The Promise Teasers June 2018

The Promise Teasers June 2018

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Friday 1 June 2018
Episode 61

Bani is distraught at losing her child. Aunt Billo brings Bani to the Walia house. Anu goes into sudden labor. Jai returns home from a business trip and is not happy to see Bani. Bani finds a cassette with a recording from her mom.

Saturday 2 June 2018
Episode 62

Bani tells her lawyer to withdraw the divorce application. But not wanting to lose the business, Jai’s lawyer sends the divorce papers to Jai immediately. Things go too far between Jai and Piya on their business trip.

Sunday 3 June 2018
Episode 1

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Season 2 begins today

It is the day of the big bid in Dubai and Jai finds himself at a great loss. Pia on other hand is struggling to come to terms with her night with Jai. It looks like Jai has an enemy that wants to take him down.

Monday 4 June 2018
Episode 2

Pia attempts to resign from the company since she can’t face Jai anymore, but Bani convinces her to stay. It is discovered that Sahil has saved the family from a great loss. Jigyasa uses this opportunity to divide Rashi and Rano.

Tuesday 5 June 2018
Episode 3

It turns out that Sahil received help from Jai’s enemy to save the Walia Company. Bani finds a letter to Jai from Pia expressing her love, but she mistakes it as one to Pushkar. Barnali seems to have something against Jigyasa.

Wednesday 6 June 2018
Episode 4

Jigyasa is worried about Barnali’s intentions and can’t seem to keep her focus. Bani shares her true feelings with Jai and says that she can never share him with anyone. He is shocked to hear this as he thinks back to his night with Pia.

Thursday 7 June 2018
Episode 5

Barnali enters the Walia house to invite Jai and the family to a party she is hosting, it looks like she is adding fuel to the fire. Bani is suspicious of Barnali and decides to find out about the truth.

Friday 8 June 2018
Episode 6

Jai finds out that Sahil turned to Barnali for help to save the Walia Company. Barnali is happy to have the upper hand in this situation. What will Jai do?

Saturday 9 June 2018
Episode 7

The sisters attend a friend’s wedding. Pia is shattered to see Bani being given attention because of her status as Mrs Walia. Jigyasa rubs in the fact that Piya is not part of the Walia house, making her feel worthless.

Sunday 10 June 2018
Episode 8

Pia decides to leave Mumbai… she will only stay if Jai stops her from leaving. Barnali turns Sahil against Bani. Will her plans succeed?

Monday 11 June 2018
Episode 9

Jigyasa catches Bani snooping around and searching the store room. Anu’s baby is kidnapped and no one has an idea who it could be. Jigyasa has the recording of what happened between Piya and Jai. What is up her sleeve now?

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Episode 10

Bani is near to finding the hidden secret and Jai is stuck when questioned about this. Jai is faced with problems from all directions. Piya confronts him, giving him the result of the night they spent together. How will Jai take this?

Wednesday 13 June 2018
Episode 11

The secret that the Walias have been hiding for so long is creeping back into their lives. Jigyasa on the other hand is not helping ease the tension. Instead she is adding more fire to Rano and Sahil’s problems.

Thursday 14 June 2018
Episode 12

Sahil believes that Bani’s every step is separating the family members. Due to this resentment, he gives Rano an ultimatum to choose between him and Bani.

Friday 15 June 2018
Episode 13

Rashi manages to convince Ranveer to return to the Walia house. Jigyasa organises a party and suggests that Piya get closer to Jai at the party. Pia accepts her friendship but what is Jigyasa up to now?

Saturday 16 June 2018
Episode 14

Jigyasa receives a letter of threat, if she does not tell the family the truth, she will die. Barnali confesses to killing Jai’s father, Uday Walia.

Sunday 17 June 2018
Episode 15

Nachiket approaches Jai and proposes amends. Even though he is trying to reach out to him, it seems as though Jai is not willing to hear him out. Piya pulls all strings to bring Jai closer to her.

Monday 18 June 2018
Episode 16

Jai and the family accept Nachiket, a relationship is mended. Rano is shattered to know that her sisters who used to be close are now set apart by a man.

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Episode 17

Sahil is blackmailing his way through to the top of the company, he will not stop at anything. A DVD of Jai and Piya’s night is delivered, how will Bani react to this?

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Episode 18

Pushkar is shattered to know Jai and Piya’s secret. Ranveer’s behavior is changing, he is now showing affection towards Rashi. Bani finds a clue to the truth but once again Rano manages to save Jai from this destruction.

Thursday 21 June 2018
Episode 19

Bani believes that she has mistrusted Jai and her doubts were wrong. Rano approaches Piya and confronts her about her affair with Jai Walia. Rano plans to use her pregnancy to stop Sahil from taunting her.

Friday 22 June 2018
Episode 20

Pushkar loses all hope of saving his marriage. Piya tells Bani that the child she is carrying is not Pushkar’s. Bani then makes it her personal mission to find out who the father of the child is.

Saturday 23 June 2018
Episode 21

Rano forces Pia to leave the Walia house, but to her surprise Piya agrees with the decision to leave. Preparations for Bani and Jai’s wedding annivesary are underway and everyone is in a celebratory mood.

Sunday 24 June 2018
Episode 22

It is festive at the Walia house as everyone celebrates Bani and Jai’s anniversary. Piya uses the opportunity to lead Bani into believing that her baby’s father is at the party. Her lie leads to Bani finding out the truth about them.

Monday 25 June 2018
Episode 23

Bani packs her bags to leave the Walia house. Aunt Billo is not taking Jai’s secret easily, she decides to perform Jai’s last rights. Bani chooses to stay in the Walia house at Aunt Billo’s request.

Tuesday 26 June 2018
Episode 24

It appears that Piya drugged Jai back in Dubai and Aunt Billo’s daughter was witness to this. Bani is still in shock state and is unable to take the news of her husband cheating.

Wednesday 27 June 2018
Episode 25

Jai gate crushes the party organised to celebrate Bani leading the company.  He declares his divorce to Bani in front of everyone, handing her the divorce letters. It is revealed that Bani is pregnant.

Thursday 28 June 2018
Episode 26

Piya finds out about Bani’s condition and feels threatened by this. Sahil on the other hand puts Rano in a difficult spot. He pushes her to give up her baby. Bani refuses to let her pain pull her down but faces Jai fearlessly.

Friday 29 June 2018
Episode 27

Sahil decides to give his and Rano’s child a chance at life. Piya is up to her deceitful tricks again. She plots a drama to stop Bani and Jai reigniting their connection.

Saturday 30 June 2018
Episode 28

Rashi doubts Ranveer’s faithfulness. She is then shocked when she find out that he has been working at saving her life. Bani mistakenly tells Jai about her pregnancy. How will Jai react to this?

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