Jai. When Jai goes on a business trip to Dubai, Pia accompanies him. She drugs him and they have a one-night-stand, leaving Jai shaken up. The problem regarding the Walia properties is sorted out and Bani no longer needs to press for a divorce. Meanwhile, she discovers that her mother had not been killed by Jai, but had committed suicide. Unfortunately, Bani is attacked by a mysterious stranger and loses her unborn child. When Jai returns, Bani asks for forgiveness and confesses her love to him. Jai becomes ecstatic and re-unites with her. Pia tries to convince Bani that Jai is having an extra-marital affair. On Bani’s first wedding anniversary, while the celebrations are at full swing, it is revealed that Pia is expecting Jai’s child. Jai does not know what to do. Bani is also expecting a child. She comes to know of Jai’s one night stand. She goes into a state of shock. When she comes to her senses, she forgives not only Jai but also Pia. Ranbir starts caring for Rashi, whom he had initially disliked. But she leaves him and goes away because she has a serious illness. Pia, meanwhile, is planning revenge against Bani. Rano’s husband Sahil gets killed in mysterious circumstances. The family members then get Rano(who has just given birth to a baby boy) married to Ranvir. Bani decides to investigate the death of Sahil. Then, Pia gives birth to a baby boy whom she names Veer. Later it is revealed that it was Pia who got Sahil killed. Pia has framed Bani for the murder by showing some fake footage in which Sahil is saying that Bani wants to kill him. Pia blackmails Jai, saying he can choose between Bani getting 5 years in mental asylum or life imprisonment. Jai realizes that 5 years are better than a life sentence. Helpless, he testifies in court that Bani is insane, thus sending her to mental asylum. In the asylum, Bani delivers twin babies, but Jai takes them away. Later, Bani runs away from the asylum and secretly arrives at the Walia mansion. Jai is forced to call the police and they get after Bani. In an attempt to save herself, Bani enters a place where a wild fire has broken out. She is trapped in the fire and everybody then assumes she has burnt to death. Jai is shocked and falls into depression. In this depressed state, he gets married to the evil Pia. However, Bani is saved by a handsome stranger named Aparajit Deb. He gives her shelter in his house.

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