The Promise Zee World Friday Update 9th November

The Promise Zee World Friday Update

9th November

Family arrive at the Party looking gloom, Pronita tells them that they if they don’t approve of the party they are more than welcome to leave. Ganga is mad that there is a party in the house when her sister is in Jail. She thinks of ruining the party by adding lal mirch and julab ki goli in the food. But her plans are soiled by the new guy. He is the Manger of the catering, He takes her out for dinner so that she won’t ruin his party. Meera comes in all stone and dance to Hawa Hawaii and makes a complete muppet of herself. She then insults Aditya about how he got married to his lungotia friend’s sister so that he can live off her, she insults Raashi- she asks why she hears Santoshi maa?s Aarti in the background whenever Raashi is there, she calls Rano a bookworm. Meera also insults dadi. Dadi and her almost got into a fight. Jigyasa is shown watching Meera’s performance and she is cracking up. New Guy tells Ganga that he will take her to a very nice restaurant where there is a lot of space, the food is great and the stars are looking down on us. Ganga, who is hungry, is very enticed and urges him to take her there.

He ends up taking her to a Laariwale- and Ganga says she will not eat there as she is Ganga Walia, she has some standards. Back the Party, Meera is taken away by Vicky, Pronita apologizes for the guest and promises that there is more entertainment in tow but it won’t be like Meera’s show. Jai walks him and rages why there is a party?, the family are quick to blame Pronita. Some person is performing on some song, Pronita, Vicky and Vidya are discussing about some plan, Pronita tells them thats the last chance they have to saving Krisha. Vicky&Vidya say they are ready, as they are chatting up in the room, Jai is coming up the stairs in a pissed of mood! He bumps in to Pronita and yells at her for many things : marrying him for money, being a gold digger and he also tells her that he should have divorced her when Meera asked him too- Pronita is shocked to here that. He than berates her for having a party while his daughter is Jail? He Grabs her hands and drag her out. Vidya is talking to Gaurav and his ladies and she strikes a deal with them that she will do what Krishna was doing for drugs. She pretends to be very eager and motivate to learn how they operate, Gaurav tells her all. The police are there and they arrest him, as they are putting handcuffs on him, Jai comes with Pronita, Rano, Raashi and Aditya are closely following. Vicky&Vidya tell Jai everything, the police praises Pronita.

Jai is shocked and is feeling Guilty, so is Rano, Raashi and Aditya. Jai looks at Pronita but she is not there. Jai in the rain looking for Pronita, in the distance Pronita shouts for him under a tree. Pronita acts all upset and Jai apologises and says she kept everything from him, she can do what she likes but he wants to be forgiven. Jai says please forgive me and Pronita says you know i never say thank you or sorry. Jai continues to stand in the rain and Pronita tells him to come under the tree thing otherwise he will end up sick, he sneezes and she tells him to come inside. Jai smiling goes under the thing and then you have that song “tu meri zindagi hain” Jai and Pronita stare at eachother and then the song continues. The rain finally stops and Jai says lets go home, Pronita says she has to go mandir. Jai says he will come with her. Pronita says he has to go home as he has the cold, he tells her to take the car and to be careful. Jigyasa is celebrating with loads of diyas and she says she will celebrate diwali when Meera falls. Pronita says Good always wins, Jigyasa reiterates the same thing. She then lists all the sins Meera has commited, Jigyasa says she will love it even more when Pronita enters the house as Mrs Bani Walia. They walk into the mandir and pray. Pronita says that its Raksha bandhan tomorrow and the pandit says between 2-4pm is the best time. Jigyasa goes into a daze and says she has forgotten what Raksha Bandhan is, Pronita says even if you hated me you always loved Jai. Jigyasa smiles and then goes back to the old times and says he always bought horrible clothes as a gift but she kept them. Jigyasa remembers the time when Jai hugged her and said dont go away from me, i cant live without my sister  and now 16 years on, Jai hasn’t even said a word to her. Pronita says enough is enough, you will be able to tie a rakhi on your brother, I Bani will take you to Walia mansion.

Meera wakes up with a headache and she wonders what happen yesterday, she walks over to the balcony and she spots Krishna, Jai and Aditya. Kasamh Se Tune plays and Krishna goes to everyone one by one and gives them a hug. Meera is shocked to see her, Pronita says everything changes within seconds. Pronita tells Meera that for the past few days she was playing about with her, Pronita says she had the party to teach Meera a lesson and then tells Meera what happen last night. On a camcorder, Pronita shows Meera’s little performance, she calls her Miss Hawa Hawaii. Pronita gifts Meera the video and then says on the family portrait wall she is planning to add Krishna’s picture. Pronita walks off and in a fit of anger she throws the camcorder. Meera runs down the stairs and says i am so glad your home, but Krishna completely passes her and goes to Pronita touches her feet and then hugs her. Meera watches with disbelief. Krishna puts her hand up at Meera and says i don’t want to talk to you, she asks what have you done to help me? You never gave the tapes to Jai, but Pronita helped her alot. She is only home only because of Pronita. Aditya tells Krishna to change as its Raksha bandhan. Meera apologises to Aditya and says she cant remember a thing. Aditya says that a person who is under the influence usually says the truth and then walks off till Pronita stops him to ask for permission for a pooja. Aditya is pleased that to know that someone still cares. Pronita goes to find Jai, Meera is alone.

Jai’s stripy tie and he looks at a hand tie. (Raksha bandhan) Pronita enters and then he tells her that he misses Jigyasa alot especially on this day. Pronita says we always remember the sad memories in life but never the happy, forget the sad and remember the good times. Jai in his head says how can i tell you that my sister was accused of something she never did and Bani had gone away from him, how can i tell you, your just a person who wants my happiness. Pronita in her mind says that she will make sure Jigyasa will tie the rakhi. Raashi and Rano ask Jai to smile, Raashi says she will tie the rakhi on him so Jai better have her pressie ready. Rano is left alone and Pronita stays behind. Rano remembers Bani And pia and says her sisters never let her feel like she never had a brother and then she wishes Bani were there, she has her family, yet she feels she has nothing, she wipes her tears and says i never stop praising my sister and walks off with her head down.