The Promise Teasers December 2018


The Promise Teasers December 2018

The Promise Teasers December 2018

Monthly/Highlight The Promise Teasers December 2018.

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Saturday 01 December

Episode 49

Veer’s presence in the house continues to remind Jai of his past. Pia, Pushkar as well as Bani wants to prevent Veer from knowing the truth, but Jigyasa will not relent in letting the cat out of the bag.

Sunday 02 December

Episode 50

Jigyasa’s plans succeed as Veer now knows Pushkar is not his biological father. Rishi and Ganga decide to go for their honeymoon trip. Vicky stuns Jigyasa when he invites the entire family to Pushkar’s press conference. What could he be up to now?

Monday 03 December

Episode 51

Just to get to the bottom of the issue, Veer puts his and Pia’s life in danger. Jigyasa make use of the opportunity she has to fill Veer’s heart with hatred for Bani.

Tuesday 04 December

Episode 52

Veer traps Jigyasa, forcing her to leave the house yet, her evil intentions towards Bani continues to grow. Danger seems to be in corner for the Walias as Veer takes it upon himself to avenge them on his mother’s behalf.

Wednesday 05 December

Episode 53

Ganga and Rishi are getting closer by the minute. Veer uses Bani’s negligence to get rid of Pushkar. Now that Pushkar is out of the picture, who will be his next target?

Thursday 06 December

Episode 54

The family are shocked when Veer confronts them with the truth they have hidden for long. Rishi breaks down after hearing Ganga’s confession. Even after everything, Bani decides to make Veer realize his mistakes.

Friday 07 December

Episode 55

After trying to kill Bani, Veer comes up with yet another surprise as he feel remorseful for his crimes and seek forgiveness. Could he truly be sorry?

Saturday 08 December

Episode 56

On learning that Veer is Jai’s child, Krishna’s attitude towards him changes instantly. Jigyasa sees that Veer is not on her side anymore so she instigates the media to humiliate him in public. However, bad information awaits Jai from the police.

Sunday 09 December

Episode 57

The news of Meera’s escape leaves Jai panicking and he begins to overreact. Someone seems to be following Bani and Vicky keeps getting blank calls. Could Jai’s fears be coming true?

Monday 10 December

Episode 58

Veer and Jigyasa have managed to fool Jai all this while. The mask woman attacks and this time, she aims a knife at Bani.

Tuesday 11 December

Episode 59

Jai decides to give fifty percent of his wealth to Veer. Jigyasa refuses to let this happen and she stops Veer from taking the share at all costs. Aditya finds out the person behind the fraud.

Wednesday 12 December

Episode 60

Ganga recalls her sweet moments with Rishi. When the time comes for them to get separated, Ganga seems disheartened. Aditya takes the scam blame upon himself.

Thursday 13 December

Episode 61

Rishi proves how much he truly loves Ganga by risking his life for her. Jigyasa continues to cover up Ranveer’s mistakes even when it involves getting innocent people in the way.

Friday 14 December

Episode 62

Jigyasa has turned her attention to Vicky and he falls for her tricks by neglecting his important works to spend time with Shonali.

Saturday 15 December

Episode 63

Jigyasa misleads Vicky to leave the town on the day on an important business deal. Ganga comes to the rescue and saves her family from humiliation.

Sunday 16 December

Episode 64

Jigyasa turns Jai against Vicky. Jai confronts her when he finds out she was responsible for Vicky’s fault.

Monday 17 December

Episode 65

Ganga is given the most significant post of the Walia industries. Jigyasa eventually succeeds in bringing division between Vicky and Ganga.

Tuesday 18 December

Episode 66

Rishi tries to reason with Vicky, Bani also does the same but Vicky turns his back on her. How will Bani bring peace back in the family?

Wednesday 19 December

Episode 67

Jai finds out about the enemity between his children which may even create problems for the business. Aditya forgets Ranveer’s misdeeds and moves on.

Thursday 20 December

Episode 68

Jai gets a life-threatening heart attack. Finally, Vicky and Ganga sort out their differences.
Friday 21 December

Episode 69

The family supports Jai in his worse condition. Jigyasa returns and changes wholeheartedly.

Saturday 22 December

Episode 70

Despite the Walia family ups and downs, they manage to end the journey together.


The Promise Teasers December 2018