The Inseparables January Teasers 2020 Starlife


The Inseparables January Teasers 2020 Starlife

A prospective bride and her family come to Rishikesh to see Daboo, Meanwhile,Viren asks Jeevika not to reveal the truth to Swamini. Will Swamini believe Jaiswal’s lies? Read The Inseparables January Teasers 2020 Starlife.

StarLife The Inseparables January Teasers 2020 

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Episode 316
Karan and Viren plan to produce their music album. Maanvi overhears Karan giving false information about her marriage to a newspaper editor on the phone. Karan then admits that he gave a fake story to the editor to help her win the competition. Meanwhile, Jeevika fears for Viren’s life.

Episode 317

Dadaji convinces Swamini to join the family for a picnic. Madan forbids Daboo to leave the house and scolds him on finding a lottery ticket in his wallet. Daboo sees the announcement of the lottery winners in the newspaper and realises that he has won. Meanwhile, Dadaji bumps into a foreigner at the resort.
Thursday  2 January 2020 

Episode 318

Liz, a fashion designer from London, bumps into Dadaji at the resort and falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Daboo wins Rs. 50 lakh in the lottery. Pinky faints on seeing the money. Later, Maanvi throws an open challenge when Viraat claims that women cannot play cricket. Will there be a match now?

Episode 319

The Vadhera family plays cricket with Inder as the captain of the men’s team and Kadambari as the captain of the women’s team. Shlok pretends to be hurt to distract Kadambari. Jeevika hits a six. Viren admires her and fails to catch the ball. Meanwhile, Maanvi uses Liz to distract Dadaji. Who wins the match?
Friday 3 January 2020

Episode 320

The Vadhera family men cook for the women. Jeevika tries to help Viren, but Maanvi forbids her. Viraat asks Maanvi for the recipe, but she refuses to help. Kadambari writes down the recipe on a piece of paper and gives it to Inder, but the paper falls into water. Will Liz agree to help the men?


Episode 321

The women taste the food the men have prepared and compliment their cooking. Viren writes a message for Jeevika on a tissue paper, asking her to meet him at the swimming pool. Kadambari reads the message and passes it to Inder. Maanvi passes it to Viraat. Who all come to the pool?

Episode 322

Dadaji falls into the swimming pool while avoiding Liz’s romantic advances. While Viren confesses to Dadaji about the love letter that caused the chaos, Swamini surprises the family by arranging Lohri celebration at the resort. Meanwhile, Viraat gifts a ring to Maanvi.   

Episode 323

The Vadhera family stops for lunch. The waiter serves them bhang instead of lassi. Dadaji becomes intoxicated and cries for Liz. An intoxicated Jeevika climbs on top of the bus and proclaims her love for Viren. She refuses to come down until Viren admits his love for her. What next?
Tuesday 7 January 2020

Episode 324

A prospective bride and her family come to Rishikesh to see Daboo. Meanwhile, Swamini visits Jaiswal in jail. He claims that Viren had framed him to save Jeevika. Viren asks Jeevika not to reveal the truth to Swamini. Will Swamini believe Jaiswal’s lies?

Episode 325

Jeevika reveals the truth about Karan’s murder to Swamini, who has a heart attack on learning the details. Jeevika blames herself for Swamini’s condition. Later, Swamini regains consciousness and tells Viren that Jeevika has told her about Karan’s misdeeds. How will he react?
Wednesday 8 January 2020

Episode 326

Viren confronts Jeevika for revealing the truth to Swamini. He holds her responsible for her heart attack. Jeevika breaks down on recalling Viren’s words. While having dinner, Maanvi reveals the truth behind Karan’s death to the Vadhera family. How will Swamini cope with this situation?

Episode 327

As Swamini’s health deteriorates, Viren blames Jeevika for her condition. Madan is enraged on learning that Karan had tried to molest Jeevika and kill Maanvi. The Chaudhary family sympathises with Swamini. But she suddenly goes missing at night. Will they find her?
Thursday  9 January 2020

Episode 328

Dadaji asks Jeevika to sit beside Swamini, who soon becomes agitated by her presence. Viren then forbids Jeevika to enter Swamini’s room. Jeevika tries to patch up with Viren, but fails in her attempt. Who will sort out the tension?

Episode 329

Dadaji informs Viren that the doctor has instructed Swamini to avoid stress. When the nurse leaves Swamini unattended, Jeevika notices the glucose drip emptying. She breaks her vow and enters her room to tend to her. However, Viren misinterprets the situation. What will Jeevika do now?

Friday 10 January 2020

Episode 330

Dadaji and Vanshika take Swamini to Shimla as per the doctor’s advice. Maanvi tells Viraat that Jeevika and Viren are not talking to each other. Later, Viren regrets venting his anger on Jeevika and learns that she has gone to Rishikesh. Will he apologise to her?

Episode 331

Viren panics on learning that Jeevika has left for Rishikesh. Maanvi tries to contact Jeevika on phone, but fails to do so. She calls Daboo to enquire whether Jeevika has reached Rishikesh. Meanwhile, Jeevika and Viren miss each other. Will they patch up?
Monday 13 January 2020

Episode  332

While Viren and Jeevika miss each other, Maanvi tells Beeji about their fight. Later, Viraat tells Maanvi about his plan to help Viren and Jeevika patch up. Meanwhile, Viren is angry as Jeevika does not receive his calls. Will Viraat’s plan work?

Episode 333

Daboo’s plan to bring Jeevika and Viren together fails. Meanwhile, Beeji writes a love letter to Viren in Jeevika’s name. But Maanvi learns about Beeji’s plan and tells her it will not work. Will there be another misunderstanding?
Tuesday 14 January 2020

Episode 334

Maanvi sneaks into Viren’s room to steal the love letter before he reads it. Viren sees the empty envelope and calls the courier company to find out who had sent it. Beeji feels guilty when Viren calls Jeevika and scolds her for mailing an empty envelope. What are Maanvi and Beeji planning?

Episode 335

Jeevika and Viren meet at a restaurant, but ignore each other. Later, Viren fumes when a man flirts with Jeevika. Meanwhile, Pinky plans to get Daboo and Chinky engaged. Sweety gets depressed by the news. Beeji asks Jeevika to invite Viren to the engagement. What next?
Wednesday 15 January 2020

Episode 336

Jeevika lies to her family that Viren cannot attend Daboo’s engagement because of an important meeting in Delhi. Viren finds out about her lie and decides not to go to Rishikesh. Meanwhile, Sweety steps forward to get engaged to Daboo. How will the family members react?

Episode 337

Viren attends Daboo and Sweety’s engagement. Beeji informs Sweety that she wants to meet her family before the ceremony. Sweety’s mother and brother meet the Chaudhary family. Later, Viraat and Maanvi push Jeevika and Viren together on the dance floor. What else do they intend to do?

Thursday 16 January 2020

Episode 338

Viren and Jeevika move towards each other in their sleep. While Daboo’s wedding date is fixed. Jeevika prepares mint chutney for Viren. When Viren ties Jeevika’s dori, Maanvi interrupts their romantic moment. Later, Viraat cuts the water supply while Viren takes a bath. Will Jeevika help him?

Episode 339

Maanvi and Viraat give Daboo an idea to impress Sweety. Daboo pretends to play the guitar and sing for Sweety outside her house. Meanwhile, Maanvi and Viraat organise a game between Jeevika, Viren, Daboo and Sweety. Later, Jeevika’s dupatta catches fire. Will she get injured?
Friday 17 January 2020

Episode 340

Viren puts off the fire and saves Jeevika. Maanvi scolds Viraat for lighting candles in the bedroom and placing them near the window. Later, the Chaudhary family conducts a puja at home for Daboo and Sweety. Meanwhile, Maanvi and Viraat decide to divorce each other. Is this the end of their relationship?
Episode 341
Maanvi and Viraat play tug of war with some kids. Viren falls on top of Jeevika. When Maanvi wins, Viraat accuses her of cheating. Later, Viren consoles Jeevika when she cries about Maanvi and Viraat’s tiff. Maanvi acts outraged when Viraat comes home drunk with a woman. What happens next?

Monday  20 January 2020 

Episode 342

Both Maanvi and Virat want to be the first to apply haldi on Daboo and they fight over it. Later, Maanvi breaks a vase and Viren and Virat get hurt by its shards. Jeevika tends to Viren’s wound, but Maanvi ignores Virat. Later, Virat and Maanvi spend some time together.

Episode 343

Maanvi comes up with a new plan to bring Jeevika and Viren together. Meanwhile, Daboo tells Viren and Jeevika that he does not want to get married. Viraat, Maanvi, Rahul and Dimpy dance on Sangeet ceremony. When Viren claims that love deepens after marriage, Rahul asks him to prove it. How will he?

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Episode 344

Viren and Jeevika serenade their love for each other during Daboo’s Sangeet. Maanvi and Viraat congratulate each other on bringing them together. But Viren and Jeevika overhear them. Meanwhile, Sweety gets upset on learning that Daboo is pretending to be unhappy about their wedding.

Episode 345

Jeevika and Viren urge Maanvi and Viraat to get a divorce after Daboo’s wedding. Maanvi and Viraat panic when Viren and Jeevika inform them that they have hired a lawyer to handle their divorce case. The two try to meet in private, but they get interrupted due to the wedding arrangements.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Episode 346

Madan goes through Daboo’s childhood photos during his wedding. He worries that others will take advantage of him. Maanvi tells Jeevika that she does not want to divorce Viraat. Viren then asks the lawyer to come to the wedding hall with the divorce papers. Will the divorce actually happen?

Episode 347

Viren and Jeevika tell Viraat and Maanvi to sign the divorce papers. But Viraat and Maanvi confess that they were pretending to fight. Jeevika stays away from Swamini while the rest of the family greets her. Will Swamini patch up with Jeevika?

Thursday  23 January 2020 

Episode 348

Viraat and Viren give tips to Daboo regarding his wedding night. Maanvi and Jeevika decorate his bedroom, but Sweety is dissatisfied with it. Meanwhile, Jeevika and Maanvi return to Chandigarh with Viren. Maanvi finds it odd when Sweety does not send them off. Will Swamini welcome Jeevika?

Episode 349

Sweety persuades Daboo to take her to her mother’s house. When Viraat loses hope of achieving his career goals, Viren motivates him. While Jeevika promises never to leave Viren again, Viraat’s credit card limit expires. Will Maanvi cheer him up?

Friday 24 January 2020 

Episode 350

Maanvi learns that Sweety has taken all the gifts to her mother’s house. As Viraat practices for an audition, a string of his guitar breaks. Maanvi asks him to buy a new guitar, but Viraat wishes to buy the guitar with his first salary. Viren overhears their conversation. What will he do?

Episode 351

Beeji is displeased to see Daboo cooking while Sweety sits idly in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Viraat tells Maanvi that he is ashamed of being dependent on his family for money. Jeevika asks Viren to be patient with Viraat. Later, Sweety asks Daboo to redecorate the house. Will Biji accept this behaviour?

Monday  27 January 2020 

Episode 352

Maanvi worries about Viraat. Shlok requests Viraat to sing at his birthday party. One of the guests, Mr. Turan, who owns a music company, offers Viraat a contract without audition. Later, Viraat plays his new composition for Viren, Maanvi and Jeevika, and asks for their feedback.

Episode 353

Viraat collects the contract papers from Mr. Turan. The Vadhera family throws a party to celebrate his first break. Meanwhile, Sweety tells Pinky that she does not know to cook. Even as Pinky excuses her, Beeji disapproves of her behaviour. Later, Viraat tears up the contract papers.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Episode 354

Viraat accuses Viren of doing him a favour to prove his superiority. Viren is outraged by his accusations. Viraat then tells him that he can succeed without the family name. Jeevika, Vanshika and Dadaji try to stop him, but in vain. Later, Jeevika breaks down as Maanvi decides to go with him.

Episode 355

Dadaji asks Viraat to stay in the outhouse for Maanvi’s sake. He agrees on the condition that Dadaji lets him pay the rent. Meanwhile, Jeevika tells Viren that he should have forgiven Viraat instead of letting him go. How will he react?

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Episode 356

Maanvi asks Viraat to return the guitar Viren had gifted him. But Viraat refuses to part with it. Meanwhile, Jeevika asks the milkman to deliver milk to Maanvi in the outhouse, but Viraat cancels the order. Later, the Vadhera family skips breakfast. Will things get better or worse?

Episode 357

Maanvi questions Viraat for being rude to Jeevika. Viren tells Jeevika not to go to the outhouse hereafter. Meanwhile, Viraat sets a goal to earn Rs.1 lakh within a month and attends an interview for the job of a music teacher. Will he get the job?

Thursday  30 January 2020 

Episode 358

Maanvi cries for help as the kitchen catches fire. Jeevika puts it out and admits Maanvi in the hospital. The doctor informs that Maanvi has a minor hand fracture. Viraat learns about the accident and rushes to the hospital. Later, Maanvi is shifted to the general ward. Will she be okay?

Episode 359

Jeevika gets admitted next to Maanvi after fainting in the hospital corridor. Meanwhile, Viraat asks his employer for an advance in his salary to pay Maanvi’s medical bill. Jeevika wishes to meet Maanvi, but Viren stops her. Meanwhile, Viraat is furious when Viren offers to pay Maanvi’s hospital bill.

Friday 31 January 2020

Episode 360

Viraat and Maanvi have a moonlight dinner. Jeevika bakes a birthday cake and plans to be the first to wish Maanvi, but Viren stops her. Maanvi receives gifts from the Vadhera family without Viraat’s knowledge. She wishes to celebrate her birthday with all of them. Will her wish come true?

Episode 361

Maanvi thanks Viraat for attending the Shivratri puja. While Maanvi thanks Jeevika for fulfilling her wish, Viraat asks her not to try to bring him back. Later, Maanvi hurts her fractured hand while hanging the clothes. Jeevika feels helpless on seeing her in pain. Will she rush to her help?

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