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The Inseparables September Teasers 2020 Starlife

This September on The Inseparables 2020 Teasers, Maanvi and Viraat’s married life hits a rough patch. Maanvi is about to become a mother but her sister Jeevika is left with the inability to conceive. Could this be a separating factor between the two lovely sisters? Going further, A new entry known as Vidhi is introduced as a surrogate mom for Viren and Jeevika. Vidhi comes with a motive which you should know by reading the full Teasers below:

Starlife The Inseparables September 2020 Teasers 

Tuesday 1 September  2020 

Episode 455

Viraat narrates what occured the previous night to Viren. He tries to go online to find about Anjali when Maanvi steps into the room. Meanwhile, Vanshika is stunned to find lipstick stains on Viraat’s jacket and informs Swamini immediately How will she react?

Episode 456

Swamini wants to speak to Viraat about the mark. Viren suggests that he explains the whole truth to his wife. Maanvi sorts the misunderstanding by blurting out the truth, making Viraat annoyed. Out of annoyance, he storms out of the house. Maanvi then falls unconscious.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Episode 457

Maanvi tries to keep her pregnancy a secret from the family. But fate has different plans for her. Vanshika mistakes Jeevika to be the pregnant one when she spots the pregnancy kit in the garden. When Jeevika denies, they question Maanvi. Will she reveal the good news?

Episode 458

Viraat starts having mixed feelings about the his wife’s unborn child. An overwhelmed Jeevika showers Maanvi with lots of gifts. Swamini is tensed that the baby might create some kind of enmity between the loving sisters. Viraat finally comes to the realization that he does not want to be a father.



Thursday 3 September 2020

Episode 459

Viraat is unable to share his thoughts with Maanvi as she encounters mood swings and morning sicknesses. Viraat is disturbed by some kids when he goes for audition. This situation makes him sure of not wanting children.

Episode 460

Jeevika and Viren visit a doctor. They are confronted with a shocking fact that Jeevika cannot conceive. She tries to hide it from Maanvi. In the Meantime, Viraat thinks of means to express his feelings to Maanvi.

Friday 4 September 2020

Episode 461

The entire Vadhera family supports Jeevika. Maanvi makes it clear that Jeevika will be the mother of her unborn child. Maanvi conducts medical researches to help her sister out.

Episode 462

Maanvi brings up a surrogacy idea while Jeevika agrees to go ahead with it. The duo starts an interview for people interested. Virat receives a huge contracts from a music company. However, Maanvi is unable to follow him as she is occupied with Jeevika.

Monday 7 September  2020 

Episode 463

Maanvi’s plan to surprise Viraat does not end well as he looses his new contract. Meanwhile, Jeevika gets the right person to carry out her surrogacy option.

Episode 464

Maanvi tender her apologies and Virat gets his contract back. Vidhi decides to live with The Vadheras within the period of her pregnancy. However, she seems to be hiding a secret. What could it be?



Tuesday 8 September  2020 

Episode 465

Viren and Vidhi’s dad engage in a fight. Meanwhile, Vanshika worries about how Vidhi’s presence will have an effect on Viren and Jeevika’s marriage.  Everyone makes Vidhi comfortable in the house. Maanvi gives a photo to Vidhi.

Episode 466

Viraat finishes his recording and the director promises to release his album. He wants to share this news with Maanvi and buys her, her favourite chocolate cake. Vidhi talks to her doctor and tells her to not disclose the news to Jeevika. She calls the entire family together to share some news.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Episode 467

Viren is worried about Viraat and Maanvi’s relationship. Viren wakes up in the night to see Vidhi hungry and brings food for her. Maanvi sees the two together.

Episode 468

Jeevika advises Viraat to deal with Maanvi patiently. He cancels his interviews to accompany Maanvi for her sonography test. Meanwhile, Jeevika panics on finding Vidhi missing.

Thursday 10 September 2020

Episode 469

Jeevika feels guilty of suspecting Vidhi and assures her that it will never happen again. Viren and Jeevika are thrilled to know about Vidhi’s sonography. Viraat does not come for Maanvi’s test and Jeevika accompanies her instead. Viren stays with Vidhi.

Episode 470

Maanvi lies to dadaji about Viraat being with her during the test, but he overhears her telling the truth to Jeevika. Meanwhile, Viraat accepts an offer to go on a musical tour, leaving Maanvi devastated. Viraat goes to apologise but Maanvi has already left the house.

Friday 11 September 2020

Episode 471

Maanvi ignores calls from Viraat. He, along with Jeevika, goes in search of her. Vanshika asks Vidhi to stay with them until Jeevika gets back. Where did Maanvi go?

Episode 472

Maanvi informs her family that she will not return. Viraat apologises to Maanvi but she refuses to forgive him. She requests Jeevika to stay away from her problem.

Monday 14 September  2020 

Episode 473

Viraat vows to persuade Maanvi and take her home. Jeevika stays back with Maanvi. Viren takes care of Vidhi in her absence. He offers to sleep in her room. Vidhi is happy. Meanwhile, Viraat is missing from the house.

Episode 474

Viraat returns with gifts for Maanvi and requests for forgiveness. Maanvi agrees but on the condition that he will prove to be a good father. Jeevika decides to go back home to take care of Vidhi.

Tuesday 15 September  2020 

Episode 475

Vanshika sees Vidhi cooking for Viren and suspects her to have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Viraat loses the doll and Maanvi finds it in the washing machine. She gets upset. Will she give him another chance.

Episode 476

Jeevika tells Vidhi to not do household chores. Viren is happy to see Jeevika, making Vidhi uncomfortable. Swamini supports Maanvi’s decision. Later, Viraat accompanies Maanvi to the hospital.

Virat has taken responsibility of being his child father. Now it looks like Vidhi has fallen in love with Viren. How will this new drama unfold? Keep reading to find out.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Episode 477

Jeevika helps Vidhi get dressed for the party. Vanshika and Jeevika see Viren hugging Vidhi and get worried. Meanwhile, Maanvi and Viraat go to see the doctor who tells her about the complications in her pregnancy.

Episode 478

Vidhi is insulted by a guest at the party and Viren comes to her rescue. Maanvi conspires to make Viraat lose the challenge. Daboo mixes sleeping pills in Viraat’s drink to help her. Suddenly, Maanvi faints.




Thursday 17 September 2020

Episode 479

Viraat blames himself for Maanvi’s situation and decides to leave the house. Beeji and Pinky stop him from doing so. Vidhi feels affection towards Viren. She fixes a loose button on his shirt but Vanshika intervenes.

Episode 480

Vanshika warns Viren about Vidhi’s attempt at separating him and Jeevika. He decides to tread with caution. Vidhi is unhappy seeing Jeevika and Viren together. Beeji asks Maanvi and Viraat to resolve their conflict and locks them in a room. Will the two profess their love?

Friday 18 September 2020

Episode 481

Viren tells Vidhi to not misunderstand his concern for her. He convinces Jeevika to go on a second honeymoon. Meanwhile, Maanvi and Viraat meet the doctor. He tells them their baby could be born disabled. The decision is theirs.

Episode 482

Maanvi and Viraat decide to keep the baby. Beeji is proud of them. Maanvi hides it from the Vadhera family. Viren and Jeevika go on a holiday. Vanshika asks Vidhi to not bother them.

Monday 21 September  2020 

Episode 483

Vanshika is upset with Vidhi and refuses to eat the breakfast she made. She does not find Vidhi in the house and instead finds a letter from her. The doctors inform that Maanvi’s baby is fine but she is not.

Episode 484

Viraat leaves for Chandigarh to help Vanshika find Vidhi. Beeji gets a call from Jeevika and Maanvi’s father. Badi Beeji insists that Beeji tell them the truth about their father. Will she?

Tuesday 22 September  2020 

Episode 485

Viraat and Vanshika go looking for Vidhi. Maanvi and Daboo meet Monty at a pizza joint. She tells Beeji about it. Jeevika and Viren surprise everyone by arriving a day earlier.

Episode 486

Viraat and Vanshika bring Vidhi along with them. Jeevika and Viren give her a gift. Viraat leaves for Rishikesh and tries calling Maanvi but gets no response. Daboo finds Maanvi lying unconscious.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Episode 487

Maanvi meets Monty at the hospital canteen and he tells her about his kidney problem. She encourages him to approach his family. Vidhi fears the Vadhera family will come to know about her truth.

Episode 488

Maanvi is in a dilemma regarding Viraat’s musical tour. Vidhi’s mom comes to Vadhera house to wish her daughter on her birthday. The family then decides to celebrate her birthday. Swamini gifts Vidhi a pair of gold bangles.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Episode 489

Vidhi is unable to take the burden of her past. She gets a call from her husband and faints. Viren promises to keep her happy. Maanvi is discharged from the hospital and she stays with Beeji.

Episode 490

Viraat informs his family about his world tour. Jeevika overhears Vidhi’s conversation with her mother and gets upset. Meanwhile, Maanvi takes lunch for Monty. Will Beeji discover Monty’s reality?

Friday 25 September 2020

Episode 491

Viren bring home his friend, Harshad. He introduces him to Vidhi and Harshad is immediately smitten by her. Viren tells him that Vidhi is the surrogate mother of his child. Harshad desires to marry her.



Episode 492

Monty informs Maanvi about meeting his family. On reaching home, he hears Beeji asking Badi Beeji to avoid discussing him. He decides to leave. Meanwhile, Harshad wants Viren to speak to Vidhi about him, but he is unsure. Jeevika agrees to speak to Vidhi. What will be Vidhi’s reaction?

Monday 28 September  2020

Episode 493

Vidhi confesses to Viren about her marital status. He tells him about her husband’s nature. She promises to tell Jeevika the truth.

Episode 494

Jeevika introduces Harshad to Vidhi, who is shocked on seeing him. Daboo finds Monty’s picture in the storeroom. Monty asks Beeji for forgiveness. She asks him to leave. Maanvi is surprised to see Monty.

Tuesday 29 September  2020 

Episode 495

Monty is dejected at not being able to reveal his identity to Maanvi. Beeji tells him to stop coming home or meet Maanvi. Harshad harasses Vidhi. Viren learns that the surrogacy agreement needs Vidhi’s husband’s signature.

Episode 496

Viren informs Harshad that Vidhi is already married. Meanwhile, Daboo finds out that Monty is Maanvi’s father and confronts Beeji. She asks him to keep it a secret.

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Episode 497

Badi Beeji does not want Maanvi to meet Monty but she refuses to leave him at that juncture. Monty regrets leaving his wife and children. He receives a call from Beeji to stay away from Maanvi. Jeevika sees Viren consoling Vidhi.

Episode 498

Jeevika shares her suspicion with Maanvi. Harshad suspects that Vidhi likes Viren. He tells Viren that her husband needs to be paid Rs 5 lakh for signing the paper. Viren arranges for the money. Harshad offers to keep it.


The Inseparables October Teasers 2020 Starlife

The Inseparables centres on Maanvi Chaudhary and Jeevika Chaudhary, who happen to be two orphan sisters. They live with their grandmother, aunt, cousin, and uncle in Rishikesh. There are also two brothers, Virat Singh Vadhera and Viren Singh Vadhera, in Chandigarh, who come from an elite family of lawyers. Eventually, the inseparable orphan sisters married the two inseparable brothers. In the process, whatever troubles the couples face affect the relationship of the other because they seem to be torn in between their relatives. Out of passion for helping her sister, Maanvi goes on medical researches before coming up with the idea of settling for surrogacy, which was welcomed. Unfortunately, after attempting to surprise Virat, everything fails because the latter lost his contract. As Virat seems uninterested in Maanvi’s test, what will possibly become of it all? Considering what you have read so far from for this month, you will rightly agree now that you should not miss the The Inseparable September Teasers 2020.

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